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The taxpayers of the community have made a sustained financial commitment for the construction and upkeep of school facilities. To ensure that school facilities can serve those for whom they are intended—both this year and for years to come—littering, defacing, or damaging school property is not tolerated. Students will be required to pay for damages they cause and will be subject to criminal proceedings as well as disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.


For safety purposes, video and audio equipment is used to monitor student behavior, including on buses and in common areas on campus. Students will not be told when the equipment is being used.

The principal will review the video and audio recordings routinely and document student misconduct. Discipline will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.


General Visitors

Parents and others are welcome to visit District schools. For the safety of those within the school and to avoid disruption of instructional time, all visitors must first report to the principal’s office and must comply with all applicable District policies and procedures.

Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time are permitted only with approval of the principal and teacher and only so long as their duration or frequency does not interfere with the delivery of instruction or disrupt the normal school environment.

All visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct; disruptive behavior will not be permitted.

Visitors Participating in Special Programs for Students

On High School Career Day and College Fair Day, the District invites representatives from colleges and universities and other higher education institutions, prospective employers, and military recruiters to present information to interested students.


A student under 18 may be withdrawn from school only by a parent. The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared. The parent may obtain a withdrawal form from the principal’s office.

On the student’s last day, the withdrawal form must be presented to each teacher for current grade averages and book and equipment clearance; to the librarian to ensure a clear library record; to the clinic for health records; to the counselor for the last report card and course clearance; and finally, to the principal. A copy of the withdrawal form will be given to the student, and a copy will be placed in the student’s permanent record.

A student who is 18 or older, who is married, or who has been declared by a court to be an emancipated minor may withdraw without parental signature.


Weatherford High School had an exemption policy based on attendance, grades, and TAKS scores. This policy will affect final exams in both semesters of the school year. Each semester stands on its own. The principal’s decision regarding a student’s exemption eligibility is final. We have two types of exemptions that students may earn.

Tradition Exemptions (4 Maximum)

In order to exempt a class the following grades and number of absences must be met:

  • A numerical grade of 70 to 79 with one absence

  • A numerical grade of 80 to 84 with two absences

  • A numerical grade of 85 to 89 with three absences

  • A numerical grade of 90 or above with 4 absences and also:

  1. Each class will stand alone

  1. Three tardies in a class will equal one absence for exemption purposes

  1. An AC assignment (ISS), an out-of-school suspension (OSS), or a Bridge placement in a semester will nullify exemptions for that semester ONLY.

  1. A student with outstanding fines will not be allowed exemptions until the fines are clear.

Additional Exemptions (2-4 Maximum)

A student meeting the standard on grade-level TAKS/EOC can be exempted from the class which corresponds with the test provided that the student has a 70 average or above for the semester grade in said class and no more than 4 absences in that class and also:

  1. Each class will stand alone

  1. Three tardies in a class will equal one absence for exemption purposes

  1. An out-of-school suspension (OSS), or a Bridge placement in a semester will nullify exemptions for that semester ONLY.

  1. A student with outstanding fines will not be allowed exemptions until the fines are clear.

  1. In the fall, students in grade 10 can only gain a maximum of two additional exemptions from this policy. If a student did not take any TAKS/EOC tests, that student is not eligible to gain additional exemptions.


Accelerated instruction is an intensive supplemental program designed to address the needs of an individual student in acquiring the knowledge and skills required at his or her grade level and/or as a result of a student not meeting the passing standard on a state-mandated assessment.

ACT refers to one of the two most frequently used college or university admissions exams: the American College Test. The test may be a requirement for admission to certain colleges or universities.

ARD is the admission, review, and dismissal committee convened for each student who is identified as needing a full and individual evaluation for special education services. The eligible student and his or her parents are members of the committee.

Attendance review committee is responsible for reviewing a student’s absences when the student’s attendance drops below 90 percent, or in some cases 75 percent, of the days the class is offered. Under guidelines adopted by the board, the committee will determine whether there were extenuating circumstances for the absences and whether the student needs to complete certain conditions to master the course and regain credit lost because of absences.

DAEP stands for disciplinary alternative education program, a placement for students who have violated certain provisions of the Student Code of Conduct.

EOC assessments are end-of-course tests, which are state-mandated, and are part of the STAAR program. Successful performance on EOC assessments will be required for graduation beginning with students in grade 9 during the 2011–2012 school year. These exams will be given in English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World Geography, World History, and United States History.

