Seeking stakeholder comment on the draft Countryside Stewardship target statements

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Countryside Stewardship draft target statements - stakeholder comment form Nov 2014

Natural England, Somerset, Avon and Wiltshire Area Team

Seeking stakeholder comment on the draft Countryside Stewardship target statements


This form sets out how stakeholders can help ensure the NELMS target statements are as accurate and useful as possible. Target statements will direct how NELMS resources can best be used across England. There are target statements associated with each of the 159 National Character Areas (NCAs) in England – to see how NCAs relate to county boundaries and your local area, see map on last page or go to the interactive maps at

The draft statements have been produced collaboratively by Natural England, Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and English Heritage. Natural England is leading on engagement with stakeholders and this particular invitation to contribute is from Natural England’s Somerset, Avon and Wiltshire Area Team who are responsible for the following NELMS statements (see map of NCAs and county boundaries on last page):
117 Avon Vales

118 Bristol Avon Valleys and Ridges

132 Salisbury Plain and West Wiltshire Downs

133 Blackmoor Vale and Vale of Wardour

140 Yeovil Scarplands

141 Mendip Hills

142 Somerset Levels and Moors

143 Mid Somerset Hills

144 Quantock Hills

146 Vale of Taunton and Quantock Fringes

Natural England is making the above draft statements available to stakeholders for comment in two ways:

  1. Some stakeholders will be emailed the drafts directly.

  2. Anyone can download the drafts off the websites of Local Nature Partnerships working with Natural England’s Somerset, Avon and Wiltshire Area Team:

  • West of England Nature Partnership LNP

  • Link2Nature LNP

  • Somerset LNP

Each statement follows a national template with generic wording and a consistent structure – we are not seeking comments on this template. Drawing on national data, information about the local area has been inserted into the national template to produce a statement specific to each NCA and this information is red in the draft statements – we are seeking comments on this information with help from stakeholders, we need to ensure the local information is accurate and representative of the key features and issues within the NCA.

Please provide reasoning behind your comments. Your explanations will allow us to assess whether the discrepancy you have identified is due to errors/gaps in our data or difference in opinion about the significance/relevance of the issue/feature. Countryside Stewardship is a National scheme with fixed resources so draft statements cannot accommodate features and issues that are of minor importance or irrelevant to the scheme. If you are unsure about what is of key importance or relevance, please make a comment so that we can make a judgement on your behalf.


Please return completed forms by email to Please use a separate form for each draft statement you are commenting on. The deadline for comments is 23rd November 2014.


Thank you for your interest and assistance.


Please provide the contact details of the person completing this form

* Name:


* Organisation (if applicable):


* E-mail:



Please identify which draft statement your comments relate to (please use a separate form for each draft statement):

117 Avon Vales

118 Bristol Avon Valleys and Ridges

132 Salisbury Plain and West Wiltshire Downs

133 Blackmoor Vale and Vale of Wardour

140 Yeovil Scarplands

141 Mendip Hills

142 Somerset Levels and Moors

143 Mid Somerset Hills

144 Quantock Hills

146 Vale of Taunton and Quantock Fringes


Is the information listed under the Priority habitats and Priority Species section of the targeting statement an accurate reflection of the key habitats and species in the NCA?


  • There are two lists for habitats – one identifying key opportunities for maintaining existing areas and another list for key opportunities to restore habitats. If your understanding of what is a key habitat for maintenance or restoration differs to the draft lists, please give your reasoning in the comment box.

  • The species list relates to Section 41 species that are present in the NCA and require ‘bespoke’ management. A list of Section 41 species requiring bespoke management is at the end of this form as well as an explanation of bespoke management. If you have data regarding the presence of a S41 bespoke species missing from the list, please note it here. If you are questioning the presence of a species in the NCA, please explain here.



Not my area of Expertise

3. If not please identify the error(s) and give your reasoning


Is the information listed under the Water Quality and Natural Flood Risk Management section a correct reflection of the key issues in the NCA?



Not my area of Expertise

4. If not please identify the error(s) and give your reasoning


Is the information listed under the Historic Environment section a correct reflection of the key features in the NCA?



