September 13, 2010

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Green County EMS

Membership Meeting

September 13, 2010



Members Present: Eric Albright, Candy Andrews, Ben Bacon, Lynne Bass, Guy Blom, Tom Crook, Scott Davis, Cindy Engle, Nicole Fehringer, Robert Fleege, Craig Galhouse, Brittney Hansen, Scott Hazeltine, Bob Higbee, Steve Hummel, Kelly King, Corrin McMannes, Angela Mueller, Amanda Nusbaum, David Peacock, Lynn Pendergrass, Daniel Perdue, Al Richardson, Carrie Schwartz, Adrian Strothman, Roxanne Strothman, Scott Stewart, Beverly Wartenweiler, Earl West Jr, Jeffrey Wiegel, Eric Wild, Donna Wolfe, Kay Carter, Diane Heindel, Lisa Heindel, Steve Hoesly, Ed Crook, Loren Homb and Dan Nufer

Members Excused: Jennifer Bystry, Sarah Dennis, Josh Heer, Kristina Jordan, Sara Krull, Ryan Leistiko, Jody Makos, Mary Pilling, Katherine Vetterli, Colleen Rear, Ryan Cessna, Sarah McKibben, Trevor Johann, Rodney Hicks, Jerry Mortimer, Jared VanDellen.
Members Unexcused: Melinda Allen, Nicolas Bergum, Ashley Graves, Brandi Hagen, Tyler Hanson, Mackenzie Hole, Todd Lelle, Patricia Miller, Traci Newcomer, Randy Rood, Sherry Schwartz, Ross Williams, Mike Grebner, Angela Moxley.


  1. Call to Order: Dan Nufer called the meeting to order at 6:40PM.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

A.Approval of June Meeting Minutes

        Motion to approve meeting minutes:

Jeff Wiegel made motion to approve minutes. Seconded by Cindy Engle. Motion Approved.

Approval of July Meeting Minutes

        Motion to approve meeting minutes:

Donna Wolfe made motion to approve minutes. Seconded by Lynn Pendergrass.

Motion Approved.

B.Service Director Report: Dan Nufer

  • Canceling of 802. Call dispatch as soon as possible when you are available at the hospital. During the day, make yourself available as soon as possible. There may not be enough people for an 802 call.

  • Please fill out paperwork completely – all parts. Put in your explanation why patient can’t sign on the signature sheet.

  • Refusal forms must have your run number on it.

  • Medicaid/Medicare form – fill it out if necessary.

  • Stay away from backside of hospital (near construction zone). Go around.

  • 802 back-up will be done by tones only during the night. No more setting up crews in the middle of the night. This will be a trial period – trying this for as long as it works.

  • Transport to Madison: Document if RN goes with on transports. Get a copy of the RN’s notes. If no nurse, crew must completely fill out run sheet including history, meds, allergies and complete assessment (skin, mental, neuro, and chest).

  • 801 and 802 doing transports to Madison at the same time will be determined by Dan Nufer or duty officer.

  • Reminder: No more than 3 IV attempts – 2 per EMT. IVs not done on scene except in special circumstances.

  • If it takes 6 minutes or more to get out the door, don’t mark NONE for response delay – document why.

  • Keep bedrooms clean. If not on call, you shouldn’t have your stuff in the bedrooms unless it’s put neatly away on the shelf.

  • Reminder: Watch your on-scene time. No more than 15 minutes except for extenuating circumstances. Language barrier is not a good reason for scene delay.

  • I-99 meeting – September 28th at 5:30pm

  • Special Events – check Website

  • Chili cook-off October 2nd – Sign-up on line.

  • Ideas for Improvement – Don’t keep them to yourself. Speak up.

**Bob Fleege handed out job responsibility form. Please read. Do your 2 week Clean-up: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

C.Handbook review: Tina Jordan via Kelly King

  • EMT meds on 1st response truck starting this weekend (Juda)

  • MABAS tags have been given out – in your helmets

  • Take turnout gear with you on calls.

  • Blank MABAS tags on wall if you don’t have turnout gear – tags on clipboard hanging in gear room.

