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October 14, 2009

Chaired and hosted by Edgar Camerino of Rick Engineering Company


The October 14, 2009 San Diego MESA Alliance (SDMA) Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting was called to order at 1:35 pm by Edgar Camerino of Rick Engineering Company.


Members Present

Name Company Phone Email

Abu-Bakr, Al Jafri CalTrans (858) 491-3077

Alvarez, Rafael San Diego City College MESA (619) 399-3393

Balazs, Brett Raytheon Company (858) 522-3056

Camerino, Edgar Rick Engineering Company (619) 271-0707

Charles, Maria Victoria Hamilton Sundstrand n/a

Espino, Jeanette Ramos Imperial Valley MSP (760) 353-2860

Faltaous, Michelle County of San Diego–Public Works (858) 874-4018

Garcia, Claudia NAVAIR/FRCSW (619) 545-5579

Garcia, Theresa SDSU MEP (619) 594-5679

Gonzalez, Juan SD MESA Schools Program (619) 594-0310

Gooden, Carol Nasland Engineering (858) 292-7770

Lutes, Brianna Infrastructure Engineering Corp. (858) 413-2400

Pamintuan, Eric SPSD/MESA (619) 594-7419

Philpott, Alan PEO C41 (PMW 750) SPAWAR (858) 537-8596

Ventura, Dolores Infrastructure Engineering Corp. (858) 413-2400

Yang, Angeline Villanueva SPSD/MESA (619) 594-2680

Guests Present

Name Company Phone Email

Alonso, Viviana P. SDSU SHPE (619) 240-2865

Hernandez, Nelson SDSU SHPE (619) 957-2059

Leslie, Trenton SDSU NSBE (909) 499-7960 nsbesdsu_academicexcellencechair

Villasenor, Fernando SDSU SHPE (619) 972-4779

Members Excused

Name Company Phone Email

Galenti, Desiree Northrop Grumman (858) 592-3110

Jackson, Katy Qualcomm (858) 651-3338

Zelkind, Lisa Sempra Energy Utility – SDG&E (858) 654-1516


A motion to approve the minutes of the June 10, 2009 meeting was made by A. Philpott of PEO C41 (PMW 750) SPAWAR and seconded by D. Ventura of Infrastructure Engineering Corporation; the minutes were then approved.


    1. SDSU Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) – National Conference will be held on October 28 – November 1, 2009, in Washington D.C. The conference will assist members in understanding how to approach engineering, industry, and the role of leadership through various workshops. From October 19 – 24, 2009, SDSU SHPE will facilitate the annual Engineering in the Barrio event with the Barrio Logan College Institute. They will create engineering projects and tutor students from third to twelfth grade. Last year’s engineering projects included building Popsicle lighthouses and Spaghetti Bridges, whereas this year students will be building airplanes. Funding goals for the projected prizes of Dell Netbooks, Balboa Park passports, and Barnes & Noble gift cards have not been reached. On November 14, 2009, SDSU SHPE will also host a soccer tournament and bonfire, tentatively set at Coronado beach at 4:00 pm. Attendees do not have to play in the soccer tournament. The event is intended as an icebreaker for industry, professionals, and other San Diego SHPE chapters.

SDSU SHPE requested volunteers and/or funding assistance for the aforementioned events. Specific funding requests can be found on the student chapter reporting form. T. Garcia suggested that the events be advertised Hispanic Affinity Groups and other groups within companies for community involvement. E. Camerino recommended that a formal written request such as a donation letter be submitted to companies in place of the student chapter reporting form.

    1. SDSU National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) – described its chapter mission, background history, and logo. In striving for academic excellence, SDSU NSBE hosts evening study nights after general body meetings, Assistant Dean Larry Hinkle conducts resume workshops, and every Saturday from 10:00 – 1:00 pm, elementary, middle, and high school students at Bayview Baptist church are tutored. Hot Link sales are still in the planning stages. At the Afrikan Student Union (ASU) High School Conference, SDSU NSBE shares their experiences of college life. SDSU NSBE is in discussions with San Diego MESA Schools Program Director Donna Goyer and MESA high school advisors about creating junior NSBE student chapters. Please see student chapter reporting form for funding assistance, especially for the Fall Regional Conference in Long Beach and the National Conference in Toronto.

