Secure Sockets Layer (ssl) Accelerator Element Manager

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Accelerator Element Manager
The Secure Socket Layer Accelerator Element Manager configures and manages Secure Socket Layer Acceleration/ concentration devices. Provides Secure Socket Layer device events/incidents, inventories and configuration data to Configuration Management Database/Service Support; provides Capacity, Availability, and Performance data to Capacity, Availability, and Performance Manager. It relies on System Management System to configure browsers/Secure Socket Layer software on clients.

The Army reference model for The Army Enterprise Network Operations (NetOps) known as the Army LandWarNet NetOps Architecture (LNA) provides an objective target for how NetOps will be managed across the Army Enterprise Infostructure (AEI).

NETCOM/9th Signal Command has the responsibility to ensure all NetOps products (software, tools, and systems) are compliant to the LNA prior to providing approval for the Army to acquire, field or connect to the Army Enterprise. (NetOps software, tools, and systems are those products (COTS/GOTS) which monitor and manage the networked devices within the Army Enterprise Infostructure. These NetOps products securely manage, operate and maintain the network; they are not the network devices or elements themselves.)

It is essential that each new NetOps product be assessed to verify/validate compliance to the LNA prior to receiving a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) as outlined in AR 25-1, 6-3 “Appropriate architecture to include the LandWarNet NetOps Architecture (LNA), (formerly referred to as the Army Enterprise NetOps Integrated Architecture (AENIA)), and systems design are incorporated into the overall Networthiness process to ensure that new systems or their capabilities will not adversely impact the Army Enterprise Infostructure”.

LNA Compliance generally refers to the measurement of a NetOps product in meeting the Army LNA Key Performance Parameters (KPP’s) and interoperability requirements and standards. The core of the LNA Compliance process is the initial product assessment ‘mapping’ to the LNA Capabilities, the validation of the products functional capabilities and data flow interaction with other LNA Capabilities within the LNA.

It is the intent of the Army that all future NetOps products utilized on the LandWarNet, which monitor and manage the networked devices within the Army Enterprise Infostructure, complies with the LNA prior to being acquired, fielded and integrated.
In an effort to provide Army Organizations and Industry awareness of the LNA Functional and Interoperability Requirements, NETCOM/9th Signal Command developed a Secure Sockets Layer Accelerator Element Manager Compliance Checklist for this LNA capability.
Industry is encouraged to utilize this checklist to perform a “self-assessment” of their NetOps products to ensure compliance with the LNA requirements. Some products may “map” to more than one LNA capability.
It is recommended that Army Requiring Activities utilize this checklist as part of their market research, evaluation and acquisition process of new or enhanced NetOps products to ensure their compliance to the LNA.
After selecting a NetOps product for acquisition, Army Requiring Activities should obtain from the vendor, completed checklist(s) for LNA capabilities to which the selected NetOps product maps. The completed checklist(s) is the vendor’s assessment of their products compliance to the LNA and will be viewed as the vendor’s certification of this NetOps products compliance to the Army LNA functional and interoperability requirements.

Army Requiring Activities should e-mail the vendor completed LNA Compliance Checklist(s) and supporting documentation to the LNA Compliance Team at the earliest possible date. LNA Compliance assessment of NetOps products is time consuming, therefore timely submission of these documents is essential. NetOps products will not be granted a Certificate of Networthiness without an LNA assessment and determination of the products compliance to the Army LandWarNet NetOps Architecture.
LNA Checklist(s) received without access to referenced documentation will be returned and not evaluated.
Note: Vendor completed LNA Compliance Checklists are for NETCOM/9th Signal Command internal use only and any final compliance assessment will not be distributed or returned.

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