Sending an Email to Your Class

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Sending an Email to Your Class
You can send an email to your class by visiting the following Web site:
Log in with your NetID and Law Center password. You will see a page that lets you select a term and course:

Terms are named by year and semester, “A” for Spring, “B” for Summer, and “C” for Fall. “2011A” represents Spring 2011. “2011C” would be Fall 2011. The most recent available term will always be at the top of the list.

Once you select your course, a class list will appear:

To email the enrolled students in your class, you can either:

  1. Click the SEND EMAIL TO ALL STUDENTS link. This will open a new window in your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) with all of the students’ email addresses automatically filled in.

  2. Note: There is a limit to how many email addresses can be processed in this manner. If you do not see a SEND EMAIL TO ALL STUDENTS link and instead see the message -“Too many recipients. Please copy the addresses below and paste them into your email program.” – you should copy and paste the list of email addresses into your email client, or a Web-based program such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Georgetown’s Outlook Email Web Access. You may also use this method even if you do see the link.

Both options described above allow you to send email attachments to your class just as you would when composing any other email.

Note: Allow up to 24 hours for any add/drop activity to be reflected in these email lists. Only enrolled students will appear in these lists, not students on your waitlist. Because of the significant number of changes students make to their schedules before the beginning of the semester and during the add/drop period, we strongly encourage faculty to post announcements to be made before the first class session to the First Class Reading Assignments web page by sending an email request to Faculty Support (

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