  1. PROGRAM UPDATES (All information, unless otherwise noted, given by MESA directors)

    1. San Diego State University (SDSU) MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

      1. Engineering 96 class alumni panel, 10/09, SDSU E427 – MEP has 2 semester long Engineering 96 classes at SDSU. The official course title is Engineering Orientation and Career Exploration. T. Garcia held an alumni panel for her class consisting of M. Charles, B. Lutes, and alumnus at Grossmont Community College. An alumni panel was requested by her students’ on their first day of class surveys.

      1. SDSU enrollment policy and MEP/MSP student data – Due to the state’s budget crisis, SDSU has made drastic changes to its enrollment. Mandated by the CSU Chancellor, enrollment will be reduced by 10.8% for this incoming and upcoming class, while engineering is trying to increase its enrollment numbers. Admission GPA is now 2.4, unless the major has a higher GPA requirement. Additionally, all majors will be impacted. Transfer students will need to have 100% of their major preparation completed, but not all of those classes are offered at local community colleges. Cross enrollment through reduced Open University rates is an unlikely option, since the university is already full and transfer students have lowest waitlist priority. R. Alvarez is advising San Diego City College students to still apply. Out of state students pay more money to attend SDSU, but priority will be given to local students. Out of area students will be required to live in the dorms as they will need to be filled or else SDSU incurs fees. Fewer students will be accepted to SDSU because of all of this. “Super” seniors will be nudged to apply for graduation if they meet graduation requirements. IAB can assist with the eventual appeal process by drafting a letter now, instead of April or May 2010, to the College of Engineering Dean, David Hayhurst, in support of admitting engineering students.

Per the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, SDSU MEP has met its enrollment increase of 10% per year. 84 new students were accepted into the program this fall 2009. Fall 2009 enrollment consists of 231 engineering students and 36 physical science students. 78% of program students are male, 47% self-reported as Hispanic, and 44% are seniors. Engineering majors need more units to graduate compared to other majors, thus students tend to be at the senior class level longer than other SDSU students. IAB inquired on the retention of freshmen in the program.

      1. Recap: MESA/PG&E Student Leadership Conference – SDSU MEP and 2 other southern California campuses were invited to the northern California event. Assistant Director Natasha Celise attended this past weekend with 4 students.

    1. San Diego MESA Schools Program (MSP) (J. Gonzalez spoke on behalf of Donna Goyer.)

      1. MESA Days

        1. Preliminaries, 3/6/10, SDSU Campanile walkway – San Diego MSP expects 300-500 students to participate from approximately 30 middle and high schools. There will be 15 projects ranging from engineering to science to ergonomics. A signup sheet was distributed to recruit volunteers. San Diego MSP is seeking volunteers who would be able to volunteer again to reduce the load of training on staff and to encourage consistency.

        1. High School Regionals, 4/10/10, Fullerton – Students that win preliminaries go on to regionals to compete against others from San Diego, Orange County, Irvine, Los Angeles, and Imperial Valley.

      1. San Diego MSP Advisory Group forming – to provide guidance on how to expand resources. An interest sheet was distributed to see if some members of IAB can support the pre-college along with other non-IAB members.

        1. Next meeting, 11/2/09, 12:30-1:30pm, Reuben H. Fleet Boardroom

    1. Imperial Valley MSP – pushes big on scholarships as essentially it comes down to money for its students to consider a college education. One dilemma with financial support is the desire to keep students local versus the benefit of the students receiving a college education. J. Gonzalez shared that families in the area are conservative in that they do not want their children leaving home and want their children to follow in their footsteps. MESA and IAB will expose what is available in the world to the children and broaden their knowledge.

