Selections from the library of terris "terry" C. Howard

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MAY 10, 2005





Lake Books

PMB 118

6822 22nd Avenue North

St. Petersburg, Florida 33710-3918

(727) 343-8055 - Fax: (727) 345-3750


1. This is an unrestricted mail bid sale. All lots will be sold to the highest bidder. Enter your bid by

lot number. Please feel free to bid as much as you wish on each lot, with the realization that all

bids will be treated as limits and all lots will be sold below those bids as competition dictates.

Bids that are not entered in good faith or are deemed to be totally ridiculous will be refused at the

cataloger's discretion. Prices listed are estimates only.
2. Closing date for this sale is Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 5:00 P.M. (EDT). Email and FAX bids will also be accepted until that time. Tie bids will be awarded to the earliest bid received. Bids received after the closing time will not be honored.
3. Bidders who are unknown to us are requested to supply two trade references prior to the sale or

submit a deposit equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of their total bid.

4. A fifteen percent (15%) Buyer's Fee will be added to each lot won. A packing charge of

seventy-five cents per lot (minimum $1.50) plus shipping charges will be added.
5. TERMS: Cash or check, payable in U.S. funds. Payment is due upon notification of successful

bids. A late charge of $1.50 per month will be added to all invoices over 30 days. Title to all lots

remains with Lake Books until paid for in full. Delivery may be postponed until full payment is

received, at the discretion of the cataloger. Make checks payable to Fred L. Lake.

6. Unsuccessful bidders will be notified by mail in a prompt manner. We recognize the importance

of liquidity of funds and will return deposits on a priority basis.

7. A Prices Realized List will be mailed to each bidder. A copy of the prices realized may be

ordered for delivery after the sale. The price is one dollar ($1.00) for those persons who are not

8. Mail Bid Sales are not approval sales. No lot may be returned without written authorization and

this must be requested within seven days after receipt of lots purchased.

9. All books are as described. Any errors or typographical mistakes will be happily corrected.
10. The cataloger has attempted to describe the condition of each lot as to signs of wear. If no

descriptor is noted, it may be assumed that the lot is in Fine(F) to Very Fine(VF) condition.

11. Telephone bids are accepted. If you so desire, you will be informed as to whether your first bid is

a successful bid or not. A second bid may then be offered, but with the provision that this second

bid will not be reduced as competition dictates.

A1.AKERS,David-May 20,1998-"John Jay Pittman,Part Two"-865 lots,

276pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.A legendary collection. PRL M 35.00

A2. " -Aug. 6,1999-"John Jay Pittman,Part Three"-3116 lots,

503pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 50.00


A3.A.N.A.-1939-New York City-STACK’S-"The Estate of David Proskey"-

726 lots,32pp,cc,12mo.Adams "B". VF 20.00

A4. " -1941-Philadelphia-IRA REED-808 lots,82pp,cc,12mo.This

auction is contained in the convention program. NM 18.00

A5. " -1942-Cincinnati-ABE KOSOFF-1190 lots,71pp,cc,12mo."B". NM 18.00

A6. " -1946-Davenport-ABE KOSOFF-"Friedman"(in convention program),

2197 lots,99pp,ills,cc,12mo."A-". NM 8.00

A7. " -1947-Buffalo-ABE KOSOFF-1754 lots,176pp,ills,cc,12mo."A-".

Estimates.In program.Contains Sheraton’s Large Cents. NM 10.00

A8. " -1948-Boston-FRANK KATEN-2763 lots,176pp,ills,est,cc,12mo.

Adams "B+".A few price notes(FPN). PRL VF 9.00

A9. " -1949-San Francisco-ABE KOSOFF-2195 lots,90pp,ills,cc,

12mo.Adams "B+".The U.S.material is neatly handpriced. NM 12.00

A10. " -1950-Milwaukee-JAMES KELLY-1473 lots,96pp,pls,ills,cc,

8vo.Adams "B".(last one rated by Adams). NM 8.00

A11. " -1953-Dallas-NUMISMATIC GALLERY-4780 lots,190pp,ills,cc,

12mo.John Adams rates this sale as "B". PRL NM 8.00

A12. " -1954-Cleveland-FEDERAL COIN EXCHANGE-4175 lots,147pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo. PRL VF 6.00

