Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule improves condition of mucous membranes of patients with Sjögren`s syndrome

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Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule improves condition of mucous membranes of patients with Sjögren`s syndrome
Sjogren’s Syndrome

Problems in mucous membranes are the central symptoms of Sjögren`s syndrome (SS).Patients suffer from dryness, itching, pain and inflammation in mucosa in the mouth, eyes, and nose and often in the genital tract as well.
Ageing and medication often worsen SS symptoms. Since there is no effective medical treatment for SS, it is important to look for possible solution for the management of the disease through nutritional supplementation.
Improvement by Sea Buckthorn Oil capsules indicated in previous research

Sea buckthorn oil has been reported to have beneficial effects on the health of gastric mucosa in oral applications and genital tract mucosa in topical applications. In previous small-scale pilot studies, orally taken Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule improved dry mouth conditions of some SS patients and reduced inflammation in the vagina of postmenopausal women.
New study on Sea Buckthorn Oil

A double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study was carried out at the Gynecology Center of Turku, Finland. 25 female Sjögren`s syndrome patients of age 37-66 (average age 52.2) were recruited through the Finnish Sjögren`s Syndrome Association. Thirteen of the patients were postmenopausal. In the study, the patients took randomly capsules of either of Sea Buckthorn Oil or fractionated coconut oil (as placebo), six capsules (3.0 g oil) per day, each in a three month period. The first period of three months followed by a second period of three months with an equal amount of the other product taken. typical symptoms, (see figure).

This clinical study demonstrated clear beneficial effects of Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules on conditions of genital tract mucosaall typical symptoms, itching, burning, pain, liquid secretion and dryness in the genital tract mucosa were improved (see figure).

The results of the first three months of the study indicated also positive effects of Sea Buckthorn Oil on typical symptoms of Sjögren`s syndrome including dry mouth, dry eyes, fatigue, joint pain, pale finger, and atopic skin.


Summary of scores of improvement in different symptoms of genital tract mucosa after use of

Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsule and the placebo. For each patient, a score of +1 was given to each improved symptom, -1 for each worsened symptom, and 0 for unchanged symptom


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