Shut up Black eyed peas Hey mama Black eyed peas

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Shut up – Black eyed peas

Hey mama – Black eyed peas

Let's get it started – Black eyes peas

It's my life – No doubt

Bathwater – No doubt

My immortal – Evanescence

Everybody's fool - Evanescence

Yeah! – Usher

Burn – Usher

Conffessions part 2 – Usher

My boo – Usher with Alicia Keys

She will be loved – Maroon 5

This love – Maroon 5

Sunday morning – Maroon 5

Out of control - Hoobastank

The reason – Hoobastank

Same direction – Hoobastank

Toxic – Britney Spears

Everytime – Britney Spears

Outrageous – Britney Spears

My prerogative – Britney Spears

Behind blue eyes – Limp bizkit

Just drop dead – Limp bizkit

Almost over – Limp bizkit

Don't tell me – Avril Lavigne

My happy ending – Avril Lavigne

Nobody's home – Avril Lavigne

Sick and tired – Anastacia

Left outside alone – Anastacia

Sick and tired – Anastacia

Welcome to my truth – Anastacia

I don't wanna know – Mario Winans

Leave (get out) – Jojo

Baby it's you – Jojo ft Bow Bow

Dragostea din tei – O zone

Despre time – O zone

Fuck it (I don't want you back) – Eamon

I love them ho's (ho-wop) – Eamon

Fuck you right back - Frankee

Not in love – Enrique Iglesias ft Kelis

Alpha bata gaga – Air

Cherry blossom girl – Air

Surfing on a rocket – Air

Take me out – Franz Ferdinand

The dark of Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

Michael – Franz Ferdinand

This fire – franz Ferdinand

Pump it up – Danzel

Animal – REM

Leaving New york – REM

Aftermath – REM

Just lose it – Eminem

Encore – Eminem ft Dr Dre & 50 cent

Amazing – George Michael

Flawless – George Michael

Round here – George Michael

Naughty girl – Beyonce

Obsession – Aventura

Move ya body – Nina Sky

Turnin' me on – Nina Sky

Remember – Underdog project

Call on me – Eric Prydz

I feel you – Schiller

I've seen it all – Schiller

Illusion – Benny Benassi

Hit my heart – Benassi bros

If I thought you'd ever change your mind – Agnetha Faltskog

When you walk in the room – Agnetha Faltskog

You raise me up – Josh Groban

Single – Natasha Bedingfield

These words – Natasha Bedingfield

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Funeral song - Rasmus

Guilty – Rasmus

Too lost in you – Sugababes

We are – Anna Johnsson

Don't cry for pain – Ana Johnson

Finally – Henree ft Nikka

Red blooded woman – Kylie Minogue

Chocolate – Kylie Minogue

I believe in you – Kylie Minogue

Stop stop stop – Nu virgos

From the inside – Linkin' park

Lying from you – Linkin' park

Breaking the habbit – Linkin' park

Breath easy – Blue

Bubblin' – Blue

You & me bubblin' – Blue

Curtain falls – Blue

My band – D-12

How come – D-12

40 oz – D-12

U-R the one – D-12

Flap your wings – Nelly

My place – Nelly ft Jaheim

Carwash – Christina Aguilera

Tilt ya head back – Nelly ft Christina Aguilera

Over and over – Nelly ft Tim Mcgraw

California dreamin' – Royal gigolos

No milk today – Royal gigolos

Milkshake – Kelis

Trick me – Kelis

Millionaire – Kelis ft Andre 3000

Enjoy the silence 2004 – Depech mode

Lose my breath – Destiny's child

Soldier – Destiny's child ft T.I and Lil Wayne

Cha cha slide – Dj Casper

All this time – Michelle Mcmanus

The meaning of love – Michelle Mcmanus

Baby cakes – 3 of a kind

Vertigo – U2

Take me to the clouds above – LMC & U2

Who's David? – Busted

Air hostess – Busted

Thunderbirds are go/3 am – Busted

She wants to be me – Busted

Fit but you know it – Streets

Dry your eyes – Streets

Blinded by the lights – Streets

Could well be in – Streets

Lola's theme – Shapeshifters

Thank you – Jamelia

See it in a boy's eyes – Jamelia

Universal prayer – Jamelia with Tiziano Ferro

Somebody to love – Boogie pimps

Sunny – Boogie pimps

Five colours in her hair – Mcfly

Obviously – Mcfly

That girl – Mcfly

Room n the 3th floor – Mcfly

The show – Girls aloud

Love machine – Girls aloud

I'll stand by you – Girls aloud

Dip it low – Christina Millian ft Fabolous

Whatever u want – Christina Millian ft Joe Budden

Hotel – Cassidy ft R.Kelly

Against all odds – Steve Brookstein

Some girls – Rachel Stevens

More more more – Rachel Stevens

The second you sleep – Tess

Angel by my side – Do

When I look to the sky – Train

Ordinary – Train

Chocolate – Soul control

Viens jusqu'a moi – Elodie Frege et Michal

Touch me – Angel city ft Lara Mcallen

Do you know – Angel city ft Lara Mcallen

Garden of love – Kim Lian

Angel – Cappella

Heaven and earth – Pop

Can't say goodbye - Pop

No eternity – Jeanette

Hold the line - Jeanette

Only if I – Kate Ryan

The promise you made – Kate Ryan

Goodbye – Kate Ryan

I won't cry – Elin Lanto

Summer of energy – Gigi D'agostino

Silence – Gigi D'agostino

Goodnight – Gigi D'agostino

Ensorcele – Lorie

La positive attitude - Lorie

Fly – Hilary Duff

Come clean – Hilary Duff

Our lips are sealed – Hillary Duff with Haylie Duff

A thousand nights – Maria Arredondo

Mad summer – Maria Arredondo