Not my area of Expertise

5. If not please identify the error(s) and give your reasoning


Is the information listed under the Woodland section a correct reflection of the key features and opportunities?



Not my area of Expertise

6. If not please identify the error(s) and give your reasoning


Are the opportunities for integrated management detailed in the Multiple Environmental Benefits section a good reflection of the key opportunities in the NCA? If you can suggest particular places in the landscape where they would best apply, please note this below. The opportunities must link to Countryside Stewardship objectives.

8) Are there errors in the statement that are not covered in the above questions?


Thank you for your comments. Please send completed forms to

List of Coutryside Stewardship species requiring bespoke management
For details about species management approaches (bespoke and mosaic), please visit the Natural England website:

Acosmetia caliginosa (Reddish Buff)

Adonis annua ( Pheasants-eye)

Agonopterix atomella (Greenweed Flat-body Moth)

Agonopterix capreolella (Fuscous Flat-body Moth)

Agrotera nemoralis (Beautiful Pearl)

Ajuga chamaepitys ( Ground-pine)

Ajuga pyramidalis ( Pyramidal Bugle)

Alisma gramineum ( Ribbon-leaved Water-plantain)

Amara fusca (Wormwood Moonshiner)

Amiota variegata ( Variegated Fruit-fly)

Anania funebris (White Spotted Sable)

Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris ( A lichen)

Apium repens ( Creeping Marshwort)

Argynnis adippe (High Brown Fritillary)

Artemisia campestris ( Field Wormwood)

Artemisia campestris subsp. maritima ( Field Wormwood)

Aspitates gilvaria subsp. gilvaria (Straw Belle)

Athetis pallustris (Marsh Moth)

Bagous nodulosus ( Flowering Rush Weevil)

Biatorella fossarum ( A lichen)

Bidessus unistriatus (One-grooved Diving Beetle)

Boloria euphrosyne (Pearl-bordered Fritillary)

Boloria selene (Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary)

Bombus subterraneus (Short Haired Bumblebee)

Bombus sylvarum (Shrill Carder Bee - Data currently being sourced)

Brachinus sclopeta (Streaked Bombardier Beetle)

Bracteon argenteolum (Silt Silver-spot)

Bryoria smithii ( A lichen)

Buellia asterella ( Starry Breck-lichen)

Bupleurum rotundifolium ( Thorow-wax)

Burhinus oedicnemus (Stone Curlew)

Byctiscus populi (Poplar Leaf-rolling Weevil)

Caloplaca flavorubescens ( A lichen)

Caloplaca luteoalba ( Orange-Fruited Elm-lichen)

Caloplaca virescens ( A lichen)

Carabus intricatus (Blue Ground Beetle)

Carabus intricatus (Blue Ground Beetle)

Carduelis flavirostris subsp. bensonorum/pipilans (Twite)

Carex depauperata ( Starved Wood-sedge)

Carex ericetorum ( Rare Spring-sedge)

Catapyrenium psoromoides ( Tree Catapyrenium)

Celypha woodiana (Mistletoe Marble CONFIDENTIAL)

Centaurea calcitrapa ( Red Star-thistle)

Centaurea cyanus ( Cornflower)

Chenopodium urbicum ( Upright Goosefoot)

Chenopodium vulvaria ( Stinking Goosefoot)

Chlorita viridula ( leafhopper)

Chrysolina graminis ( Tansy Beetle)

Chrysotoxum octomaculatum (Broken-banded Wasp-hoverfly )

Clinopodium menthifolium ( Wood Calamint)

Clubiona rosserae (Rosser's Sac-spider)

Coincya wrightii ( Lundy Cabbage)

Coleophora hydrolapathella (Water-dock Case-bearer)

Coleophora tricolor (Basil Thyme Case-bearer )

Coleophora vibicella (Large Gold Case-bearer)

Coleophora wockeella (Betony Case-bearer)

Corrigiola litoralis ( Strapwort)

Coscinia cribraria (Speckled Footman)

Crex crex (Corncrake)

Cryptocephalus coryli (Hazel Pot Beetle)