A13. " -1955-Omaha-BEBEE'S-2585 lots,69pp,10pls,cc,8vo. PRL NM 5.00

A14. " -1960-Boston-ARTHUR CONN & HAROLD WHITENECK-3013 lots,

138pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.The prices realized catalog issued

after the sale with the prices realized printed in red

at each lot. PRL NM 12.00

A15. " -1960-Boston-ARTHUR CONN & HAROLD WHITENECK-3013 lots,

138pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Estimates printed at each lot. NM 10.00

A16. " -1961-Atlanta-JAMES KELLY-1883 lots,104pp,ills,cc,12mo. PRL M 6.00

A17. " -1963-Denver-AL OVERTON-2000 lots,64pp,20pls,ills,cc,

8vo. PRL M 10.00

A18. " -1965-Houston-AL OVERTON-1942 lots,76pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL NM 6.00

A19. " -1970-St.Louis-RARCOA-"Gen.M.S.Newton"-2513 lots,191pp,

ills,cc,12mo. PRL NM 6.00

A20. " -1971-Washington,DC-STACK'S-2583 lots,196pp,pls,ills,

cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

A21. " -1974-Bal Harbour-PARAMOUNT-1514 lots,145pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 6.00

A22. " -1976-New York-STACK'S-4178 lots,448pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 6.00

A23. " -1978-Houston-BOWERS & RUDDY-"Robert E.Branigan Estate"-

2934 lots,24pp,color plates,ills,cc,8vo...included is a

16 page supplement detailing the 25-year history of B&R. PRL M 8.00

A24. " -1990-Seattle-HERITAGE-3766 lots,320pp,pls,ills,

cc(spiral bound),8vo. XPRL VF 5.00

A25. " -2002-New York-SUPERIOR-2659 lots,377pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 7.00

A26. " -2003-Baltimore-BOWERS & MERENA-"Bill Fivaz & Coronado

Coll.of Early Half Dollars"-4127 lots,588pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 12.00

A27.AMERICAN NUMISMATIC RARITIES-Mar. 9,2004-"Haig A.Koshkarian"-

1430 lots,300pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

A28.BANGS,MERWIN & CO.-Mar.12,1873-"Silver and Copper Coins &

Medals"-652 lots,29pp,pc,12mo.Pages are uncut. VF 10.00

A29.BLUESTONE,Barney-Sep.10,1941-"Sixty-Third Catalogue"-

1900 lots,59pp,cc,12mo.Adams "B-". VF 2.50

A30. " -Jan.19,1942-"Sixty-Sixth Catalogue"-1087 lots,40pp,

cc,12mo.Adams "C+". VF 2.50


A31.BOWERS & MERENA-Nov. 7,1983-"Virgil M.Brand, Part I"-943 lots,

120pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 4.00

A32. " -Mar.26,1987-"Frederick B.Taylor"-2649 lots,317pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo. Very much in demand. PRL M 100.00

A33. " -(with Stack's)-Apr. 6,1997-"Louis E.Eliasberg"-1389 lots,

416pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.The Stickney example of the 1804

dollar realized $ 1,600,000+. M 8.00

A34. " -Mar.13,2003-"Craig N.Smith & George W.Youngman"-3896 lots, 400pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 10.00