FERPA refers to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that grants specific privacy protections to student records. The law contains certain exceptions, such as for directory information, unless a student’s parent or a student 18 or older directs the school not to release directory information.

IEP is the written record of the individualized education program prepared by the ARD committee for a student with disabilities who is eligible for special education services. The IEP contains several parts, such as a statement of the student’s present educational performance; a statement of measurable annual goals, with short-term objectives; the special education and related services and supplemental aids and services to be provided, and program modifications or support by school personnel; a statement regarding how the student’s progress will be measured and how the parents will be kept informed; accommodations for state or districtwide tests; whether successful completion of state-mandated assessments is required for graduation, etc.

ISS refers to in-school suspension, a disciplinary technique for misconduct found in the Student Code of Conduct. Although different from out-of-school suspension and placement in a DAEP, ISS removes the student from the regular classroom.

NCLB Act is the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

PGP stands for Personal Graduation Plan , which is recommended for all students entering grade 9 and is required by state law for any student in middle school or higher who fails a section on a state-mandated test or is identified by the District as not likely to earn a high school diploma before the fifth school year after he or she begins grade 9.

SAT refers to one of the two most frequently used college or university admissions exams: the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test may be a requirement for admissions to certain colleges or universities.

SHAC stands for School Health Advisory Council, a group of at least five members, a majority of whom must be parents, appointed by the school board to assist the District in ensuring that local community values and health issues are reflected in the District’s health education instruction.

Section 504 is the federal law that prohibits discrimination against a student with a disability, requiring schools to provide opportunities for equal services, programs, and participation in activities. Unless the student is determined to be eligible for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), general education with appropriate instructional accommodations will be provided.

STAAR is the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, the state’s system of standardized academic achievement assessments, effective beginning with certain students for the 2011–2012 school year.

STAAR Alternate is an alternative state-mandated assessment designed for students with severe cognitive disabilities receiving special education services who meet the participation requirements, as determined by the student’s ARD committee.

STAAR Modified is an alternative state-mandated assessment based on modified achievement standards that is administered to eligible students receiving special education services, as determined by the student’s ARD committee.

STAAR Linguistically Accommodated (STAAR L) is an alternative state-mandated assessment with linguistic accommodations designed for certain recent immigrant English language learners.

State-mandated assessments are required of students at certain grade levels and in specified subjects. Successful performance sometimes is a condition of promotion, and passing the grade 11 exit-level test or end-of-course assessments, when applicable, is a condition of graduation. Students have multiple opportunities to take the tests if necessary for promotion or graduation.

Student Code of Conduct is developed with the advice of the District-level committee and adopted by the Board and identifies the circumstances, consistent with law, when a student may be removed from the classroom or campus. It also sets out the conditions that authorize or require the principal or another administrator to place the student in a DAEP. It outlines conditions for out-of-school suspension and for expulsion. The Student Code of Conduct also addresses notice to the parent regarding a student’s violation of one of its provisions.

TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, the state’s standardized achievement test currently given to students in certain subjects in grade 11 and is required for graduation for these students. A student in grade 12 who has not yet met the passing standard on this assessment will have the opportunities to retake the assessment.

TELPAS stands for the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System, which assesses the progress that English language learners make in learning the English language, and is administered for those who meet the participation requirements in kindergarten–grade 12.

TxVSN is the Texas Virtual School Network, which provides online courses for Texas students to supplement the instructional programs of public school districts. Courses are taught by qualified instructors, and courses are equivalent in rigor and scope to a course taught in a traditional classroom setting.

UIL refers to the University Interscholastic League, the statewide voluntary nonprofit organization that oversees educational extracurricular academic, athletic, and music contests.

Weatherford High School



Per 1 8:15-9:00

Per 2 9:06-9:54

Per 3 10:00-10:45

Per 4 10:51- 11:36

Per 5 11:42-1:12* Lunch Periods A, B, C

A Lunch 11:36-12:08

Class time: 12:13-1:12

B Lunch 12:08-12:40

Class time: 11:41-12:08/12:45-1:12

C Lunch 12:40-1:12

Class time: 11:42-12:40

Per 6 1:18-2:03

Per 7 2:09-2:54

Per 8 3:00-3:45

Tuesday and Thursday (A-Day)

