Second Year Teacher Time Allowance application

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Second Year Teacher Time Allowance application

The Second Year Teacher Time Allowance is available to boards employing New Zealand or overseas trained year two teachers within their first 24 months of teaching. The allowance is available for a maximum of 12 months.
For the school to receive a Second Year Teacher Time Allowance, the employed teacher must meet all the following criteria:

  • have completed less than 24 months teaching

  • be fully employed from within the school’s staffing entitlement, ie Teachers’ Salaries

  • be employed full-time, ie 1.00 full-time teacher equivalent (FTTE)

  • be appointed to a position for a minimum of 10 weeks/1 term

  • have completed a course of teacher training, or NZQA equivalent, recognised by the Secretary for Education.

For further information, please refer to

Send to the Resourcing Contact Centre:

Postal address: PO Box 1666, Wellington 6011

Fax: (04) 463 8374


School details

School name:

School number:

Contact details (email or phone):

Teacher details

Teacher’s name:

IRD number:


MOE number:

(If known otherwise leave blank.)

Education and employment


 LTR Long-term Reliever

 PER Permanent

Start date:

_____ / ______ / ________

End date (if teacher is a LTR):

_____ / ______ / ________

FTTE status:

1.00 if full time; decimal equivalent if part-time.

Previous teaching experience

Write nil if this is the teacher’s first teaching experience


Start date

End date


Beginning Teacher Time Allowance Used?


This section needs to be completed by the principal.

I certify that the above-named teacher meets the criteria outlined on Page 1 of this application. Should the employed teacher become ineligible at any stage, the allowance will be removed and backdated to the date at which the teacher became ineligible. The Second year Teacher Time Allowance approved will be used to support the second year teacher’s professional advice and guidance programmes.

Principal’s name:


Principal’s signature:

Ministry of Education Use Only

___ / ___ / ___ to ___ / ___ / ___

0.10 FTTE / 0.20 FTTE

Approved / Declined




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Second year Teacher Time Allowance

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