Sinclair Community College Program/Department Annual Update 2007-08 Program

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Sinclair Community College

Program/Department Annual Update


Program : Electronics Engineering Technology

Chairperson: Jeff Donbar (Interim)

Dean: George Sehi

Date: 2/28/08
Program outcome(s) for which data are being collected this year (07-08):
Electronics Engineering Technology

Outcomes Assessment Plan

Program Outcomes






  1. Design & Assembly

EET 121, 278

EET 121

  1. Circuit Analysis

EET 207, EET 201

EET 207, EET 201

  1. Computer Skills

EET 116, EET 159

  1. Test & Troubleshoot

EET 150, EET 205

EET 231, EET 251

  1. Teamwork

EET 205

EET 150

  1. Communication

EET 278

  1. Citizenship

HUM & Gen Ed

HUM & Gen Ed

  1. Lifelong Learning

EET 270

EET 278

EET 270

  1. Professionalism

EET 278

EET 278

Please e-mail this completed form to by March 3, 2008. Thank you.

Please list noteworthy changes in the data set from last year:
The EER program was deactivated effective Summer 2007. Select EER courses were converted to EET classes.
EET program has been revised to reflect a “systems approach” instead of the classical approach. Some revisions have been implemented in AY 07-08. Full implementation will begin in Fall 2008.
A new Computer Engineering Track has been started within the EET program. There is a demand for students with computer repair and troubleshooting skills in the Dayton area. This program contains the core EET classes with 5 computer specific courses.
Full-time to part-time faculty in FA 07 and WI 08 was ~60/40. This is a significant improvement and has lowered the cost per FTE.

Please list the actions and/or improvement priorities underway from the most recent program review recommendations:

Marketing group has agreed to meet with EET program to determine new strategies for reaching individual students.

Master schedule of course offerings to reduce number of sections and increase ACS.
Consider using SCC 101 and Learning Communities to improve retention rate.
Looking at BioTech and BioMed programs to draw more students into EET courses.

Program outcome(s)--data collected for 06-07
How have you analyzed the data collected? What did you find? Describe the results obtained.

Data review along with Advisory Committee discussions lead to revision of the EET program.

Feedback from students and local employers lead to creation of Computer Engineering option.

Program outcome(s)—data collected for 07-08
For the outcome(s) currently under study (for 07-08 outcomes), what evidence and process do you plan to use to determine the extent to which this/these program outcome(s) have been met?

Course level self-assessment

Capstone course evaluations

Graduate student exit interviews

Course update form for each EET course

Note: Next year, you will be asked to describe the analysis (07-08 outcomes), and actions/improvements underway (06-07 outcomes).

General Education

Describe any general education changes/improvements in your program/department during this past academic year (06-07).

Gen Ed outcomes were added to all EET courses in CMT.


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