Scissor sisters ‘only the horses’ single release date – 13th may

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New York’s finest, Scissor Sisters return in style with their new single ‘Only The Horses’ on May 13th.
The euphoric single, written by Scissor Sisters and co-produced by Calvin Harris and Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) is a typically exuberant way for the band to herald their return.
Singer and songwriter Jake Shears considers this a quintessential party anthem. "I wrote it for one of my best friends," he explains. "We had so many amazing adventures this past year travelling the world. It's about being friends with someone you're so happy to know."
‘Only The Horses’ is taken from Scissor Sisters fourth album ‘Magic Hour’ which is released on May 28th. “It’s a sweet joyful mélange of beat-driven future-pop,” says Jake Shears of the album. “It style-hops all over the place unabashedly.”
For ‘Magic Hour,’ the band worked with a diverse list of collaborators, such as Pharrell Williams, Diplo and Azealia Banks.
Since their debut release in 2004 Scissor Sisters have sold over 4.5 million albums in the UK. The albums ‘Scissor Sisters’ and ‘Ta-Dah’ both hit #1 whilst ‘Night Work’ reached #2.
Scissor Sisters will be back on stage in the UK this May for shows at Shepherds Bush Empire on 16th and 17th May. The band will preview songs from the new album as well tracks from their previous albums.
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