      1. MESA Days – projects are all aligned to engineering and math. Students learn the foundation behind the project so that they can understand the principles behind it and not just build it. J. Espino displayed a chart that details each grade level and the various projects assigned to the grades. For the windmill project, students compete at their local MESA Day. Winners compete at Southern Regional’s, and then go on to California, and then lastly at Nationals; which will be in Maryland for 2010. Microsoft donated Microsoft Expressions software so that students can create a website for the Surf’s Up website design competition. A typical MESA Day runs from 8:00 – 5:00 pm.

        1. Preliminaries, 2/20/10

        2. Middle School Regionals, 3/27/10

    1. San Diego City College (SDCC) MESA

      1. Transfer status with SDSU – Due to the state’s budget crisis not only are the universities being affected but the junior colleges are as well. San Diego City College is reducing the number of classes offered on campus and thus many MESA program students are enrolled simultaneously at numerous junior colleges. This causes a strain on their time and resources.

      1. Overall enrollment statistics – of SDCC MESA is approximately 150 students. R. Alvarez will forward demographic breakdown of SDCC’s MESA program.

      1. SHPE National Conference, 10/28-11/1/09 – R. Alvarez will be proactive in having SHPE attend conferences such as NILA and Nationals. The last Wednesday of every month, SHPE professional meetings are held at rotating companies.

      1. Bullet Point Reading (BPR) – is a proven method adapted from the Guaranteed 4.0 learning system that prepares students for class, increases retention, reduces study time, and improves grades. All SDCC MESA students are trained in BPR by MESA center tutors. R. Alvarez also conducted BPR training at SDSU as well.

    1. Southwestern College (SWC) MESA (T. Garcia spoke on behalf of Dr. Raga Bakhiet.)

      1. Summer internship oral presentations – Students prepared PowerPoint presentations of their summer internship work and gave 10 minute presentations to an audience of other interns, mentors and SWC faculty/staff members.

      1. MESA Night (posters and oral presentations); families invited – Summer interns gave PowerPoint and poster presentations. The oral presentations were 5 minutes each and were made to suit a non-scientific audience. The purpose of these multiple presentations was to strengthen the students’ presentation skills and familiarize them with an activity that will be required in future jobs or higher academic commitments.

      1. MSE School Welcome Week and Major’s Meeting – The School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (MSE) had welcome tables managed by representatives from the different STEM departments and programs in addition to student club representatives. They provided information on their respective majors, programs, and clubs. The week culminated in a Major’s meeting where students interested in STEM fields met with faculty and alumni to further their knowledge on future opportunities in their majors of interest.

      1. Solar Turbines Shadow Day, 10/23/09 – A large percentage of engineers will be retiring, so affinity groups will need to be reached out to. Current Manufacturing Engineer, representative of the Latino Connection Recruiting Committee and former MESA student Luisa Martinez-Ramirez contacted SWC concerning the Solar Turbines’ Shadow Day. T. Garcia also offered the opportunity to students in SDSU SHPE. Solar Turbines’ Shadow Day is different than the SDMA Shadow Day in November. For 2010, there will be one big Shadow Day.

      1. Science Opportunity Day, 3/23/10 – Please save the date as industry representation is vital.


    1. University visits – will take place in November instead of October due to schedule conflicts. SDCC students will visit UCSD on November 6, 2009 and SDSU on November 20, 2009. SDSU MEP used to support a Junior College Shadow Day but with the implementation of furloughs, there are no fewer days to work and no pay, thus they can no longer support visits to SDSU. Imperial Valley MSP will have one in January 2010.

    1. Shadow Day, 11/19/09 – provides MESA students with an awareness of the engineering and science fields and what engineers and scientists do. It is up to the companies to decide their agenda for the day. The average Shadow Day runs from 9:00 – 2:00 pm. SDMA will coordinate carpooling amongst staff and students. To date, 65 student applications have been received to fill 45 industry spots. N. Celise is working directly with industry. Contact A. Yang or visit the Shadow Day website at for more information.