Cryptocephalus decemmaculatus (Ten-spotted Pot Beetle)

Cryptocephalus nitidulus (Shining Pot Beetle)

Cryptocephalus sexpunctatus (Six-spotted Pot Beetle)

Cyclophora pendularia (Dingy Mocha)

Cynoglossum germanicum ( Green Hound`s-tongue)

Cyperus fuscus ( Brown Galingale)

Damasonium alisma ( Starfruit)

Decticus verrucivorus ( Wartbiter)

Dianthus armeria ( Deptford Pink)

Dolomedes plantarius (Fen Raft Spider)

Emberiza calandra subsp. calandra/clanceyi (Corn_Bunting)

Emberiza cirlus (Cirl Bunting)

Epidalea calamita (Natterjack Toad)

Epione vespertaria (Dark Bordered Beauty)

Eresus sandaliatus (Ladybird Spider)

Eryngium campestre ( Field Eryngo)

Euphydryas aurinia (Marsh Fritilary)

Euscelis venosus (Carline Thistle Leafhopper)

Eustroma reticulatum (Netted Carpet Moth)

Filago lutescens ( Red-tipped Cudweed)

Filago pyramidata ( Broad-leaved Cudweed)

Formica exsecta (Narrow Headed Ant)

Galeopsis angustifolia ( Red Hemp-nettle)

Galium tricornutum ( Corn Cleavers)

Gammarus insensibilis ( lagoon sand-shrimp)

Gnorimus nobilis (Noble Chafer)

Gnorimus nobilis* (Noble Chafer)

Gortyna borelii subsp. lunata (Fisher's Estuarine Moth)

Graphoderus zonatus (Spangled Water Beetle)

Grapholita pallifrontana (Liquorice Piercer)

Gryllus campestris ( Field Cricket)

Hadena albimacula (White Spot )

Haganella clathrata (Window Winged Sedge)

Hagenella clathrata (Window Winged Sedge)

Hamearis lucina (Duke of Burgundy)

Heliothis maritima subsp. warneckei (Shoulder-striped clover )

Hydraecia osseola subsp. hucherardi (Marsh Mallow Moth)

Hydroporus rufifrons (Oxbow Diving Beetle)

Iberis amara ( Wild Candytuft)

Idaea dilutaria (Silky Wave)

Idaea ochrata subsp. cantiata (Bright Wave)

Juncus pygmaeus ( Pygmy Rush)

Lebia cyanocephala (Blue Plunderer)

Leersia oryzoides ( Cut-grass)

Leptidea sinapis (Wood White)

Limosa limosa subsp. limosa (Black_tailed_Godwit)

Liparis loeselii ( Fen Orchid)

Lipsothrix ecucullata (Scottish Yellow Splinter)

Lipsothrix errans (Northern Yellow Splinter)

Lipsothrix nervosa (Southern Yellow Splinter)

Lipsothrix nervosa (Southern Yellow Splinter)

Lithostege griseata (Grey Carpet)

Lolium temulentum ( Darnel)

Luzula pallescens (Fen Wood Rush)

Lythrum hyssopifolia ( Grass-poly)

Macrosteles cyane (Pondweed Leafhopper)

Maculinea arion (Large Blue)

Malachius aeneus (Scarlet Malachite Beetle)

Margaritifera margaritifera (Freshwater Pearl Mussel)

Melanapion minimum (Sallow Guest Weevil)

Melanapion minimum (Sallow Guest Weevil)

Melitaea athalia (Heath Fritillary)

Mentha pulegium ( Pennyroyal)

Microthlaspi perfoliatum ( Cotswold Pennycress)

Minoa murinata (Drab Looper)

Myotis bechsteinii (Bechstein`s Bat)

Najas marina ( Holly-leaved Naiad)

Noctua orbona (Lunar Yellow Underwing )

Notioscopus sarcinatus (Swamp Lookout Spider)

Oberea oculata (Eyed Longhorn beetle)

Omphiscola glabra (Mud Snail)

Omphiscola glabra (Mud Snail)

Orobanche picridis (Oxtongue Broomrape)

