Sefi general assembly I. VII. 2006 sefi/GA/06/8 election of vice-president/president-elect 2006-2007

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In accordance with Article 19 of the Statutes “every year, the General Assembly shall elect, on a proposal by the Administrative Council, a Vice President who shall assist the President in his tasks.

The Vice-President elected in an even-year shall succeed after one year the President at the termination of the latter’s mandate (Vice-President, President-Elect).”
At its meeting held in Brussels on March 24th 2006, the Administrative Council unanimously decided to propose
Prof. Jörg Steinbach

Technical University Berlin (D)
as the sole candidate for this office (curriculum vitae follows).
The candidate has confirmed his willingness to stand for election, and the Administrative Council hereby invites the General Assembly to elect Prof. Steinbach President-Elect.

7 June 2006 On behalf of the President Françoise Côme

Secretary General

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jörg Steinbach

Date and place of birth: May 28th 1956 in Berlin

Status: married to Barbara Steinbach, 3 children

1975 to 1981

Chemistry studies at Technischen Universität Berlin

April 1981 to August 1985

PhD at the Institute of Technische Chemie der Technischen Universität Berlin

September 6th 1985

Academic Degree „Dr.-Ing.“ (summa cum laude)

Thesis: „Investigation of the safety of indirectly cooled semi-batch reactors“

September 1st 1985

Begin of work for Schering AG in Berlin

July 1st 1986

Head of the “Calorimetry and Kinetics Laboratory”

1. January 1st 1988 to October 1st 1990

Head of Section “Chemical Process Safety”

November 1st 1990 to

October 31st 1992

Head of „Pharma Safety and Environmental Protection“ in the Department “Pharma Chemical and Microbiological Development and Production”
Including 4 month in the USA und Mexico

November 1st 1992 to January 31st 1996

Head of „Corporate Plant Safety“ Schering AG

January 20th 1994

Venia legendi “Chemical Engineering”

Thesis: “Theoretical investigations of reaction engineering problems in synthesis optimisation and chemical process safety”

Februar 1st 1996

Full Professor for “Plant and Safety Technology” at the Technischen Universität Berlin

April 1st 1997 to Mach 31st 1999

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Process Engineering (FB 6) at TU Berlin

April 1st 1999 to March 31st 2001

Dean of the Faculty of Process Engineering (FB 6 , later Faculty III) at TU Berlin

April 1st 2001 to June 17th Juli 2002

Dean for Education and Curricula Development (Faculty III) at TU Berlin

since June 18th 2002

1st Vice-President of TU Berlin

• Former Member of the Governmental Advisory Board for Process Plant Safety

• Former Board Member of the DECHEMA-Section “Safety Technology “

• Head of the DECHEMA-course „Safe handling of exothermic reactions“

• Member of numerous DECHEMA-working groups

• Chartered Expert according to German § 29a BImSchG

• Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

• CEO of EIQA (European Institute for Quality Assurance)


• Member of the VDI council Berlin/Brandenburg

• Member of SEFI Administrative Council

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