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For added customer convenience, Self Service Kiosks (AKA Automated Postal Centers-APC’s) are available at the following NYC locations and provide 24-hour access to many postal products and services.

Manhattan – James A. Farley Post Office

421 8th Ave

New York NY 10199

Manhattan – FDR Station

909 3rd Ave

New York NY 10022

Manhattan – Church Street Station

90 Church St.

New York NY 10001

Manhattan – Murray Hill Station

205 E 36th St.

New York NY 10016

Manhattan – Empire Station

16 W 33rd Street

New York NY 10001

Manhattan – Ansonia Station

178 Columbus Ave

New York NY 10023

Bronx – Bronx General Post Office

558 Grand Concourse

Bronx NY 10451

Brooklyn – Cadman Plaza Post Office

271 Cadman Plaza E

Brooklyn NY 11201

Staten Island – Staten Island Main Post Office

550 Manor Rd.

Staten Island NY 10314

Franklin Square – Franklin Square Post Office

867 Hempstead Turnpike

Franklin Sq. NY 11010

Using a credit or debit card, these self-service kiosks enable customers to conduct business at their convenience. APC’s enable customers to:

  • Buy the same self-adhesive stamps provided through ATMs.

  • Weigh, calculate and purchase postage in amounts for items weighing up to 70lbs.

  • Send items via Express, Priority and First Class Mail, as well as by Parcel Post services.

  • Look up ZIP Codes and obtain Postal Service mailing information.

  • Obtain Express Mail, Certified Mail, and Return Receipts

  • Purchase Delivery Confirmation service.

  • Obtain a purchase receipt.

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