Orthodontium gracile (Slender Thread-moss)

Orthotrichum pallens (Pale Bristle-moss)

Orthotrichum pumilum (Dwarf Bristle-moss)

Pareulype berberata (Barberry Carpet)

Pelophylax lessonae (Pool Frog)

Philonotis marchica (Bog Apple-moss)

Phyllonorycter sagitella (Scarce Aspen Midget Moth)

Phyllonorycter scabiosella (Surrey Midget Moth)

Physatocheila smreczynskii (Apple Lace-bug)

Phyteuma spicatum ( Spiked Rampion)

Plecotus austriacus (Grey long-eared Bat)

Poecile montanus subsp. kleinschimdti (Willow_Tit)

Pseudocyphellaria aurata ( A lichen)

Psylliodes luridipennis (Lundy Cabbage Flea Beetle)

Pulmonaria obscura ( Suffolk Lungwort)

Pyropteron chrysidiformis (Fiery Clearwing)

Ranunculus arvensis ( Corn Buttercup)

Rheumaptera hastata (Argent and sable)

Rhinolophus ferrumequinum (Greater Horseshoe Bat)

Rhinolophus hipposideros (Lesser Horseshoe Bat)

Rhynchostegium rotundifolium (Round-leaved Feather-moss)

Ribautodelphax imitans (Tall Fescue Planthopper)

Ribautodelphax imitans (Tall Fescue Planthopper)

Salix lapponum ( Downy Willow)

Scandix pecten-veneris ( Shepherds Needle)

Schoenoplectus triqueter ( Annual Knawel)

Sciota hostilis (Scarce Aspen Knot-horn)

Sciurus vulgaris (Red Squirrel)

Scleranthus perennis subsp. prostratus ( Prostrate Perennial Knawel)

Seligeria carniolica (Water Rock-bristle)

Senecio paludosus ( Fen Ragwort)

Shargacucullia lychnitis (Striped Lychnis)

Silene gallica ( Small-flowered Catchfly)

Silene gallica var. anglica ( )

Silene gallica var. anglica ( Small-flowered Catchfly)

Silene gallica var. gallica ( )

Silene otites ( Spanish Catchfly)

Siona lineata (Black-veined Moth)

Sitticus distinguendus (Distinguished Jumper)

Sium latifolium ( Greater Water Parsnip)

Sorbus bristoliensis ( A Whitebeam)

Sorbus eminens s.s. ( a Whitebeam)

Sorbus subcuneata ( A Whitebeam)

Sorbus vexans agg. ( )

Sorbus vexans agg. ( A Whitebeam)

Sorbus vexans s.s. ( )

Sorbus vexans s.s. ( A Whitebeam)

Sorbus wilmottiana ( A Whitebeam)

Sphagnum balticum (Baltic Bog-Moss)

Splachnum vasculosum (Rugged Collar-moss)

Squamarina lentigera ( Scaly Breck-Lichen)

Sterna albifrons (Little_Tern)

Streptopelia turtur (Turtle_Dove)

Syncopacma albipalpella (Slate Sober Moth)

Syncopacma suecicella (Western Sober Moth)

Telaranea nematodes (Irish Threadwort)

Tetrao tetrix subsp. britannicus (Black Grouse)

Thalera fimbrialis (Sussex Emerald)

Thecla betulae (Brown Hairstreak)

Thymelicus acteon (LulworthSkipper)

Toninia physaroides ( A lichen)

Torilis arvensis ( Spreading Hedge Parsley)

Tortula wilsonii (Wilson`s Pottia)

Triops cancriformis (Tadpole Shrimp)

Truncatellina cylindrica (Cylindrical Whorl Snail)

Turritis glabra ( Tower Mustard)

Valerianella rimosa ( Broad-Fruited Corn Salad)

Vanellus vanellus (Lapwing)

Veronica verna ( Spring Speedwell)

Verrucaria xyloxena ( A lichen)

Viola persicifolia ( Fen Violet)

Weissia multicapsularis (A Moss)

Zygodon forsteri (Knothole Moss)

Zygodon gracilis (Nowell`s Limestone Moss)

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