Scope of Work Agreement

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Jericho Road Volunteer and Nonprofit Client

Scope of Work Agreement

Dear Jericho Road Volunteer and Client,

Congratulations on agreeing to collaborate! The first and important step in your collaboration is to articulate your project’s scope together. This process will help you think in very specific terms about what you want to accomplish, how long it will take, who will be involved and what each side’s role and responsibilities are. Agreeing together on the scope of work will help avoid any misunderstandings and help you both complete your collaboration successfully.

Name of Client organization:


Name of organization’s contact for this collaboration:

Name of Jericho Road volunteer:

Contact Phone/email:

Volunteer phone/email

Detailed description of final product/deliverable (for example, strategic business plan, new website, logo design, etc.)

Please provide a detailed list of what the nonprofit will be responsible for as part of this project.

Please provide a detailed list of what the volunteer will be responsible for and final deliverable to the nonprofit

Please include approximate project timeline with milestones if possible:

What will be the impact of the product/deliverable on the client organization?

(To be filled out by the client/NPO)


(Volunteer only) What do you hope to get out of this collaboration?


It is understood that the Jericho Road volunteer has read and will follow the attached Jericho Road Lawrence Code of Conduct

Thank you for completing the scope document. Please email to Joan Kulash, Jericho Road Lawrence, at Feel free to call with any questions or comments. (978-604-8803)
Jericho Road Lawrence is committed to the highest ethical performance from both our volunteers and members by adhering to the following Code of Conduct.
No Jericho Road Lawrence member or volunteer shall

  • Disclose available confidential information relating to Jericho Road Lawrence clients without the express authorization of the client.

  • Knowingly use any confidential information relating to Jericho Road Lawrence clients to the disadvantage of our clients or Jericho Road Lawrence.

  • Knowingly take any action or make any statements intended to influence the conduct of Jericho Road Lawrence or our clients in such a way as to gain financial benefit on any person, corporation or entity in which the individual has a significant interest or affiliation.

  • Publicly utilize any affiliation with Jericho Road Lawrence or our clients in connection with the promotion of partisan politics, religious matters, or positions on any issue not in conformity with the mission and guidelines of Jericho Road Lawrence or our clients.

  • Operate or act in any manner that is contrary to the best interests of our clients or Jericho Road Lawrence.

In the event that the volunteer’s or member’s obligation to operate in the best interests of Jericho Road Lawrence or it clients conflicts with the interests of any organization in which the individual has a financial interest or affiliation, the individual shall disclose such conflict to Jericho Road Lawrence upon becoming aware of it, shall absent himself or herself from the room during deliberations on the matter, and shall refrain from participating n any decisions or voting in connection with the matter. 978-604-8803

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