A35. " -Dec. 2,2004-"Baltimore"-2279 lots,253pp,pls,ills,

cc(spiral-bound),8vo. XPRL NM 8.00

A36.BULLOWA,David M.-Nov.20,1946-"First Public Auction"-973 lots,

69pp,cc,12mo. VF 3.00

A37.CHAPMAN,Henry-Nov.27,1906-#1-"R.B.Leeds"-1317 lots,55pp,cc,

12mo.Hand-priced in red ink.Adams "B". F 10.00

A38.CHRISTIE’S(NY)-Dec. 9,1981-"J.Hambleton Ober;U.S.Gold Coins"-

374 lots,49pp,ills,hardbound in navy cloth,gilt,DJ,8vo. M 10.00

A39.COGAN,Edward D.-Apr.17,1876-#46-"Lewis White"-813 lots,39pp,

pc,12mo.Handpriced in red ink.Adams "C+". VF 10.00

A40.ELDER,Thomas L.-Dec.14,1934-#263-"Samuel W.Comstock"-1483 lots,

65pp,pc,12mo.Adams "A-". VF 12.00

A41.FORMAN,TAXAY & ASSOCIATES-Dec. 6,1974-"Philadelphia Metro-

politan Convention"-653 lots,90pp,ills,cc,12mo.Only sale

held by this firm. PRL M 8.00

A42.FROSSARD,Ed.-Dec.20,1884-"R.E.Curtis:American Coins & Medals"-

587 lots,26pp,pc,8vo.Adams "C+". VF 5.00

A43.GOLDBERG,Ira & Larry-Feb.16,2001-"Benson,Part I & Heathgate"-

4335 lots,499pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Preview & Addenda. PRL M 9.00

A44.GREEN,Ben G.-Mar. 8,1907-"Sale XXIX"-644 lots,16pp,cc,12mo."C+". VF 6.00

A45.HERITAGE-Jan. 4,1996-"F.U.N."-2837 lots,235pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 7.00

A46. " -Jan. 9,1997-"F.U.N.'97"-3006 lots,212pp,pls,ills,cc(spiral-

bound),8vo. PRL M 8.00

A47. " -Sep.11,1997-"Mac MacDonald,E.Katten,et al."-3323 lots,

234pp,pls,ills,cc(spiral-bound),8vo.The late Mac MacDonald's

Half Cents and Large Cents. M 8.00

A48. " -May 5,2004-#346-"Central States"-6571 lots,516pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo. XPRL NM 10.00

A49. " -Dec. 8,2004-"Dennis Dewart,et al."-3113 lots,244pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo. XPRL M 6.00

A50. " -2005-"Wes Rasmussen"-the special exhibition and checklist

for EAC members.Graded and pedigreed by Denis Loring.

Errata is included. M 6.00

A51. " -Jan.12,2005-#360:Vol.II-"50th Annual FUN Convention"-

3577 lots,308pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 6.00

A52. " -Jan.12,2005-#360-Special Library Edition-"Richard J.

Chouinard Collection"-160pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 8.00

A53. " -Jan.13,2005-#360-"Wes Rasmussen Collection of United

States Large Cents"-771 lots,393pp,pls,ills,hardbound in

black leatherette,gilt,DJ,8vo. M 75.00

A54. " -Jan.13,2005-#360-"Wes Rasmussen Collection of United

States Large Cents"-771 lots,393pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 12.00

A55. " -Jan.12,2005-#360-"John C.Hugon"-295 lots,140pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo.The works of Charles Barber. M 7.50

A56. " -Jan.12,2005-"Dr.Hoffnagle Collection of Morgan Dollars"-

53pp,ills,cc,8vo.The separate catalog of these dollars. M 6.00

A57. " -Jan.14,2005-"Cincinnati Collection"-912 lots,50pp,ills,

cc,8vo.The separate catalog for this U.S.Gold offering. M 6.00

A58.KELLY,James-Jun. 1,1953-"Univ. of Penn.-Otto Heaton"-4573 lots,

100pp,17pls,cc,4to. PRL VF 7.00

A59.KOSOFF,Abe-Feb. 1,1963-"Lee G.Lahrman;Half Cents and Large

Cents"-1357 lots,39pp,separate vol.plates,cc,8vo."B+". PRL M 7.00



A60.LAWRENCE,David(DLRC)-Nov.29,2004-"Richmond Collection:Part II,

and Coronado,Bust Half Dollars"-758 lots,ix,194pp,hardbound

in pictorial boards,8vo. XPRL M 8.00

A61.LOW,Lyman H.-Mar.17,1907-#118-"Charles G.Zug:Hays-Phelps

Collection of 1794 United States Cents"-602 lots(including

addenda),37pp,pc,12mo.Adams "A-".Handpriced in red ink. VF 25.00

A62.MERKIN,Lester-Aug.14,1964-#1-"Louis Helfenstein Collection

of Large Cents;1793-1857"-332 lots,64pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 12.00