Don't go too fast – Vanilla ninja

Liar – Vanilla ninja

Tough enough – Vanilla ninja

When the Indians cry – Vanilla ninja

Blue tattoo – Vanilla Ninja

Surrender – Lasgo

Somewhere only we know – Keane

Everybody's changing – keane

Bedshaped – Keane

This is the last time – Keane

Wonderful life – T.J Davis

I'll stand by you – Girls aloud

Paradise – E-type

Olympia – E-type

If you come back – Calanit

I want you back – Natalia

Risin' – Natalia

Higher than the sun - Natalia

Luminous and beautiful – Zippora

Flamboyant – Pet shop boys

Whisper – Milk inc

I don't care – Milk inc ft Sylvie

Here I am – Jan Wayne ft Charlene

A little more time – Bosson

How could you leave me – Da buzz

Teeny weeny string bikini – Gunther & the sunshine girls

Ding dong song – Gunther & the sunshine girls

The morning – Future pop

Up and down – Scent

Wild horses – Sylver

Love is an angel - Sylver

Depend on you – Svenson & Gielne

Say something anyway – Bellefire

Always on my mind – DJ Tatana ft Jael

Break my stride – Blue lagoon

Take my breath away – Jessica Simpson

With you – Jessica Simpson

Cent fois – Laetizia

Mr Sun – Tina Bride

Love is like a song – Hanna Pakarinen

Fearless – Hanna Pakarinen

It's time – Ferry Corsten

Where are you now? – Ian Van Dahl

Believe – Ian Van Dahl

Nemo – Nightwish

Right or wrong – Erika

You never know – Marly

7 years and 50 days – Groove coverage

Tell me – Sandy

Pretty young thing – Lene

This time I know it's for real – Kelly Llorena

De leau – Elodie Frege

Beautiful smile – Dj Sammy

Listen to your heart – DHT

What you're made of – Lucie Silvas

I believe my heart – Duncan James & Keedie

Save your kisses for me – Natasha Thomas

It's over now – Natasha Thomas

Stuck in the middle – Clea

Everybody's got to learn sometimes – Beck

Take my hand – Jurgen Vries ft Andrea Britton

Behind the sun – Alexander

Live 4 music – DJ Shog

This is the world we live in – Alcazar

Bal prive – Preluders

Do you love me - Preluders

As the rush comes – Motorcycle

Stand my ground – Within temptation

Predictable – Delta Goodrem

Fade to gray – Fog

Here and now – Client

Here with me – ATB

Ecstasy - ATB

You won't forget about me – Dannii Minogue

Just one last dance – Sarah Connor

Was a time – Whigfield

I'll be there – Emma

Look at us – Northern heights

Sunrise – Duran duran

I like it – Narcotic thurst

Mind of the wonderful – Blank and Jones

How long – Jessy

Fotonovela – Malu

Desire – Holly Valance

Burned with desire – Armin Van Buuren ft Justin Swiss

8th wonder – Kimberly Locke

So lonely – Novaspace

Hypnotic – Bomfunk mc's

A day in the sun – Rimini project

Let your head go – Victoria Beckham

Try – Nelly Furtado

Forca – Nelly Furtado

Explode – Nelly Furtado

It hurts – Lena Philipsson

Lena anthem – Lena Philipsson

You – Special D

Don't leave home – Dido

Sand in my shoes – Dido

Real to me – Brian Mcfadden

Irish son – Brian Mcffaden

Dangerous – Da buzz

How could you believe me – Da buzz

Quite place – In flames

2 hearts – Kira

Toujours pas d'amour – Priscilla

September all over – Spetember

Tu seras – Emma Dumas

Broken – Seether ft Amy Lee

Pieces of me – Ashlee Simpson

Dare you to move – Switchfoot

The trouble with love is – Kelly Clarkson

Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

Somebody told me – The killers

Mr Brightside – The killers

All these things that I've done – The killers

I miss you – Blink 182

Down – Blink 182

Always - Blink 182

American idiot – Green day

I fought the law – Green day

If I ain't got you – Alicia Keys

Diary – Alicia Keys ft Tony! Toni! Tone!

Karma – Alicia Keys

Float on – Modest mouse

Ghettomusick – Outkast

Roses – Outkast

Prototype – Outkast

Ocean avenue – Yellocard

On the way down – Ryan Cabrera

Are you gonna be my girl – Jet

Everything – Alanis Morissette

What you waiting for? – Gwen Stefani

Rich girl – Gwen Stefani ft Eve

Megalomaniac – Incubus

Talk shows on mute – Incubus

Fell in love with a boy – Joss Stone

Super duper love – Joss Stone

You had me – Joss Stone

Right to be wrong – Joss Stone

Last train home – Lostprophets

Fallen – Sarah Mclachlan

1985 – Bowling for soup

100 years – Five for fighting

The devil in the wishing well – Five for fighting

Summer sunshine – Corrs

White houses – Vanessa Carlton

Private radio – Vanessa Carlton

Slow jamz – Twista

Overnight celebrity – Twista

Sunshine – Twista ft Anthony Hamilton

Run – Snow patrol

Chocolate – Snow patrol

Spitting games – Snow patrol

How to be dead – Snow patrol

Accidentally in love – Counting crows

Love is only a feeling – Darkness

Just a little while – Janet Jackson

Goodies – Ciara ft Petay Pablo

1 2 step – Ciara ft Missy Elliott

Talk about our love – Brandy ft Kanye West

Vindicated – Dashboard confessional

Wild dances – Ruslana

Lane moje – Jeliko Joksimovic

Shake it – Sakis Rouvas

For real – Athena

Belive me – Julia Savicheva

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