    1. Recap: Walk on Water competition, 10/10/09, 10-2pm, SWC swimming pool – Most campuses refunded costs to build shoes up to $100. There were 75 total attendees, with 14 total teams from La Jolla high school, SDCC, SWC, SDSU, and San Diego MSP. SWC teams ended up sweeping the competition. Some of the evaluations requested for a longer competition, as this year the event lasted a little more than 2 hours.

    1. Recap: Joint Planning Conference (JPC) hosted and sponsored by Raytheon, 8/7/09, 8-4pm – A. Yang opened by thanking B. Balazs, Phong Bach, the rest of the Raytheon staff, and guest presenter D. Ventura. JPC was a San Diego-wide event for student organizations in engineering and sciences. All of the evaluations stated that they would recommend other officers to attend future JPC’s. One drawback was timing, as a SHPE conference ended up being moved to the same date as JPC.


    1. MESAdvantage

      1. Recap: 2009 Summer Team Internships

        1. Recap: Summer Team Internship Luncheon, 8/20/09, 11:30-2pm, SDSU Montezuma Hall – A. Yang thanked IAB and respective companies who hosted the 42 interns. 1/3rd of the interns worked more than the 100 hours through additional payment by companies or through volunteering. 1 student volunteered for a total of 117 hours. This generosity freed up 100 hours for another student to receive a paid internship opportunity. 12 new partnerships were formed from last year. 15 companies’ hosted interns and 4 campuses hosted research opportunities. Going into the 3rd year of the grant, the hope is that companies can fund the 100 hours for internships themselves. This sustainability is the original intention of the NSF grant. The Internal Advisory Committee will need to meet to further discuss this issue.

        1. 2010 Summer Team Internship interest – can be directed to A. Yang.

      1. Spring Training Academies (TBD) – Fall Training Academies will no longer take place, leaving only spring for potential training academies. Training academies are a step deeper than Shadow Day in that they focus on actual training enrichment activities and exposure to work that cannot be found in the classroom that companies seek. Hosting recruitment is ongoing for a Civil Engineering company and any other engineering company.

      1. Special Needs teams

        1. Fundraising/Company foundations – Through D. Ventura’s contacts at PBS&J, SDMA was awarded a grant of $5,000 for the 2nd year in a row to support the annual SDMA Leadership Summit. If any companies have any similar opportunities for grants, stipends, and other fundraising please let SDMA know so that action can be taken.

        1. Pre-college (see Agenda Item V. B. ii.) – Contact J. Gonzalez if interested in the joining the San Diego MSP Advisory Group.


After much discussion regarding a reduction of IAB meetings, IAB agreed to instead strategize meetings to change focus from reporting based agenda items to task team orientated agenda items. Specific meetings will include student organization presentations instead of at every meeting. Upcoming events and updates can be sent via e-mail. The purpose of this change is to increase meeting attendance and allow for more discussion and task teams.

    1. MESA Statewide report (e-newsletter) – T. Garcia can subscribe IAB to a monthly e-newsletter from MESA Statewide on IAB’s behalf. It will feature an alumnus and a student each month. Daisy Galeana will be first alumnus featured. The newsletter will also be available at the California MESA website, E-mail T. Garcia if interested.

    1. Company announcements – Rick Engineering Company will no longer be doing its infamous skit during SDMA Shadow Day.


Contact E. Pamintuan regarding any potential discussion items and/or revisions to the minutes. Revisions to agendas to include more tasks oriented items versus reporting, upcoming events at top of agendas, and a focus on special needs committee was tabled for the next meeting.


The formal meeting adjourned at 3:49 PM.

Minutes submitted by E. Pamintuan on November 4, 2009.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1:30 – 3:30 PM

Rick Engineering Company

5620 Friars Road, San Diego, CA 92110-2596

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