A63.MORGENTHAU,J.C.(Raymond & McAllister)-Jun. 9,1937-#378-

"Rare United States,Ancient and Foreign Coins"-615 lots,

19pp,2pls,cc,8vo.Adams "B-". PRL VF 4.00

A64.NEW NETHERLANDS-Sep.22,1964-#58-"Canadian Decimal Coins and

United States Coins"-1102 lots,64pp,8pls,cc,12mo."A". PRL NM 6.00

A65.RIGGS,Lu-Jun.28,1957-"Charles E.Moellering Collection of

Large Cents"-697 lots,23pp,cc,12mo.Signed by Charles

Ruby.A few check marks.Quite scarce. NM 6.00

A66.SAMPSON,H.G.-Jun. 6,1882-#3-"Rare American Coins"-1046 lots,

41pp,cc,8vo."C+".The front cover is loose. VF 25.00

A67.STACK’S-Mar.17,1987-"U.S.Coins"-1351 lots,141pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.

The Halpern Large Cents are featured. XPRL M 5.00

A68. " -Jan.12,2000-"George C.Perkins:Connecticut Coppers,etc."-

2083 lots,343pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 10.00

A69. " -Oct.15,2002-"D.Queller Collection of U.S.Half Dollars"-

968 lots,233pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 5.00

A70. " -Jan.21,2003-"Americana:Colonial and Federal Coins"-3478 lots,

382pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Robert Schonwalter Half Cents. M 8.00

A71. " -Oct.14,2003-"John J.Ford,Jr.:Part One"-335 lots,243pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo.Extensive detail.Difficult to find. M 8.00

A72. " -May 11,2004-"John J.Ford,Jr.:Part II,Early American Coins

and Tokens"-373 lots,256pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 15.00

A73. " -Oct.12,2004-"John J.Ford,Jr.:Part V-Early American Coins and

Tokens"-284 lots,187pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Very important. M 10.00

A74. " -Jan.18,2005-"John J.Ford,Jr.:Part VII,Numismatic American

History"-555 lots,252pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 15.00

A75. " -Jan.18,2005-"John J.Ford,Jr.:Part VII,Numismatic American

History"-555 lots,252pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Another copy. M 15.00

A76. " -Jan.19,2005-"Americana:William E.Simon,et al."-1737 lots,

311pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 8.00

A77.SUPERIOR-Feb.10,1975-"Dr.Charles L.Ruby,Part III"-2290 lots,

180pp,78pls,ills,cc,8vo. XPRL M 7.00

A78. " -Feb. 3,1991-"Dennis Mendelson Collection of Large Cents"-

3141+ lots,295pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo.Very important sale. PRL M 12.00

A79. " -May 30,1993-"U.S.,World & Ancient Coinage"-3533 lots,280pp,

ills,cc,8vo. PRL NM 4.00

A80. " -Feb.17,2001-"J.R.Frankenfield:Half Cents and Large Cents"-

1940 lots,329pp,vinyl cover(GBC bound),8vo.This is a

working copy for bidders. PRL M 10.00

A81. " -May 25,2003-"Dr.Wallace Lee;Half Cents and Large Cents:

and C.Douglas Smith;1798 Large Cents"-3950 lots,505pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo.PRL for 4/4/03 bound in. M 15.00

A82. " -May 25,2003-"Dr.Wallace Lee;Half Cents and Large Cents:

and C.Douglas Smith;1798 Large Cents"-1101 lots,210pp,pls,

ills,cc,8vo.The special catalog featuring the Lee & Smith

collections only. PRL M 15.00

A83.WOODWARD,W.Elliot-Oct.16,1882-#50-"J.G.Ralston:Coins & Medals"-

1842 lots,62pp,pc,12mo. "B-". VF 10.00

A84. " -Jun.25,1883-#58-"Jenks Collection:Coins and Medals"-

1407 lots,66pp,pc,12mo.Adams "B+". VF 15.00

A85. " -Oct.29,1883-#59-"German"-1432 lots,74pp,pc,8vo.John Adams

rates this sale as "B". VF 10.00


B1.AUREO(Barcelona)-May 28,1991-"Reyes Catolicos:Juana y Carlos I,

Felipe II;Collecion Cisneros,et al."-1038 lots,np,pls,

ills,hardbound in printed boards,8vo. XPRL M 10.00

B2.BOWERS & MERENA-Nov.15,1996-"Norweb Collection of Canadian

and Provincial Coins"-741 lots,208pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. NM 8.00

