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April 8, 2009

Chaired and hosted by Edgar Camerino of Rick Engineering Company


The April 8, 2009 San Diego MESA Alliance (SDMA) Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting was called to order at 1:45 pm by Theresa Garcia. Chair Edgar Camerino of Rick Engineering Company and Vice Chair Tarrence Mack of Hamilton Sundstrand will be absent for the meeting and wished to express their regrets. Cindy Landau (and Chair Edgar Camerino), both of Rick Engineering Company, were thanked for their continued hosting efforts.


Members Present

Name Company Phone Email

Abu-Bakr, Al Jafri CalTrans (858) 491-3077

Bakhiet, Ph.D., Raga Southwestern College MESA (619) 482-6381

Espino, Jeannette Ramos Imperial Valley MESA (760) 353-2860

Faltaous, Michelle County of San Diego–Public Works (858) 874-4018

Garcia, Theresa SDSU MEP (619) 594-5679

Gooden, Carol Nasland Engineering (858) 292-7770

Jackson, Katy Qualcomm (858) 651-3338

Landau, Cindy Rick Engineering Company (619) 908-3507

Lutes, Brianna Infrastructure Engineering Corp. (858) 413-2400

Pamintuan, Eric SPSD/MESA (619) 594-7419

Rower, Judith BAE Systems (858) 592-5547

Yang, Angeline SPSD/MESA (619) 594-2680

Guest(s) Present

Name Company Phone Email

Chambers, Fred Southwestern College AMSA n/a

Hagar, Ryan Southwestern College AMSA (619) 206-9096

Hernandez, Genaro Southwestern College AMSA (619) 278-8920

Jazo, Francisco SDSU SHPE (619) 240-1180

Orendain, Daniken Southwestern College AMSA (619) 207-1653

Member(s) Excused

Name Company Phone Email

Balazs, Brett Raytheon Company (858) 522-3056

Camerino, Edgar Rick Engineering Company (619) 271-0707

Galenti, Desiree Northrop Grumman (858) 592-3110

Goyer, Donna SDSU MESA Schools Program (619) 594-0299

Haynes, Kathleen Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (858) 676-7509

Philpott, Alan PEO C41 (PMW 750) SPAWAR (858) 537-8596

Ponomarenko, Ph.D, Alyson San Diego City College MESA (619) 388-3393

Reiter, Peg Project Design Consultants (619) 881-2505

  1. REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES (February 4, 2009)

A motion to approve the minutes of the February 4, 2009 meeting was made by Raga Bakhiet of Southwestern College (SWC) MESA and seconded by Brianna Lutes of Infrastructure Engineering Corporation (IEC); the minutes were then approved.


Officers Ryan Hagar, Genaro Hernandez, and Daniken Orendain presented on behalf of the SWC American Medical Student Association (AMSA) student chapter. Interim President Francisco Jazo presented on behalf of the San Diego State University (SDSU) Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers student chapter.

    1. SWC AMSA – Formerly known as the Pre-Health Club, it was not until last fall that the club came into contact with the National AMSA chapter and from there the change from the Pre-Health Club into AMSA took place. Students do not have to be pre-med majors in order to join SWC AMSA. Their goals include improving healthcare, involving members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of medicine, and to assist in spreading the awareness of world health problems. To accomplish these goals, SWC AMSA members volunteered at Scripps Mercy Hospital and at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center. On SWC’s campus, they collaborated with Student Health Services to provide free or discounted blood and bone marrow drives, flu shots, pregnancy tests, and professional counseling and guidance.

Information gained from conferences such as the AMSA Region X Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in November 2008 and the upcoming 3rd medical student panel is shared amongst staff and students via workshops facilitated by the members who attended said conferences/panels. SWC AMSA’s 15-20 current membership is constantly pursuing guest speakers for their workshops. President Daniken Orendain concluded the presentation by thanking the IAB for their time and support, as it was the first time SWC AMSA has presented at an IAB meeting.

