Six4one are this year’s entry for Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens

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six4one - are this year’s entry for Switzerland
at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens

Six well known and successful artists from different countries got united – strong solo voices which together make a harmonious ensemble.

Claudia D’Addio comes from Switzerland, and she is well known from the second heat of “MusicStar”.  Her female colleagues are shooting star LIEL from Israel and TINKA, TV presentator and pop & musical singer from Bosnia-Herzegovina. They are joined by “Alcazar” lead singer Andreas Lundstedt from Sweden, Portuguese Marco Matias (born in Germany) who came second on the TV-Show “Deutsche Stimme 2003” and who was the runner-up of the German national final for the song contest in 2005, as well as by Keith Camilleri from Malta, known for the huge range of his voice.

The project was initiated by Eurovision legend Ralph Siegel whose composition won the Swiss TV national contest against competitors from eight countries. Thanks to his creative feeling and to the powerful involvement of Swiss TV (SF), fantastic artists from all over Europe were able to come together.

If We All Give A Little” is a catchy pop-rock hymn with a sophisticated arrangement (Norbert Daum) and with the cooperation of the “Munich Philharmonics” backed by musicians such as Günther Gebauer (bass), Thomas Drescher (drums), Mats Björklund & Charly Hörnemann (guitars), as well as Walter Schmidt & Conrad Bekk (keyboards). The main message of the song lyrics is a desire that the world may come closer together, and that each and everyone of us contribute to the realization of this wish.

six4one are not a typical casting band – this can be well recognized on their album which is to be released on March 17th in Switzerland, closely followed by releases in other countries. Together they can be heard  singing new pop songs such as “Friends Are Friends”, “Never Give Up Your Dreams” and “We Are Tomorrow” written by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger, the latter also responsible for the lyrics of last year’s Swiss entry performed by Vanilla Ninja. In addition, each artist presents two freshly produced solo songs, which show the enormous variability of the group, ranging from ethnic ballads, pop and rock right up to retro disco sound.
Foreigners for Switzerland? Well - some of them have been very successful in the past, e.g. the legendary Esther Ofarim who missed the victory very closely in 1963 with her song “T’en vas pas”. In 1988, Céline Dion, famous all over the world, was luckier winning the competition with her song “Ne partez pas sans moi”. And last year, the Estonian group Vanilla Ninja brought the best result in 12 years to Switzerland and achieved the direct qualification for the grand final on May 20th in Athens. And besides: a multilingual country which has proved itself to be open to many cultures in its history and which accommodates numerous international organizations should present itself in an open minded way by its music too.
If We All Give A Little” fulfils all conditions for a good result at the Eurovision Song Contest, and stands a good  chance that 17 years after the competition took place in Lausanne that Switzerland might once again host the world’s biggest and most popular music event in 2007. The TV premiere is set for March 18th on the Swiss TV show “Benissimo”. Good luck to you - six4one!!!

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