Series of music documentaries in mc krško. Music. Doc: Audio-visual stories of various characters, times and spaces Thursdays 7p m. Seminarska room Joy Division, 8 dec 7p m

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Series of music documentaries in MC Krško.

MUSIC.DOC: Audio-visual stories of various characters, times and spaces

Thursdays 7p.m.

Seminarska room

Joy Division, 8 dec 7p.m.

irected By:
Grant Gee

1 hr. 34 min.

Year of production: 2007

A chronological account of the influential late 1970s English rock band.

«Though it tends to wear it's artiness on its work shirted sleeve, Joy Division is still a wonderful first person tell-all».

Bill Gibron

«A revealing portrait of a ground-breaking band».

Anna Smith

Empire Magazine
«There will surely come a point when the mythology around Salford's most famous rock group will run dry, but it hasn't yet: this superbly made documentary by Grant Gee deserves to sit on DVD shelves everywhere as a companion piece to Control».

Tim Robey

Daily Telegraph
«This doco, following the release of Control, the dramatised biopic of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis, is a thorough and engaging work that unravels the story of Joy Division in chronological order».

Urban Cinefile Critics

Urban Cinefile

Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul, 15 dec 7p.m.

Directed By: Fatih Akin

1 hr. 30 min.

Year of production: 2006
«The rich musical heritage of the Turkish metropolis located between the Orient and the Occident comes to the screen in director Fatih Akin's cinematic tribute to Istanbul's thriving music scene. In bringing both historic and recent expressions of Istanbul's unique legacy of music to the screen in a documentary that strives to both inform and entertain, Akin offers compelling insight into both the creative history of the city as well as the lives of the individuals who populate it».

Jason Buchanan, Rovi
«Crossing the Bridge does more than offer a wide variety of entertaining and intoxicating Turkish music. It also uses music to paint a portrait of a vibrant, cosmopolitan city and provide a window into a rich and varied national culture».

Kenneth Turan

Los Angeles Times

«Even as Crossing the Bridge acknowledges differences, tensions, the provocative power music exerts on our hearts, it makes an elegant, head-bopping, hip-swaying argument that sound unifies».

Lisa Kennedy

Denver Post
"Akin's documentary gets its legs from the subtle questions it raises about Turkey's politics, nationalism, religious identity, cultural integrity and international perception».

Jonathan Curiel

San Francisco Chronicle
"An infectious (in a good way) documentary».

Stephen Hunter

Washington Post
"It's a tasty sonic apertif to an unfamiliar world, and likely to inspire more than a few folks to make a beeline for the world music browser at the music store».

Stephen Williams


Heima, 22 dec 7p.m.

irected By
: Dean DeBlois

1 hr. 37 min.

Year of production: 2007
«On the heels of their 2006 concert tour, Icelandic alternative rockers Sigur Ros return to their picturesque homeland for a series of free, unannounced concerts. Follow the band as they perform their mesmerizing brand of hypnotic pop at such unconventional venues as an abandoned fish factory, a small-town coffee shop, and a protest site at a controversial dam. Candid interviews with the band find the performers discussing what it's like to return home after an extended tour, and what it's like to perform for their fans around the world». Jason Buchanan, Rovi

«The whole island seems to be in transition - huge developments threaten to deface the natural grandeur of the place - and this documentary may yet come to represent a vital memorial».

Anthony Quinn

«The elegantly composed shots of the island's broodingly lonesome wide spaces offer clues as to the group's widescreen post-rock sound. Indeed, their music comes to seem site-specific, as environmentally immersed as the landscape art of Richard Long».

Sukhdev Sandhu

Daily Telegraph

«Sigur Ros' creativity and open attitude was at one with Iceland's ravishingly beautiful landscape».

Peter Bradshaw

Guardian [UK]

«One of the most beautiful audiovisual experiences of the year».

Empire Magazine

The Devil and Daniel Johnston, 12 jan 7p.m.

irected By
: Jeff Feuerzeig

1 hr. 50 min.

Year of production: 2004

«A decade after wowing critics with his debut feature Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King, director Jeff Feuerzeig finally delivered his sophomore effort -- a documentary about the life and music of singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston. Using archived film clips and recordings with newly shot footage and interviews, the film paints a detailed and honest picture of the tortured genius. The Devil and Daniel Johnston premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival». Matthew Tobey, Rovi

«The Devil and Daniel Johnston is an unflinching yet loving look at the outsider musician's life. It's also the most revealing look at genius and mental illness since Terry Zwigoff's 1994 documentary Crumb».

Michael Senft

Arizona Republic
«Like Capturing the Friedmans, Devil is loaded with revealing footage, rife with psychodrama, including a creepy home movie in which the teenage Johnston plays himself and his overbearing mother».

Dan DeLuca

Philadelphia Inquirer
«... an uncomfortably fascinating document of a man whose bipolar disorder and artistic ambitions are inextricably connected».

Liam Lacey

Globe and Mail
«Like many documentaries about artists battling demons, it doesn't offer enough framework to suggest why anyone should care, but the fragile beauty and borderline exploitation of Johnston's character are made tangible...»

Aaron Hillis

Premiere Magazine
«Regardless of whether you like Daniel Johnston's music or, indeed, whether you can even tolerate it, Johnston is an undeniably riveting documentary subject».

Urban Cinefile Critics

Urban Cinefile

Buena Vista Social Club, 19 jan 7p.m.

irected By
: Wim Wenders

1 hr. 45 min.

Year of production: 1998

«Wim Wenders' documentary Buena Vista Social Club is about the adventures of Ry Cooder in Cuba. Cooder, best remembered by film fans for the wailing slide guitar theme of Wenders' Paris, Texas, went to Cuba in 1996 to meet with some legendary 'soneros' musicians of the '30s, '40s and '50s. The result was the album Buena Vista Social Club, recorded with such colorful characters as the 90-year-old singer/guitarist Compay Segundo, guitarist Eliades Ochoa, baritone Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo, "the Cuban Edith Piaf." The album won a Grammy, and in this refreshing documentary, Wim Wenders shows these exceptional musicians in their hometown, following them into their usual hang-outs -- the cafes, clubs and even living rooms -- as well as to concerts in Amsterdam and New York's Carnegie Hall, capturing their incredible vitality. "In Cuba, music flows like a river," according to Ry Cooder, who adds "Music is like a treasure hunt; you dig and dig and sometimes find something." Pursuing this metaphor, Wenders wanted to make a film that would "just float on this river ... not interfering with it, just drifting along." The result is a film full of vitality and positive energy, which is also an absolute delight to musical ears». Gönül Dönmez-Colin, Rovi

«One of the best and most impactful docus of the 1990s, Wim Wenders exhilarating feature is at once a trbute to a pre-Castro generation of musicians as well as a largely bygone genre».

Emanuel Levy

«... celebrates the beauty of Cuba's art while showing how it effortlessly crosses cultures».

Sean Axmaker
«Reflects that flavorful, outspoken, provocative, distinctly Cuban Latino-centricity, a weapon against the prolonged U.S. Blockade».

Prairie Miller

WBAI Web Radio
«Wenders... is not interested in too many hows, whys, whens, or wheres. He simply wants to spotlight this band and its stories, and he succeeds».

Jeffrey M. Anderson

Combustible Celluloid
«A beautiful, touching, and perfectly tuned documentary into Cuban music».

Shannon J. Harvey

Sunday Times (Australia)


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