    1. SDSU SHPE – One of the chapter’s most popular week-long annual outreach events, Engineering in the Barrio, was done in October 2008. The 26th Annual Science and Engineering High School Conference took place in February 2008. The conference focuses on exposing high school students to the science and engineering fields. SDSU SHPE volunteered at the MESA Days competition on Saturday, March 14, 2009 and at Explore SDSU Day on Saturday, March 21, 2009. In collaboration with the SHPE San Diego Professional, UCSD, and SWC chapters, all had a booth at the San Diego Science Festival held at Balboa Park on Saturday, April 4, 2009.

For professional development, officers attended the SHPE National Conference in Phoenix, where 30-40 workshops would all be going on simultaneously, and the MESA Joint Professional Development Conference (JPDC) at SDSU, all in November of 2008. Francisco Jazo thanked INROADS and SDG&E for their support with Professional Development Day in February 2009 and SDSU alumni for their assistance with the current SDSU Engineering sweatshirt fundraiser.

Since many of its chapter members are first generation college students and do not have family members and/or mentors to seek advice from, SDSU SHPE is seeking industry guest speakers to share their personal academic experiences. A Northrop Grumman representative will be guest speaking at the April 16th general body meeting. General body meetings occur bi-weekly.
The National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA) in Dallas has not been given a date, but Francisco Jazo acknowledged he will inform Theresa Garcia of the date when it is finalized, as it may conflict with the annual MESA JPC event on August 7th. Only presidents in SHPE chapters are allowed to attend. 6 chapter members are allowed to attend. The conference agenda is filled with team activities day and night, putting the $300 registration (per student – includes flight, room, and meals) to excellent use. SDSU SHPE is seeking sponsorship to attend.
The SDSU Student Diversity Conference will be held on April 25th. A $10-15 fee will cover a whole day with food and giveaways. To close out the spring semester, SDSU SHPE will host an End of Year Bonfire on May 1st and the SHPE Professional Banquet on May 15th, where scholarships will be awarded.

  1. PROGRAM UPDATES (All information, unless otherwise noted, given by MESA directors)

    1. SDSU MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

      1. Jr Shadow Day recap – 2/18/09, 9:00-2:00pm, SDSU – The 2 pre-college programs of MESA at San Diego and Imperial Valley were invited, along with Crawford High School, to shadow around 25 SDSU MEP students for the day. This was the second year that Jeanette Ramos Espino’s students from her MESA program (Imperial Valley) attended and she shared that they like the experience of sitting through an actual class and/or lab and dining like a real college student unlike the typical college tour. The event will be repeated again next year.

      1. NAMEPA 30th Anniversary Conference recap – 2/26-2/28/09, Century Plaza Hyatt in L.A. – This was the first time that campuses who are members of National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA) were able to nominate and bring students. 3 SDSU MEP students were selected to attend. Students in attendance were presented with internship offers and workshops on how to negotiate offers and on business and dinner etiquette. Based on the feedback, NAMEPA will invite students again next year. Seeing the top diverse students could prove beneficial for companies who are not already a member of NAMEPA.

      1. Graduation & Scholarship Reception – 5/4/09, 4:30-6:30pm, SDSU Montezuma Hall – Theresa Garcia was having network and e-mail issues which caused the delay in sending confirmations. Please call Theresa Garcia if you have not received a confirmation to pending RSVP’s. In large part to the situation of the economy, there has been a much lower response from industry on the scholarship requests.

The sponsorship levels available are as follows:

Program partner at $3,500 – This gift provides 2 $1,500 company named scholarships, reception sponsorship for 4 students, and the benefits include attendance for 4 representatives, recognition on MEP website, sponsor recognition at reception, and a $3,220 tax deductible donation.
Scholarship donor at $1,800 – This gift provides 1 $1,500 company named scholarship and reception sponsorship for 2 students, and the benefits include attendance for 2 representatives, sponsor recognition at reception, and a $1,660 tax deductible donation.
Event donor at $300 – This gift provides reception sponsorship for 2 students and the benefits include attendance for 2 representatives, sponsor recognition at reception, and a $160 tax deductible donation.
3 companies have responded as of April 8th – Qualcomm, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, and Goodrich. Brianna Lutes, outside of her company, Infrastructure Engineering Corporation, personally donated $2,000 to go towards a scholarship. Theresa Garcia thanked Brianna Lutes for her contribution, as it will definitely ease the financial strain on the student recipient.