B3.CAYÓN,Juan R.-Dec.14,2001-Parte I-"Subasta del Patrimonio:

Numismático de Juan Cayón"-1160 lots,127pp,pls,ills,

hardbound in pictorial boards,8vo. M 5.00


#50-"Cornelius C.Vermeule"-2171 lots,256pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 6.00

B5. " -Jun.14,2000-"Mail Bid Sale 54"-2643 lots,288pp,ills,cc,8to. M 6.00

B6. " -Sep.13,2000-"Mail Bid Sale 55"-1992 lots,231pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 6.00

B7. " -Jan.15,2002-Triton V-"David Freedman:Greek Bronze Coins"-

600 lots,96pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 7.00

B8. " -Jan.15,2002-"Triton V"-1573 lots,288pp,pls,ills,errata

sheet,cc,8vo.Sessions 2 through 4. PRL M 10.00

B9.DAVISSONS,LTD.(U.S.)-Apr. 2,1993-"Auction One:Classic Coins &

Tokens & Medals of Britain"-330 lots,24pp,18pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B10. " -Nov.30,1993-"Auction Two:Greek,Roman,British..."-

371 lots,28pp,19pls,cc,8vo. PRL M 4.00

B11. " -May 3,1994-"Auction Three:Greek,Roman,British..."-

376 lots,30pp,18pls,cc,8vo PRL M 4.00

B12. " -Nov.18,1994-"Auction Four:Greek,Roman,British..."-

380 lots,56pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B13. " -Jul.25,1995-"Auction Five:Ancient to British Coinage"-

593 lots,80pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B14. " -Feb.29,1996-"Auction Six:Ancients to British Coinage"-

547 lots,68pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B15. " -Aug.21,1996-"Auction Seven:Greek,Roman,British and World

Coins,Tokens and Medals"-432 lots,62pp,ills,cc,8vo. NM 3.00

B16. " -Apr.10,1997-"Auction Eight:Greek,Roman,British..."-

605 lots,73pp,ills,cc,8vo. NM 3.00

B17. " -Oct. 9,1997-"Auction Nine:Copper and Bronze"-750 lots,

68pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B18. " -Apr.30,1998-"Auction 10:Ancients,British,etc."-542 lots,

57pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B19. " -Jun.23,1999-"Auction Eleven"-586 lots,54pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B20. " -Nov.18,1999-"Auction Twelve"-741 lots,68pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B21. " -May 2,2000-"Auction Thirteen,Part I"-305 lots,48pp,ills,

cc,8vo. M 4.00

B22. " -Apr.25,2000-"Auction Thirteen:Wayne Anderson Collection

of British Provincial Trade Tokens of the 18th Century"-

537 lots,47pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 5.00

B23. " -Nov.15,2000-"Auction Fourteen"-688 lots,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B24. " -Mar.29,2001-"Auction Fifteen"-470 lots,58pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B25. " -Mar.12,2002-"Auction Sixteen"-515 lots,62pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B26. " -Jun.26,2002-"Auction Seventeen"-440 lots,48pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B27. " -Nov.21,2002-"Auction Eighteen"-868 lots,76pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 4.00