Per 1 8:15 – 9:13

Per 2 9:20-10:56

Per 4 11:03-1:03* Lunch Periods A, B, C, D

A Lunch 10:56-11:28

Class 11:33-1:03

B Lunch 11:28-11:58

Class 11:03-11:28/ 12:03-1:03

C Lunch 11:58-12:28

Class 11:03-11:58/ 12:33-1:03

D Lunch 12:28-1:03

Class 11:03-12:28

Per 6 1:10-2:40

Per 8 2:47-3:45

Wednesday (B-Day)

Per 1 8:15 – 9:13

Per 3 9:20-10:56

Per 5 11:03-1:03* Lunch Periods A, B, C, D

A Lunch 10:56-11:28

Class 11:33-1:03

B Lunch 11:28-11:58

Class 11:03-11:28/ 12:03-1:03

C Lunch 11:58-12:28

Class 11:03-11:58/ 12:33-1:03

D Lunch 12:28-1:03

Class 11:03-12:28

Per 7 1:10-2:40

Per 8 2:47-3:45

Friday (B-Day)

Per 1 8:15-9:03

Homeroom 9:08-9:36

Per 3 9:43-11:13

Per 5 11:20-1:13* Lunch Periods A, B, C, D

A Lunch 11:13 – 11:43 a.m.

Class 11:48* – 1:20 p.m.

B Lunch 11:43 – 12:13 p.m.

Class 11:20 – 11:43 & 12:18* – 1:20

C Lunch 12:13 – 12:43 p.m.

Class 11:20 – 12:13 & 12:48* – 1:20

D Lunch 12:43 – 1:13 p.m.

Class 11:03 – 12:43

Per 7 1:20-2:50

Per 8 2:57-3:45

Ninth Grade Center



Per 1 8:15-9:00

Per 2 9:06-9:54

Per 3 10:00-10:45

Per 4 10:51- 11:36

Per 5 11:42-1:12* Lunch Periods A & B

A Lunch 11:42-12:21

Class time: 12:21-1:12

B Lunch 12:33-1:12

Class time: 11:42-12:33

Per 6 1:18-2:03

Per 7 2:09-2:54

Per 8 3:00-3:45

Tuesday - Friday (Tuesday/Thursday are A-Days; Wednesday/Friday are B-Days)

Per 1 8:15 – 9:10

Per 2 9:17-10:50

Per 4 10:57-1:06* Lunch Periods A & B

A Lunch 10:57-11:36

Class 11:36-1:06

D Lunch 12:27-1:06

Class 10:57-12:27

Per 6 1:13-2:43

Per 8 2:50-3:45

Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees

Charlie Martinez, President Kip Hooks

Paul Paschall, Vice President Ashley Conlon

Gail Wirtanen, Secretary Jeff Geyer

Dave Cowley

Weatherford ISD Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Jeffrey Hanks 598-2808