    1. SDSU MESA Schools Program (MSP) – Jeanette Ramos Espino spoke on behalf of Donna Goyer.

      1. MESA Days

        1. MESA Days Prelims recap– 3/14/09, 8:00-4:00pm, SDSU Campanile Walkway – Despite the 400 total in attendance, the event went well.

        1. Jr. Regionals – 4/18/09, 8:00-4:00pm, SDSU Campanile Walkway – The teams of students who won during the MESA Days Prelims proceed to Jr. Regionals, where this year’s hosts for Southern California, SDSU and University of California, Irvine (UCI), will be expecting approximately 500 students.

      1. San Diego Science Alliance’s Annual High Tech Fair recap – 3/11/09, 8:30-2:00pm, Del Mar Fairgrounds – The greater San Diego region schools (K-12) host booths and hands on type displays related to science and engineering for visitors to interact with. More information can be found at

      1. San Diego Science Festival Expo Day recap – 4/4/09, 10:30-6:00pm, Balboa Park – Close to 50,000 people were in attendance, with all the schools in San Diego (and MESA) being represented. The park had to be closed during certain points due to the turnout.

      1. Graduation ceremony – 5/8/09, 6:30pm, Balboa Park War Memorial building – Please save the date.

    1. SDSU Imperial Valley MSP

      1. MESA Days recap – 2/21/09, 9:00-3:00pm, Imperial Valley College – The 700 students in attendance was an overwhelming number for a single day event and thus next year it will be split, one for high schools and another for middle schools.

      1. Graduation ceremony – Tentative 5/28/09 – Jeanette Ramos Espino shared that this is her favorite time of the year because of the announcement of college acceptances and scholarships. For the class of 2009, 73% of students will be moving on to a UC. There are 77 seniors this year and 50% of those seniors started with the program initially.

In the past 5 years, there have been 10 nominees from the Imperial Valley MSP for the Gates Millennium Scholars program scholarship. 7 of those 10 nominated have been female students. This year, 2 students were selected as finalists to receive the scholarship. Another student was selected as a finalist to receive the Dell Scholars program scholarship.

    1. City College MESA – Raga Bakhiet spoke on behalf of Alyson Ponomarenko.

      1. California Association of MESA Directors (CAMD) meeting recap – 2/10/09, San Diego City College – The MESA Center at San Diego City College hosted more than 30 MESA directors who conduct the Basic and Advanced Science and Technology Academies of Research (B A STAR). The B A STAR project focuses on enhancing its students academic, technical, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Alyson Ponomarenko is the joint chief of CAMD along with El Camino College MESA program director Arthur Hernandez.

      1. 5th Annual Student Project and Research Symposium – 5/6/09, 9:00-2:00pm, San Diego City College Gorton Quad – The research symposium applications are open to all City College students to present their original projects and research through posters or oral presentations. Last year this symposium was the only one of its kind out of community colleges. Since then, it has been replicated by junior colleges in San Francisco and North Carolina.

      1. MESA Family Open House – 5/22/09, 12:00-4:00pm – Student scholarships will be awarded at this time as well as announcements of transferring MESA students. $40,000 – 50,000 worth of scholarships were awarded last year. Please save the date.

    1. Southwestern College MESA

      1. Science Opportunity Day recap – 3/24/09, 10:00-1:00pm, SWC MSE Quad – Local science industries, SWC student organizations, and services displayed booths to discuss career opportunities. W.A.R., a progressive environmentalist SWC student club, drew curiosity from Raga Bakhiet as its name was a play on words (We Are Revolutionaries). SWC AMSA won 1st place for their life size wooden showcase booth whilst the Computer Science club placed 2nd. This year was the first time that the event hosted a Community College to University (CC2U) forum on USCD student research opportunities and an environmental symposium. Raga Bakhiet thanked the IAB for their participation and concluded by sharing a story of a high school student who came to SWC MESA last summer in hopes of becoming a MESA tutor. He has now transferred to SWC and is officially in the MESA program.

