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Save Options in Google Earth
Save to My Places: This is generally not used when developing your own project. When opening any downlo9aded Google Earth file, by default it opens in the Temporary Places section at the bottom of the Places portions of Google Earth’s Side Bar. The purpose of this Save option is to give users an opportunity to decide whether they want that file to be kept available within the Google Earth My Places section of the Side Bar or not. Essentially, this gives users the option of saving a file “inside” Google Earth, or saving it externally on their hard drive.
Save Places As…This option allows the saving of a Google Lit Trip to any location external to the Google Earth application. Once a file is saved external to Google Earth it can then be emailed, burned to CD to be transferred via any of the normal file transfer methods.
When choosing this option it is critical to have selected the main folder of the project you have created. This way you will save the folder and all of its contents. If you have one element of a project selected such as a single place mark or one of your ”sub-folders” then only that selected item will be saved.
Using this option, there is a choice of two file formats. The first is as a .kmz file, the second is as a .kml; file. The difference is that .kmz files are “zipped.” In truth, unless you are including elements that do not exist on the internet such as photos that actually live on your hard drive, either format will work fine.
I again suggest that including images or other elements such as videos that do not live on the internet is risky and dramatically increase the size of your file possibly making then too large to transfer via email.
Save My Places: This option simply insures that changes made anywhere in the My Places section of the Side Bar will be saved withing Google Earth.
Same Image…This option saves an image of the 3Dsection of the Google Earth viewer. Since Google Lit Trips are always viewed on the Internet, this function or any simple screen capture process will save images of sufficient quality.

Basics of Building a Google Lit Trip

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