Save the date! St. Thecla Texas Hold’em Fundraiser

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St. Thecla Texas Hold’em Fundraiser

Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 6pm in St. Thecla Falcon Hall

$50 advance ticket purchase

$60 at the door (cash only)

Price includes: tournament fee, food and 3 drink tickets
First hand dealt promptly at 7pm!

Must be 21 to play!

Please contact Dylan Farmer @ 773-983-2753 or Frank Fay @ 773-562-3520

for information and ticket sales.

Advance purchase order form
Name: ___________________________________________________________


# of players:_______________ @ $50/person.
Total amount enclosed: _______________________ (due by Feb. 15)
Make checks payable to:

St. Thecla School

Mail payment to:

St. Thecla School

6323 N. Newcastle

Chicago, IL 60631

c/o Dylan Farmer or Frank Fay

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