Since 1985, The Lotus Register of South Africa (or tlr) has been home to enthusiasts of everything Lotus; the legendary British manufacturer of some of the world’s most celebrated road and track cars

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Since 1985, The Lotus Register of South Africa (or TLR) has been home to enthusiasts of everything Lotus; the legendary British manufacturer of some of the world’s most celebrated road and track cars.
Established in 1957 by Colin Chapman, one of the most innovative engineers of his generation, the Lotus name has become synonymous with high performance and peerless handling achieved through light weight chassis typically powered by small displacement engines. While this design philosophy is evident in each of its road cars from the earliest Seven to the current Elise / Exige models, Lotus was also one of the most successful racing car constructors of its day - capturing numerous titles in Formula One and at all levels of international, national, and club racing.
Not only does the TLR cater to owners and enthusiasts of genuine Lotus vehicles, it also embraces the numerous derivative models produced by manufacturers such as Caterham, Birkin, Westfield and Locost whose products reflect the core attributes of the Lotus originals together with those individually built and engineered by their owners. With around 200 active members, the Lotus Register is one of the largest and most successful single-marque clubs in Southern Africa and publishes its own monthly club magazine. In addition, the TLR and its members actively raise funds in support of selected charities and community organisations. Further information and calendar of events can be found at
In addition to a host of regular activities including monthly breakfast runs and get-togethers, long distance runs, track days, skid pan experiences, and varied social and fun events for all the family, the club is also home to the Lotus Challenge; a regional race series for Lotus cars and replicas run under the auspices of Motorsport South Africa – the organising body of all motor sport events in the country. With around ten championship race meetings each year, the series regularly visits circuits such as Kyalami, Zwartkops, Phakisa, Wesbank, Midvaal, and Lichtenberg while racing members also compete in many other events throughout the Republic.
Within the Lotus Challenge, different classes cater to competitors of all levels of experience and vehicles that range from road-going cars to purpose built racers ensuring that every level of ambition, ability, and budget is accommodated. Engines are limited to normally aspirated units of not more than 2000 cc and four cylinders while specific class regulations ensure close and exciting racing throughout. Further information and detailed Lotus Challenge regulations can be found at or by contacting James Forbes

If you are a current or prospective owner of any Lotus or replica, a motorsport enthusiast looking for competitive, affordable racing, or simply enthusiastic about Lotus cars and their derivatives; the Lotus Register is for you.

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