School-Age Program scooter board activities

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School-Age Program



  • To promote bilateral upper limb movement

  • To improve head, back and abdominal strength

  • To improve shoulder and pelvic girdle stability

  • To improve symmetry of posture

Things to watch for:

  • If the child is using one side of the body more than the other

  • If the child is veering off to one side of the scooter board

Try to reposition the child and encourage symmetrical movement. At first, the child may tire easily but grade the activity to the child’s ability and progress as the child’s tolerance increases.
Position: Child on stomach

Aim: Keep legs straight and head up using both hands

First activity:

Second activity:

  • An adult holds the end of a broom handle and child holds onto the middle- the child is pulled forward, in circles, pushed backwards

  • Push and pull child smoothly but unpredictably, not jerkily

Third activity:

  • An adult holds onto one end of a hula hoop and the child holds the other- the child is pulled forward and in circles.

  • Push and pull child smoothly but unpredictably, not jerkily

Fourth activity:

  • Child self propels forward, backwards and in circles

Repeat the above activities in the following positions provided that the child can stay on the scooter board safely.

  • Cross leg sitting

  • Squat kneel sitting

  • Kneel sitting

  • Lying on back with head and knees tucked to chest

General Scooter board activities:
Lying on tummy:

  1. Push off from wall using only feet and hands. See who goes the farthest. Perform activity seated, lying on stomach, lying on back, going forward and backwards.

  1. Pull self along floor using both hands. Pull self along floor using reciprocal pulling (right hand, then left hand).

  1. Spin self in a circle.

  1. Push off from the wall with two feet and coast between 2 pylons without touching them. Repeat with your eyes closed.

  1. An obstacle course can be set up where the child has to veer right, left, go around in circles or figure eights.

Sitting on the scooter board:

  1. Sitting with legs crossed on the scooter board, pull with both arms along the floor, then alternate your arms. Repeat when sitting on your knees.

  1. Sitting on the scooter board, pull self with both legs. Repeat by pulling with legs reciprocally (right leg, then left leg).

  1. Sitting with legs crossed on the scooter, spin self in a circle. Go in one direction and then the other.

  1. Sit on right knee, push self across the floor with your right foot. Repeat with opposite leg.

  1. Play “scooter soccer” by playing soccer while sitting on scooter boards. This activity promotes balance, abdominal strength and motor planning.

July 2004

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