Weatherford High School Faculty and Staff

2121 Bethel Road

Weatherford, TX 76087

817-598-2858 main switchboard

817-598-2881 FAX

Principal Mrs. Lynn Pool 598-2858

Assistant Principals RJ Rodrigue (A-G) 598-2889 Tammy Addison (P-Z) 598-2885

Todd Jones (H-O) 598-2898

Special Programs Administrator Donna Schoonover 598-2858

Career and Technology Director John Allison X 3524

Career and Technology Program Specialist Lori Lindsey X 3526

Counselors Pat Hartnett (A-G) X 3520

Jenny Scott (P-Z) X 3519

Courtney Trammell (H-O) X 3521

Athletic Director Richard Scoggin X 3523

Librarian Kara Hardin X 3530

X 3501

Nurse Chris Brownlee X 3510

Diagnosticians Tara Jones X 3506

Blessing Wright

Testing Coordinator Kendra Nelson X 3532

Cafeteria Director Jerri Kilgore X 3515

Campus Resource Officer Todd Raymond X 3507

Office Personnel

Secretary Suzy Pine X 3502

Receptionist Peggy Vance X 3500

Attendance Secretary Karen Pritchard X 3503

Leigh Ann Watkins X 3503

Data Secretary Gail Smith X 3514

Counselor Secretary Jane Lawrence X 3512

Administrative Secretary Lisa May X 3513

Registrar Shirley Olds X 3527

Athletic Secretary Pam Holmes X 3522



Clif Tramel * Debbie Maples Claire Varnon

Ashley Healey Staci Tharp Andrea Folse

Christine Goss Suzanne Maulsby Shannon Houchin

Angela Sweeney Jesse James Jaclyn Justice

Gayle Niedermayer


Alan Roemer * Ray Hass Mike Ladley

Tim Duggin Tom Stevenson Jerrod Hagains

Scott Hutchings John Cerda Megan Whitcamp

Casey Smith Lauren Reed Amy Cribbs

Darryn Shearmire


Nicole Comstock * Elizabeth Calhoun Cheryl Morton

Eric Hibbetts Ty Comstock Jamie Tharp

Brookes Ann Miller Brad Wilson Mike Garofalo

Meagan Loveland Christi Adley TBA


Terry Ferguson * Natalie Wayman J.B. Banks

Tyler Kernan Tim O’Brien Patricia Nunn

Roger Grizzard Todd Werts Leslee Barnes

Paul Gray Terry Massey


Sheryl Bradford Lesley Cathey Larry McBroom

Jimmy Glenn Stephanie Nelson


Susan Yarbrough * Jeanine Grizzard Debbie Gauthier

Suzanne Needham Kim Hock Jennifer Shifflett

Brandi Gilley Lori Massey Joyce Smith

Steve Yadon Diana Ulrickson Bobby Fisher


Dottie Doster Beverly Purdy

Keeley McLarty Debra Wood

David Barclay


Allison Haygood Rebecca Harris Laura Duck

James Buckner Diane Bolinger Rebecca Harris

Angela Arthurs Brian Gill


Jodi Tolleson * Michal Sweeney Lee Geffert

Jennifer Pool Randy Hardin Bobby Moreno

Cathy Beesley Chuck Fredrikson Danna Farmer

Patricia Hoffman Aaron Baker Barbara Carswell

Steven Trainer Amber Jennings Amanda Burleson

Jeff Gmitro


Reid Waller (FB) Terry Ferguson (BBB) Jamie Tharp (PL)

Stephanie Nelson (TR) Tyler Kernan (GS) Ty Comstock (SB)

Debra Wood (CC,TRK) Jimmy Glenn (TR) Terry Massey (BB)

Mason Kuettel (VB) Mike Dunsworth (GOLF) Lee Geffert (FB,BB)

Efren Martinez (BS) Darryn Shearmire (GBB) Read Sanders (WREST.)

Joyce Cole (GYM.) Natalie Wayman (VB) Jamie Tharp (PWL)

Kimberly Hock (CHR)


Laurentia Koulermos Will Barber Anne Alpuerto

Susan Smith Billy Duncan Cris Powell

Aileen Akbar Christy Smith Diana Davis

Reca Moran Braxton Rife


Mike Trierweiler TBA

*Denotes Department Chairperson



1007 South Main Street

Weatherford, TX 76086


Fax 817-598-2928

Associate Principal Mrs. Kristy Dowd X 3709

Assistant Principals Bodie Stark X 3708

Holly Prescott X 3707

Counselor Denise Thatcher X 3702

Nurse Sheila Carter X 3710

Librarian Sarah Altom X 3701

Diagnostician Blessing Wright X3727

Special Programs Stefanie Cassels X3724

Office Personnel

Secretary-Principal Sharon Mitchell X 3700

Attendance Clerk Erika Freeberg X 3706

Registrar Lisa Tanco X 3703

Secretary-Assistant Principals Dianne Taulbee X 3705

Cafeteria Manager Joy Westbrook X 3715



Kim Murphy * Twyla Church Darla Miles

Ashley Hill Anthony Sowe


Hillary Mancuso* Jessica Newkirk Kelly Wilson Cindy Hitt Mason Kuettel Amanda Gill


Linda Bourland * Karla Taylor Kindal Rector

Dustin Adams Dyane Ritter


Becky Shoemaker * Clint Coffman Natalie Hansen

Matthew Holder Nichole Gray


Kristen Martinez* Miriam Braby Efren Martinez


Linda Williams* Austin Rose Paula Ard Brian Gill James Buckner Allison Haygood


Jason Lee Keri Fleming Read Sanders


Jane Gregory Cody Dotson Kenneth Kemp


Dwayne Smith * Kim Brown Kay Cole TBA Tabitha Bleeker


Dustin Adams Clint Coffman Nicole Gray Ashley Hill Mason Kuettel Jason Lee Efren Martinez Read Sanders Anthony Sowe Jessica Newkirk Kelly Wilson


Anthony Sowe


Kelly Ross Kelly Wilson Renita Ramirez

Jessica Page Jim Zimmermann Bryan Hill

* Denotes Department Chairperson

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