Science Fair 2013 Report to aiaa utah Section Elementary School Division

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Science Fair 2013 Report to AIAA Utah Section
Elementary School Division

The Utah Section of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics gave a $25 award to an outstanding project related to aviation and space to one elementary student. This year’s winner is William Patton of Hawthorne Elementary School for his project Up, Up, and Away. His project related the effect of wing shape on airplane lift. We at AIAA recognized him for his in-depth knowledge of the Bernoulli principle governing lift, his excellent visual display, his thorough research, and his recognition of his experiment’s limitations and plans for improvement. An honorable mention certificate goes to Clayton Kirk of East Midvale Elementary School for his project Clayton’s Meteorite and Impact Craters. We were impressed by the originality of his project, his creative experimental technique, and the thoroughness of his literature search.


The awards for the high school and Junior High Division are as follows:

The overall winner is Patrick Chin of West High School. His project is Analysis and Simulation of Missile Interception. These techniques are used not only in missile defense systems but also by the police and by robotic engineers. The problem is complicated by the fact that the object being tracked is constantly changing direction and requires advanced numerical methods such as Euler and Runge-Kutta finite difference equations. He evaluated the efficiency of these alternative solutions using a Java program which he developed.

The second place winner is Cassandra Ivie of Entheos Academy in Kearns, Utah.

She redesigned and built an educational tool used to measure velocity. We were impressed by her three design iterations to improve accuracy, reduce cost, and improve display capability.

Honorable mention goes to Zarina Ivanovic of Salt Lake Center for Science Education for her project Coffee Biodiesel. We recognized her for her ability to take a product, coffee grounds which Starbucks throws away, and through Chemical Engineering make a product suitable for diesel fuels which can potentially used is airplanes. We were also impressed with her study of available coffee supplies.

Teacher Awards

The outstanding teacher in each category received a $50 cash award and a laser pointer. The student who nominated the teacher received a toy gyroscope.


The outstanding elementary teacher award goes to Mrs. Ellie Ferrero of Liberty Elementary School in Murray. She was nominated by Katie Cook.

Her creative teaching methods include rubbing balloons on student’s heads to teach about electric charges and use of hand movements and stretches to teach about the earth and erosion. She involves ALL students in her class in the teaching process and illustrates the scientific method by different approaches. She takes time outside of class to help students with their individual Science Fair project.

JUNIOR HIGH (Grades 7-8)

The outstanding junior high teacher is Mr. Craig Hollinger of American Preparatory Academy, Draper Campus. He was nominated by Gracie Enniss.

Among his creative methods to “Cram their young juicy brains with knowledge so they can become young, science ninjas” is his use of choral response. He guides the students through their projects for the Science Fair in a systematic way, making sure they understand the scientific method. Mr. Hollinger is also a judge at the Science Fair, but not for his students, asking questions and giving tips and encouragement.

We give an honorable mention certificate to Mr. Paul Chung of McGillis School because six students from this small school were selected to represent McGillis at the District Fair and four moved on to the next level; quite and achievement for the first year McGillis participated in Science Fairs.. More than one student letter wrote a letter recommending Mr. Chung but the one by Robin Young was the best.

The outstanding high school student is Mrs. Diane Crim of the Salt Lake Center for Science Education . She was recommended by many students but the email we received came from Hannah Harper Hanson.

Mrs. Crim designed and teaches a statistics class that includes a strenuous hike to a research center in the Goshute Mountains of Nevada where students collect data on raptors to be analyzed later in the classroom. She taught students how to use advanced statistical methods to analyze scientific data. She also helps underrepresented students to make sure they get through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) courses.

We give honorable mention to Mrs. Jami Smith of Hillcrest High School. She was nominated by Naveen Rathi.

She makes every student “undergo the scientific method through real life, informational labs that include raising brine shrimp, examining qualities of sharks and squids, and viewing qualities of Mollusca shells under a dissecting microscope.” She critiques many student Science Fair projects and makes them aware of scientific opportunities outside the classroom.

Weber/Davis Science Fair Report”

  • 04 Feb 2013 - Project mentoring at Mount Ogden Jr. High with two of Macie Wolfe’s brightest science fair students. Louise Henrie (NG), Tyler Gentry (NG), and John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)

  • 21 Feb 2013 – Mount Ogden Jr High Science and Engineering Fair. John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)

  • 04 March 2013 – Davis County Science and Engineering Fair. Amanda Snyder (NG/WSU) and John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)

  • 05 March 2013 – Syracuse Arts Academy Science and Engineering Fair. Dr. John Campbell (NG)

  • 18 March 2013 – Ritchey Science and Engineering Junior Fair. Dr. John Campbell (NG) and John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)

  • 19 March 2013 - Ritchey Science and Engineering Senior Fair, ISEF Judging. Dr. John Campbell (NG), Louise Henrie (NG), Wolfgang Schlagel (Boeing), David Bernesser (L3), John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)26 March 2013 – ISEF project mentoring. John Metcalf (NG/AIAA)

Email sent out to ICBM employees

From: ICBM Systems Communications
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:34 PM
Subject: Call for Science and Engineering Fair judges
Scientists and Engineers –
The 2013 Science and Engineering Fair season is already underway! Did you know that there are different criteria for a science project vs and engineering project? Competent and non-biased judges are always needed especially for the District and Regional fairs where projects competing to go to International Science and Engineering Fair.
If you can take half a day to support any of these fairs please contact me for more information.
John Metcalf


Science Fair Dates

Weber District SEF: 2/11-12 (Jr.=11, Sr.=12)

Mt. Ogden JHS SEF: Monday 2/21. Check in at office at 1:30 PM

DaVinci SEF: Tuesday 2/26

Cache County District SEF: Friday 3/1-2

Davis District SEF: Davis Conference Center, Monday 3/4

Syracuse Arts Academy: 3/4-7

Ritchey Regional SEF: WSU Dee Events Center 3/18-19

Central Utah SEF: 3/18-21

Salt Lake Valley Regional SEF: UofU Rice Eccles Stadium 3/20-22

Southern Utah SEF: 3/22

International Science and Engineering Fair: 5/12-17

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