      1. End of Year Celebration – 5/15/09, 10:00-4:00pm, Aquatic Cove on Silver Strand beach – Please save the date.


    1. Leadership Summit recap – 2/27-3/1/09, Indian Hills Camp in Jamul – Angeline Yang thanked PBS&J and Jennifer Chan for the $5,000 contribution to support the 2009 Leadership Summit. Dolores Ventura of IEC was also thanked for attending the summit as a guest lecturer. Approximately 60 staff and students were in attendance for the annual event, where MESA students and student organization officer nominees were invited from SDSU, San Diego City College, SWC, Ventura Community College, and high schools in the Imperial Valley MSP.

The weekend agenda was filled, ranging from Strengths Quest seminars and activities facilitated by Alex Juden of SWC, a professional development seminar led by the aforementioned Dolores Ventura, and various team challenges such as a toothpick bridge building competition and a PowerPoint team presentation of the students’ weekend experiences. Before attending the trip, students had to take a Clifton’s Strengths Finder test by the Gallup Organization online. The results of this test resulted in the students top 5 strengths. Through the various Strengths Quest activities, students were able to recognize and utilize these strengths to their advantage.

    1. Calculator Olympics & Robotics Challenge – 4/18/09, 9:00-3:00pm, San Diego City College – Theresa Garcia thanked Sony for their donation of several prizes. Additional prizes were also purchased to supplement the Sony donations. Prizes were awarded to teams placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in either the Calculator Olympics or the Robotics Challenge competitions. The tests are separated into 3 different levels with varying engineering and science subjects. Brianna Lutes has had the benefit of being both a participant as a student in the MESA program and volunteering as an industry proctor/judge. Carol Gooden of Nasland Engineering volunteered last year with her son and attempted the level 1 (high school) exam.

A sign up sheet was distributed for potential industry volunteers. Proctors are needed for a 2 hour period in which they can read a book, balance their checkbook, etc. whilst teams take their exams. Lunch is provided after the exams and all gather around to watch the fun Robotics Challenge.

    1. Joint Planning Conference (JPC) – 8/7/09, Raytheon – Angeline Yang shared the date for the JPC which brings together diversity student organizations in San Diego such as AMSA, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), SHPE, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and other student chapters/clubs from San Diego City College, SDSU, SWC, and UCSD. Raytheon hosted and Qualcomm co-sponsored the conference last year.


    1. MESAdvantage

      1. 2009 Summer Team Internships – As of April 8th, approximately 30 companies have signed up for the upcoming summer team internships. New this year is the inclusion of faculty research projects. Due to budget hardships within many companies, many will be taking advantage of the National Science Foundation (NSF) grant’s stipend that pays 12 MESA student interns at each campus for a total of 36 students, $1,250 for 100 hours of work. Although IAB companies are given priority, due to the high demand with so many companies involved, it should be noted that a request for 4 students could end up being scaled back to 2-3 students. Angeline Yang hopes to have students begin work in late May or early June.

The culmination of the summer team internship will be done at a luncheon scheduled for August 20th at SDSU Montezuma Hall. The time frame has been tentatively set for 11:30-2:00pm. MESA summer team interns will present posters displaying their experiences at their respective companies. The regular IAB meeting for August (12th) will instead be combined with this luncheon. IAB members will be reminded at the June 10th IAB meeting and will also be sent invitations to the luncheon with the appropriate information. As there will be non-IAB companies in attendance at the luncheon, it would be a benefit to possibly recruit those companies into the IAB. Also, there will be current IAB companies invited who will not be participating in the 2009 summer team internships, and it would be a benefit to them to see the results of the program.

