Sauturday, december 18, 2010 Healing Jazz

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Sauturday, december 18, 2010

Healing Jazz

Martin Fabricius & Chris Lavender: The speed of why (Gateway)

If you, like I, where totally blown away by vibraphone player Martin Fabricius' album When Sharks Bite, you will not find it difficult to like The Speed of Why. Yet it's different. On this album, Martin is collaborating with an old college friend of his from Berklee College of Music, where they both studied in the early nineties. Back then, Chris Lavender like Martin Fabricius, played the vibraphone. These days Lavender is playing touch-guitar, a mix between a bass and a guitar. The instrument however is played more like a piano. Besides that, the music has a bit of discreet percussion added.
Fabricius has a special ability to convey the essence of a melody. He creates simple, calm melodies that wrap around your body, go into your head where they plant the same sense of peace that is found in the music. The music's soundtrack-like qualities helps to heighten and support emotions. If I where a film director, then... !
The touch-guitar is a unusual instrument which sounds somewhere between a harpsichord and a thumbed bass. Luckily the sound is a lot less bizare than I have described here. The touch-guitar could have easily been merely used as a gimmick instrument. However, Lavender is in such good musical connection with Fabricius that he supports Fabricius' quite other worldly vibraphone playing.
It is a healing and beautiful album that can be recommended for a quiet cup of coffee while you sit and stare out the window and let the clouds drift by.

Written by Niels Overgård,

Translated by Martin Fabricius

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