B28. " -May 1,2003-"Auction Nineteen"-355 lots,46pp,ills,est,cc,8vo. M 4.00

B29. " -1995 to 2001-a group of five Fixed Price Lists. M 5.00

B30.DIX,NOONAN & WEBB-Oct. 8,2002-"Brodie,Judson & Puddester"-

1928 lots,166pp,ills,cc,4to. PRL M 6.00

B31.EMPORIUM HAMBURG-Nov.13,2003-"Auktion 50"-4882 lots,404pp,

ills,cc,8vo. PRL NM 6.00

B32.GADOURY,Victor-1986-"Jetons"-130pp,ills,vals,cc,12mo. NM 4.00

B33.GALERIE NUMISMATIQUE(B.Stambuliu)-Nov.28,2004-"Auction IV"-

1380 lots,353pp,ills,cc,4to. M 10.00



B34.HERITAGE-Jan.13,2003-"Belzberg:Canadian Coinage"-816 lots,294pp,

pls,ills,cc,8vo. NM 10.00

B35.HESS-DIVO AG-Oct.24,2003-No.293-"Lawrence R.Stack:Monnaies

Françaises"-380 lots,76pp,ills,hardbound,8vo. M 5.00

B36. " -Oct.24,2002-Auktion 294-"Coins & Medals"-730 lots,102pp,

ills,hardbound,8vo. M 6.00

B37. " -May 7,2003-Auktion 295-"Raritäten"-100 lots,92pp,ills,

hardbound,8vo. M 6.00

B38. " -May 7,2003-Auktion 296-"Coins & Medals"-825 lots,109pp,

ills,hardbound,8vo. M 6.00

B39.LEPCZYK,Joseph-Mar.15,1984-#56A-"George Sobin:Napoléon I"-

252 lots,iii,14pp,ills,cc,8vo.A very scarce catalog of the

Sobin sale section of sale #56. M 20.00

B40.NUMISMATIC FINE ARTS-(with BANK LEU)-May 16,1984-"Garrett

Collection,Part I:Ancient and Foreign Coins"-1427 lots,

402pp,pls,ills,est,cc,4to. M 50.00

B41. " -(with BANK LEU)-Oct.16,1984-"Garrett Collection,Part II:

Ancient and Foreign Coins"-1858 lots,np,pls,est,cc,8vo.One

of the largest catalogs ever printed. M 65.00

B42. " -(with BANK LEU)-Mar.29,1985-"Garrett Collection,Part III:

Ancient & Foreign Coins & Medals"-1556 lots,np,many plates,

cc,8vo.As with the previous sales,magnificent material. M 50.00

B43. " -a bid is entertained for the previous three lots as one.

You are bidding for lots B40 through B42 and this bid must

be greater than the total of bids received for these lots. M ???.??

B44.PONTERIO & ASSOC.-Feb. 3,1995-"Sale #79"-1129 lots,np,ills,

cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

B45. " -Aug. 6,1996-"Sale #82"-1360 lots,np,33pls,cc,8vo. M 4.00

B46. " -Nov.12,1996-"Sale #84"-356 lots,np,9pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B47. " -Feb.22,1997-"Sale #85"-1767 lots,np,pls,cc,8vo. PRL M 4.00

B48. " -Apr. 4,1997-"Sale #86"-3844 lots,np,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

B49. " -Jun. 7,1997-"Sale #88"-1565 lots,np,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 4.00

B50. " -Aug.12,1997-"Sale #89"-1133 lots,np(62),28pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B51. " -Sep.13,1997-"Sale #90"-1149 lots,np,pls,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 4.00

B52. " -Nov. 4,1997-"Sale #91"-576 lots,np,18pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B53. " -Feb.14,1998-"Sale #92"-1289 lots,np,ills,cc,8vo. PRL NM 5.00

B54. " -Mar.13,1998-"Sale #93"-2427 lots,np,ills,cc,8vo. M 5.00

B55. " -Jun. 6,1998-"Sale #94"-1254 lots,np,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 4.00

B56. " -Aug.18,1998-"Sale #95"-1192 lots,np,28pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B57. " -Sep.26,1998-"Sale #96"-1682 lots,np,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

B58. " -Nov.10,1998-"Sale #97"-503 lots,np,15pls,cc,8vo. M 3.00

B59. " -Feb.12,2000-"Sale #105"-1473 lots,122pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 5.00

B60. " -Apr. 7,2000-"Sale #106"-2533 lots,272pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 6.00

B61. " -Apr.27,2001-"Sale #112"-2614 lots,309pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 8.00

B62. " -Jun. 2,2001-"Sale #114"-1567 lots,140pp,ills,cc,8vo.There

are two loose pages. NM 3.00

B63. " -Jun. 8,2002-"Sale #120"-1555 lots,131pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 8.00

B64. " -Sep.28,2002-"Sale #122"-1838 lots,164pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 8.00

B65. " -Nov.14,2002-"Sale #123"-1975 lots,190pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 8.00

