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San Diego


San Diego City College  Southwestern College  San Diego State University


February 14, 2006

Hosted by SDSU

Chaired by Dolores Ventura-Infrastructure Engineering Corporation

  1. Welcome

The February 14, 2006 MESA Alliance Industry Advisory Meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm.

  1. Introductions

Members Present

Name Company Phone Email

Alvarez, Rafael City College-MESA (619) 388-3393

Bakhiet, Raga Southwestern College MESA (858) 336-9607

Cairns, Mariel C Valdo Corporation (858) 866-0128

Chambers, Pamela Northrop Grumman (858) 618-5044

Chavez, Thelma SDSU MSP Program (619) 594-7195

Garcia, Theresa SDSU MESA Engr Program (619) 594-5679

Makibbin, Alison Nasland Engineering (858) 292-7770

Marquis, Meridith Kyocera America, Inc. (858) 576-2706

Navallez, Veronica City College-MESA (619) 388-3158

Perrett, Mark San Diego County DPW (858) 694-2693

Philpott, Alan SPAWAR/PEO C4I & Space (858) 537-8596

Picha, Lance TMI (858) 451-3420

Robinson, Tori Sony (858) 942-5035

Scholotte, Wedad NAVAIR

Troian, Rosemary NOAA Fisheries (858) 546-7089

Ventura, Dolores IEC (858) 413-2400

Members Excused

Name Company Phone Email

Celise, Natasha SDSU MESA Engr Program (619) 594-7704

Ward, Adam Qualcomm, Inc. (858) 651-3723

Guest Present

Name Company Phone Email

Charles, Maria Hamilton Sundstrand (858) 627-6719

Gassaway, Kathy Southwestern College-MESA (619) 421-6700 x5480

Gooden, Carol Nasland Engineering (858) 292-7770

Jazo, Francisco SDSU SHPE (619) 250-1813

Burgan, Luke SDSU SHPE (619) 869-1638

  1. Review of Minutes (12/13/05)

A motion to approve the minutes of the December 13, 2005 meeting was made by Mark Perrett- San Diego County Public Works and seconded by Maria Charles-Hamilton Sundstrand. The minutes were then approved.

  1. Program Updates

    1. SDSU MEP (all information was presented by Theresa Garcia)

Spring semester began mid-January. All are invited to the welcome back BBQ sponsored by alumni Maria Charles (present at today’s meeting) and Terrance Mack. 7-8 MEP/MSP alumni attended the The Alumni Basketball game. Please Mark calendars for May 3rd, SDSU MEP/MSP reception. Invitations will be sent early April. The campus analytical studies is helping with statistical data and Theresa hopes to share it at the June meeting

    1. City College MESA (all information was presented by Veronica Navallez)

Spring semester just began last week. Three students from City attended SHPE NTCC in Florida. The City SHPE Chapter was awarded the regional (region 2) outstanding chapter of the year. City wants to thank to Cvaldo for scholarship. Cvaldo was co-founded by former SDSU/CITY MEP Alum, Joel Valdovinos.

    1. Southwestern College MESA (all information presented by Raga Bakheit)

Southwestern College students also participated in SHPE NTCC. Three students were awarded $3000K NSF grants. In a recruitment effort, SWC MESA was just visited by middle school and H.S. students. Science Opportunity Day (see flyer) part of career expo (March 20-23) will be held on March 21st. Student clubs now joined w/ industry in same area, easier for networking. Southwestern College MESA Students are highlighted in Outlook Newsletter regarding internship @ SPAWAR.

    1. Student Organization Representative – SDSU SHPE

Fransisco Jazo and Luke Burgan?? discussed preparations for 23rd Annual Engineering & Science Day Conference on 4/22/06. It focuses on outreach to community for H.S. & middle school students. A proposal was handed out, not only monetary assistance is needed but also guest speakers, souvenirs, etc.

  1. Joint MESA Alliance Events

    1. Leadership summit will be held March 3-5, Indian hills camp, Jamul. As in previous years, this is a weekend camping trip for current or potential leaders, focusing on molding potential leaders.

Industry members are welcome to come present or suggest group project. Usually about 45 students participate. *** Suggestions for topics***session on ethics – professionalism
MESA Olympics and Robotics Challenge will be held on Saturday, April 29, 2006, once again hosted @ City College. Students compete on 3 levels of math, chemistry, physics and engineering. The 3 campuses compete on teams (made up of 4 students) for prizes. More details to come via email. We are in need of judges and proctors.

    1. E-week forum (new) Feb 23rd, 4-6 p.m. at the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS). S.D. county event, part of National Engineering Week. If you’d like to attend let me know. This is a showcase to the community.

  1. Task Teams

Training Academies: Last semester very successful @ Caltrans & Hamilton Sundstrand. Navair to be moved to April 7th (spring break) or 21st. Training Academy is one step further than Shadow Day and provides more exposure to students. In need of a science company – SAIC, Scripps Research Institute. Topics needed: Biology, Chemistry, Bio Chemistry. If this cannot be set up for spring, maybe fall. Other companies suggested: KYOCERA – has chemistry opportunities, Salk Institute (community programs dept), Amalin, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health, Ligand SPAWAR said they could host one as did Lockheed Martin.

  1. MESAdvantage is created to give those students who have accomplished a majority of MESA standards the opportunity have more contact with industry and possibly earn an internship. As discussed at last meeting: Face to face (to be joined with Professional Development Conference), CD (suggested graduating seniors only), MESA Advantage Internships for Summer 2007, and Six Sigma program/classes were suggested.

  1. Other Topics

  1. LAMS- Life After Middle School (presented by EMIR WILLIAMS-SDSU MEP graduating senior). After school program began 2/6/06; 3:30-5:30pm. Connection of day to day classroom to their future. Currently 71 college student volunteers expose students to engineering & how it shapes their world. Currently 35 middle school Low income/ at risk communities students are enrolled. Need support: Field trips to companies; guest speakers; but most urgent need is for financial support

  2. Distribution of thank you gifts: Postponed next meeting

  3. 24th Annual SHPE SD Gala, May 5, 2006 Mission Valley Hilton. For more info contact Theresa.

  1. Building agenda for next meeting: tabled till next meeting.

  1. Adjourned 3:09 p.m.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 1:00pm @ Infrastructure Engineering Corporation

Scripps Poway Parkway

Visit us at:

SD MESA Alliance -

SDSU MESA Engineering Program –

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