        1. Mock Interview & Resume Critique Workshop – 2/26/09, 1:30-4:30pm, SDSU Career Services – Desiree Galenti and Amanda Whipple of Northrop Grumman facilitated a presentation on “Interviewing for a Job.” Industry representatives Dolores Ventura, Sara Hice from the Department of the Navy, Bryan Herrington of Northrop Grumman, and hiring manager(s) from Solar Turbines critiqued resumes in 30 minute intervals. Initially only 20 students were expected but 40 were in attendance. Feedback from student evaluations indicated that the event helped them feel more prepared for a job and they wished for longer resume critique sessions.

      1. Spring Training Academies – 3/27/09, 9:00-2:00pm, CalTrans – Approximately 15 students from San Diego City College, SDSU, and SWC attended along with SDSU MEP Assistant Director Natasha Forbes-Celise and Angeline Yang. Al Jafri Abu-Bakr, Chris Thomas, and other representatives from CalTrans facilitated a hands-on exercise using CADD to design a freeway, another hands-on exercise involving the management of freeway lanes and dividers, a tour of the district office in Old Town and the Transportation Management Center (TMC), a discussion of topics pertaining to project design, and concluded with a viewing of live traffic via TMC monitors. Feedback from student evaluations’ was extremely positive, even mentioning to cut time out of the complimentary lunch to accommodate for more time for the training academy.


    1. Company announcements

      1. Qualcomm – Katy Jackson inquired on doing a summer training program with K-12 teachers to peak interest in the math’s and sciences amongst the younger generation, especially females. Though the idea was still in the brainstorming stage (pending budget and approval from Qualcomm), Katy Jackson was offered several points of contacts:

SDSU College of Engineering Assistant Dean Dr. Bruce Westermo, who is involved with Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a program that trains middle and high school teachers to teach engineering to K-12 level students.

SDSU and Imperial Valley MSP Directors Donna Goyer and Jeanette Ramos Espino, respectively, as those MESA programs involve middle and high schools in their regions.
Student organizations/chapters/clubs, such as those that will be attending the JPC at Raytheon on August 7th, as many of them, such as SHPE, facilitate events with middle and high schools to expose them to engineering and science. The result of JPC is a student chapter master officer contact list and master calendar. It will be e-mailed to IAB members upon conclusion of the conference.

      1. MESA Statewide – Executive Director for California MESA Oscar Porter shared information with Jeanette Ramos Espino regarding the Imperial Valley MSP funding. There is a good chance that all of the MSP’s will be cut of the May budget revise. Although in past years the MSP’s have not been in the budget but would find their way in at the last minute, the chances of this are less likely with the economic situation. After IAB members in attendance concurred, Jeanette Ramos Espino agreed to e-mail members a letter that they can sign to be forwarded to state legislators urging them to keep the MSP’s in the budget.

    1. MESA Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Conference – 5/14/09, 11:00-2:00pm, SDG&E – Theresa Garcia reminded members that they may have received an invite (regular mail and/or e-mail) from either Christopher Rivers, Marilyn Baker, or Dean David Hayhurst regarding said conference with the intent to share information about MESA in San Diego, discuss STEM workforce issues, what companies can do to resolve said STEM workforce issues, and raise funds for Donna Goyer’s SDSU MSP – as it will no longer have funding after June 2009. This conference is a long time coming as there has never been a conference of this kind, with so many companies, foundations, and educational leaders in attendance, for MESA in San Diego before. SDG&E will be hosting the event and taking care of circulation materials, amongst other items. Please RSVP as soon as possible.


Contact Eric Pamintuan regarding any potential discussion items and or revisions to the minutes. The next IAB meeting on June 10th will be the last of the 2008-2009 academic school year as the IAB meeting in August will instead be combined with the 2009 Summer Team Internship Luncheon on August 20th at SDSU Montezuma Hall. The time frame is tentatively set for the combined IAB/Summer Team Internship Luncheon is 11:30-2:00pm.


The formal meeting adjourned at 3:07 PM.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1:30 – 3:30 PM

Rick Engineering Company

5620 Friars Road, San Diego, CA 92110-2596

Visit the San Diego MESA Alliance: Page of

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