  • Cheese Days information given out (2010 Points to Remember)

  • Cindy Engle – All food must be removed from refrigerator, freezer, and counters – we need the room for Cheese Days.

  • Pick-up shirts (Cheese Days) from Donna Wolfe along with parking permits otherwise get both at your first shift.

  • If you aren’t on schedule don’t stay in bedroom/leave your stuff there. You will have ½ hour to remove your stuff once you go off the schedule or ½ hour after you get back from call. Bring air mattresses/own bedding.

D.MCI Committee Report

  • NONE

E.Board report: Cindy Engle

  • Ken Tosch – Basic

  • Auxiliary in class: Tammy Hartwig, Brittney Dubel, Chris Rittenhouse

  • Board Meetings: 4th Wednesday of the month at 5:30. Next meeting Sept. 22.

  • Special Corporation meeting: October 4th at 6:30 – more information to follow.

F.County EMS Commission Report – Carrie Schwartz

  • Commission has been funded by County Board and was not continued after Mindy Allen left. Commission will still meet, but may be under a different name so communities can keep in touch about problems/concerns.

  • Mary Austin gave report about Y-track which has to do about the State – Hospitals, weather, etc.

  • Advanced skills – coming up in Fall and Spring. Will need to be there the whole time to get credit for the skills.

  • First Response – can carry meds for level (EMT B)

  • County Health – EMTs no longer need yearly TB tests

G.Compliance Officer Report – Bev Wartenweiler

  • Sign up for CPR – need it yearly

  • End of September is the end of the quarter – need 96 hours

  • Clean-up – Sign-up for your shifts – THIS WILL BE ENFORCED

H.Education/Training Officer report: Mary Pilling via Kelly King

  • Brittney Hansen will go to trainee 1

  • Going to the board for active status will be Candy Andrews, Lynn Pendergrass, Eric Wild

  • Sign-up for PHTLS/AMLS – downstairs on board

  • Next training – September 20 – Capnography with Dr. Barney

  • Bags will be switched over after Cheese Days after October membership meeting.

  • Ambulance supply (what is stocked inside) change over after Cheese Days.


I.Maintenance/Equipment Report – Robert Fleege

  • 802 Cot battery – remove and replace if flashing red.

  • Waxing rigs on Saturday morning.

  • Steve Hummel and Kat Vetterli – Stage 2 drivers.

  • Al Richardson and Ben Bacon – recommended for active status as drivers

J.Public Relations – Kelly King

  • Anyone that wants to walk in Cheese Days parade, hand out candy, talk to Kelly. EMS/Friends/Family – be at the station at 11:00

  • Children’s Parade – Friday night – Be at station 4:30 to walk with ambulance.

  • Points Program – Changes approved by Board and will be e-mailed out to members. Corrin McMannes will be the points program coordinator.

  • Kelly will get together a bunch of different designs for t-shirts, etc.

K.Recruitment Committee – Kay Carter

Nothing at this time.

L.September Birthdays:

Sept 6 – Ryan Cessna

Sept 8 – Sara Krull

Sept 11 – Steve Hoesly

Sept 12 – Mindy Allen

Sept 14 – Scott Davis

Sept 15 – Sarah McKibben

Sept 18 – Traci Newcomer
O. Food Committee for October meeting:

Sara Krull, Ryan Leistiko, Corrin McMannes, Angie Mueller, Traci Newcomer, Lynn Pendergrass, Scott Stewart, Sarah McKibben.

P. Old/New Business

  • Loren Homb and Jerry Mortimer are being recognized for WI Coaches Hall of Fame

  • Cindy Aebly from Heartland Graphics has been sewing all patches onto bags for free – if you see her – thank her. Scott Davis recommended inviting her to Christmas Banquet.

  • EVOC certificates are in your mailboxes

Q. End of Meeting Drawing:

Carrie Schwartz won drawing

R. Adjournment:

A motion was made by Cindy Engle to adjourn, Seconded by Bev Wartenweiler. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:02pm


Respectfully Submitted,



Beverly Wartenweiler, Compliance Officer


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