B66. " -Jan.17,2003-"Sale #124"-2320 lots,352pp,ills,cc,8vo. PRL M 12.00

B67. " -Apr.25,2003-"Sale #125"-2917 lots,305pp,ills,cc,8vo. M 10.00

B68.SMYTHE,R.M.-Jul.24,2004-No.240-"N.Y.Invitational"-4033 lots,

330pp,pls,ills,cc,8vo. M 6.00

B69.SOTHEBY & CO.-Jun.14,1927-"Reginald Huth"-773 lots,75pp,13pls,

hardbound in tan linen,leather spine insert stamped in

gilt,8vo.Includes 240 lots of fine Spanish coinage. M 30.00

B70.SUPERIOR(USA)-Feb.11,1991-"Irving Goodman;Russian Coinage"-

1767 lots,120pp,pls,cc,8vo. PRL M 6.00

B71.UBS(Zürich)-Sep.16,2002-"Swiss Coins:1850-2000"-751 lots,

111pp,pls,ills,hardbound,8vo. PRL M 8.00


C1.ADAMS,Edgar H.and WOODIN,William H.-1913-(the 1959 Kelly reprint)-

"United States Pattern,Trial and Experimental Pieces"-196pp,

ills,hardbound in blue cloth,gilt,8vo. NM 10.00

C2.AKERS,David W.-1975-"United States Gold Patterns,1836-1907;

(a photographic study)"-115pp,ills(color),hardbound

in maroon leatherette,page edges gilt,4to. M 20.00

C3.A.N.A.-Aug,1939-one issue of "The Numismatist".Good article on

Encased Stamps. VF 2.00

C4.BOWERS,Q.David-1979(1980 Third Printing)-"The History of United

States Coinage,as Illustrated by the Garrett Collection"-

572pp,ills,hardbound in black leatherette,gilt,4to. M 40.00

C5. " -1985-First Edition-"United States Three-Cent and Five-Cent

Pieces"-168pp,ills,cc,12mo.Number 3 in a continuing set. NM 6.00

C6. " -1994-Volume Seven-"The Numismatist's Downtown Companion"-

191pp,cc,12mo. M 6.00

C7. " -2004-"Guide Book of Double Eagle Gold Coins"-288pp,ills,

vals,cc,8vo.Autographed. M 12.00

C8.BREEN,Walter-1988-First Edition-"Walter Breen's Complete

Encyclopedia of U.S.and Colonial Coins"-754pp,over 4000

photographs,hardbound in black cloth,gilt,DJ,4to. M 120.00

C9.CLAIN-STEFANELLI,Vladimir-1968-Paper 31-"History of the

National Numismatic Collections;Smithsonian"-108pp,pls,

ills,cc,4to. Scarce. VF 8.00

C10.CLINE,J.H.-nd(1976)-"Standing Liberty Quarters"-135pp,ills,

cc,12mo.Jay Cline presents a full background re:the coin's

designer,the model who sat for the design,grading,etc. NM 5.00

C11. " -1986(revised)-"Standing Liberty Quarters"-231pp,

ills,cc,12mo. M 7.50

C12.COHEN,Roger S.-1971-First Edition-"American Half Cents,the

Little Half Sisters"-105pp,ills,hardbound,4to.Autographed. M 35.00

C13.(ELIASBERG COLLECTION)-nd-"An Exhibition of the World’s Greatest

Collection of United States Coins"-20pp,ills,cc,12mo.This

was a touring exhibition featuring some of the greatest

numismatic rarities.There are 24 U.S.issues and 15 foreign

coins pictured with extensive descriptions. M 12.00

C14.FREY,Albert R.-1947-Barnes and Noble-"Dictionary of Numismatic

Names with Addenda and Glossary of Numismatic Terms by Mark

M.Salton"-xi,311pp plus 94 pages by Salton,hardbound in red

cloth,4to. VF 12.00

C15.HAGER,Alan-1984-"The Accugrade System-Volume 1:A Comprehensive

Guide to Morgan and Peace Dollars in Accugrade Uncirculated"-

550pp,ills,hardbound in padded black leatherette,4to.Autgr. M 25.00

C16.HERITAGE-1998-two issues-Volume I,Nos.1 & 2-"The Insider".8vo. M 4.00

C17.HIBLER,H.E.& KAPPEN,C.V.-1963-"So-Called Dollars"-156pp,ills,

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