Samuel w. Scott 2460 Peachtree Rd. Nw, #1006 Atlanta, ga 30305

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2460 Peachtree Rd. NW, #1006

Atlanta, GA 30305

Cell 706.464.3760



15+ years of professional technical management in IT field emphasizing Desktop Support and Data Center Computer Operations support. I combine strong analytical, troubleshooting, and technical acumen with leadership and team-building skills to consistently deliver productive technological solutions. Can offer solid interpersonal and communication skills as well as demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities in fast-paced, customer-orientated environments.


 Desktop Support & Solutions  Data Center Management

 Technical Support & Troubleshooting  Staff & Customer Relationships

 Team & Project Management  Research & Analysis

 Reports & Documentation  Tracking & Report Distribution

 Quality Control Standards  Regulatory & Compliance Standards


Hardware: Imaging of Windows machines, Sysplex Mainframe, IBM VTS Libraries, TCP/IP, STK Tape Libraries, IBM 3380 and 3390 drives

Mainframe Applications: FTP/Data Integrator, Advanced CA 7/CA 11/SDSF Scheduling and Job Management.

Operating Systems: OS/390, Z/OS, MVS/ESA, MS Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP/Windows 7

  • Programming Languages: Visual Basic, SQL, JCL, Easytrieve, and HTML.

Software: MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, SMP/E, JES2, TSO/ISPF, JCL, HCD, RDS, HSC, VSM, ExLM, ExPR, CA products, FDR, FDR/PAS, ESCON Manager, RACF, ESCON, FICON SAP, Veritas, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, and NTS.

Application: Microsoft Office Troubleshooting, ServiceNow, Capacity Performance Manager, Autosys Scheduling Application, MS Exchange 2003, Active Directory, Parallel Sysplex, Autosys, VHD, Alchemist, Document Direct, TMONS/MVS, and Wireless Network Management.


 Directed Desktop Support staff recognized for being ranked the number one L2 desk in the GE Cincinnati, OH area providing excellent service to internal/external customers.

 Experienced in managing mainframe and distributed batch cycles that are interrupted by network outages and making necessary instream JCL adjustments as needed..

 Independently solved complex issues relating to unpredictable scheduling of incoming customer transmission data to be processed on mainframe/distributed platforms.

  • Worked closely with NT system, database, SQL, and SAP administrators to facilitate processing of data utilizing Windows 2000, mainframe FTP, and other platforms.

  • Facilitated changing of SQL job schedules to Autosys application minimizing downtime of critical applications.

  • Developed departmental procedure manuals for staff development.

 Proudly served in United States Army


Troy State University, Online, AL

Pursuing Computer Science, 33 credit hours completed; GPA: 3.8

New Horizons, Atlanta, GA

Completed A+ and Net+ certificate training – A+ Certification exam is scheduled for Nov 2015


IGATE 2011 - Present

Senior Systems Engineer 2014 – Present

  • Lead L2 Desktop Support Service Desk recognized for providing excellent Microsoft Windows and Application support service to approximately 800 internal/external customers.

  • Responsible for decreasing department downtime by over 80%

  • Provided dynamic customer service solutions

  • Track team tickets submitted into Service-now ensuring SLA requirements are met.

  • Provide weekly reporting of required statistics relating to issues and trends for the week.

  • Depended upon to escalate impacting issues coordinating requisite resources to facilitate timely solutions with responsible L2/L3 teams.

Systems Engineer 2011 – 2014

As a walk-up format, we assisted our clients with solutions for issues relating to:

Windows XP

Active Directory Admin

Juniper Odyssey

Windows 7

Mcafee ePO Admin

Various Mobile Devices

Windows 8

RSA Admin

PC Imaging/Data Backup

Microsoft Office

NT account provisioning

Xerox/HP Printers

Network Issues

Mcafee and Sophos firewall

Remote Desktop Support


Design Practice

Many other Engineering specific applications

  • Consistently closed out over 80% of all received issues

  • Developed strong relationships with the GE Aviation client we support.

Syntech - Hardware Technician 2010 – 2011

  • Supported the greater Atlanta area providing technical repairs to various television models.

  • I supported private and corporate clients spanning much of the greater Atlanta areas.

  • Consistently achieved great reviews from clients happy with the results of my work.

  • Due to my performance, earned several additional significant territories.

  • Engaged private and corporate customers successfully diagnosing and resolving all issues.

  • Achieved great reviews for my work rendered

AFLAC Columbus, GA 1992 - 2009

Data Center Supervisor, 2006 – 2009

  • Supervised Datacenter Computer Operations staff responsible for running mainframe and distributed batch cycles and meeting established agreed upon SLA requirements for concerned systems.

  • In concert with Developer staff, facilitated JCL instream coding fixes for failed jobs and performed escalations to necessary management members as appropriate

  • Responsible for final call concerning certain restart points of failed batch jobs.

  • Responsible for formal training documentation and training of Datacenter staff

  • Responsible for shift issues being documented in VHD, Knowledgebase, and Executive Management Daily Report

  • Responsible for coordination escalation and troubleshooting efforts of concerned teams for multiple mainframe/distributed failures.

  • Responsible for hiring and disciplinary actions of my team

  • Responsible for ensuring proper scheduling for team

Senior Computer Operator, Operations Support, 2000 – 2006

  • Responsible for ensuring that the Developers provide the correct inputs for introducing new Autosys jobs to the Distributed batch schedule.

  • Worked with concerned SQL, Veritas, and other teams to trouble shoot batch cycle related errors and facilitate better automated scheduling solutions.

  • Chaired daily IT division problem management meeting accountable for meeting with appropriate resources to identify root causes and solutions of mainframe batch/distributed failures of the previous day.

  • Provided automated solutions for enterprise wide  applications including billing, data transfers, Oracle, backups, and SAP

  • Solved complex event driven scheduling issues that were critical to key projects.

Senior Computer Operator, Shift Lead, 1995 – 2000

  • As shift lead was primarily responsible for running the mainframe and distributed batch cycles.

  • Addressed job failures via CA7/CA11 scheduler and provided JCL instream overrides when needed to resume cycle flow.

  • Proactively identified CA7/CA11 scheduling issues caused by application support system changes. This allowed for the scheduling issue to be resolved by the concerned team thereby preventing an impact to CICS and other systems uptimes.

  • Performed triage of failures and referred to established Knowledgebase fixes when escalating critical issues which minimized downtime and increased ability to meet critical Production SLAs.

  • Provided leadership to other team positions and was counted on for training documentation for various Datacenter processes and procedures.

  • Performed NOC monitoring duties via Sitescope, Tivoli, Netcool, and others

  • Oversee and coordinate Storagetek silo, IBM VTS libraries, IBM 3380/3390, and other hardware solutions following established Datacenter protocols or established coordinated vendor support

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