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Name: _______________ Training Coordinator: _________________

Rep #: _______________ Office #: ___________

Sales Training Manual

Can Rock Division

Cutco Customer Service/Vector Field Service:

1-800-361-8800 ext. 3

Office phone number:



(Initial “PIN” is the last four digits of your SIN)


On Line Demo

Join us at: Follow us: #SkillsForLife /vectormarketingclips
Remember to ROLO your orders! L80-1 04/13



Personal Daily Interaction (PDI)
Office Phone Number: Alternative Number:
Office PDI Guidelines: Daily Contact with the office is essential to your success. Along with the daily reports that must be filled out by the Managers the purpose of this call is to inform you of special contests, promotions, standings, new programs and other timely information that will help you be more effective in the field. Before you call please take a moment to jot down your report for the day. Your report will include:

Yesterday: # of Presentations Completed/Sales/CPO/Recommendations Today: # of Presentations Set/Goal

Tomorrow: # of Presentations Set/Goal Next Scheduled Phone Time

Example: 6 appt’s/4 sales/675CPO/ 12 Recommendations

3/5 2/5

After PDI is next scheduled phone time

Check in Days: _________ to _________ Check in Times: _________ to _________

Personal Consultations (PC)
In-person, one-on-one meeting with a manager to review your schedule, map out your goals, and coach you to success!
The most successful reps have a PC every week. Schedule your PC with a manager today!
Weekly Team Meeting: Hone your skills, learn advanced techniques, and get recognized!

Day: _____________

Time: _____________ Team Night Out: _____________
Key Staff Meeting:

Key Staff members are reps who show leadership in their sales, effort, and communication. An extra workshop each week is designed to help Key Staff members excel in all areas of business.

Day: _____________ Time: _____________
Phone Jams: Set up your appointments in a fun environment. Mentoring and prizes available! Day: ________ Time: _______ Phone from the office in the morning! Day: ________ Time: _______ Office Open Every Morning: ______ Day: ________ Time: _______



Advanced Training


Day: _____________ Day: _____________ Time: _____________ Time: _____________

Field Training
Vector reps love teaching and sharing knowledge. Tag along on another representative’s appointment and take some notes. Ask your manager to set you up on a field training today!

We offer workshops throughout the week to build your skills. Day(s): _____________ Time: _____________

Push Weeks
Push Weeks are HUGE two-week sales competitions where reps from all around the company com-pete for recognition, trophies, and prizes. Each Push Week is kicked off by a Division Meeting and concludes with a Conference.
Push Week Dates: _____________ Push Week Dates: ____________ Division Meeting Division Meeting

Day: _____________ Day: ____________ Time: _____________ Time: ____________ Location: _____________ Location: ____________ Conference Conference

Day: _____________ Day: ____________ Time: _____________ Time: ____________ Location: _____________ Location: ____________

Qualified Presentation Report / Order Form / Paperwork turn-in:

In order to get paid on time, you must turn in your qualified presentation report every week.

The only way the company can pay you for your appointments is with complete details of all your completed and verified demos.
QPR’s must be submitted weekly: Day: _____________

Time: _____________


1. Follow the Manual

2. Cut a lot of Food!

3. Have Fun!

The best place for demos is in the kitchen

Better cooking environment / Junk knives handy / Fewer distractions
Best to show husband and wife together if possible. Involve both with cutting demonstrations and food cutting.
Customer should do all food cutting and cut rope / leather. You cut penny!
It’s okay to bring food to the demo as well as asking your customer for food

- Soft foods: tomatoes or grapes - Small fruits: apples or oranges - Veggies to chop: carrots or cucumbers - Bread or bagel

Stay in control of your bluebook. Flip the pages for your customer
Keep your sample kit closed and pull out items as demo progresses
If your customer asks you for prices in the middle of the demo, tell them it’s a surprise and you’ll get to it!
Always use your cutting board and clean up in the sink before you leave

If your customer already owns CUTCO:

- Still do a full presentation - It’s great practice!

- Ask for feedback and a customer testimonial - Review product details / guarantee

- Test their CUTCO on rope and leather to determine if sharpening is needed

- Guarantee page explains re-furbishing instructions - Ask the customer what they use each piece for

- Consult “Closing for CUTCO Owners” and create a “CUTCO Wish List”

- CUTCO owners love upgrading to sets, adding accessories, and buying gifts!


The best place for the presentation is at the kitchen table.

SOCIAL ETIQUETTE: (Build Rapport, Goals— recommended 5-10 minutes)

Find something to compliment…

(Home, paintings, dining room table, window treatments, gardening work, kitchen, furniture)

Get to know them…

Kids / Occupation / Travel / Hobbies / Cooking habits Personal Story…

Let me tell you a little bit about me…(School/major, Hobbies/interests, Family, Dream Job)

- ___________________________________________________________________ - ___________________________________________________________________ - ___________________________________________________________________
I’m working with CUTCO because…(Motivations/future: Skills, experience, school, etc.)

- ___________________________________________________________________ - ___________________________________________________________________ - ___________________________________________________________________

- The skills and experience I will gain with CUTCO will put me ahead of the competition for internships and future jobs. If I do well enough, I will get a signed President’s Club recommendation letter from the CEO of the company to add to my resume.

- (Full time students:) The Scholarship Race gives me the opportunity to

earn money for school. It’s based on performance so I’d like to keep a full schedule! - (Non-Students:) The Race For Charity gives me the opportunity to donate money to a Charity of my choice and I’m working towards helping ________.

It’s based on performance so I’d like to keep a full schedule.

Tie Into Goals...

Mrs. _________, do you mind if I share some of my goals with you?”

I’m looking forward to building my CUTCO business...

I can only work through personal referrals;; that way I only show customers in a warm, comfortable environment. So by the end of the demo, I hope I impress you and you like me enough to tell some family and friends about me! :)

I just got started and one thing I am really excited about is my FAST START Contest!

During my first 10 days I can win some incredible prizes based on my sales. I’m trying to win ______________, so every sale counts! (Optional: Show your current level and goals)

Wrap Up to Social Etiquette / Transition to Demo:

Mrs. _________, since I just started I don’t want to miss any important details. I’m going to be reading a lot from my manual. Is that okay with you?”

Great. Well, CUTCO is an awesome product and I’m excited to show it off…
As I said over the phone, you don’t have to buy anything but if you see something you like, you

can get it today. You can buy sets or individual pieces and we have tons of accessories and gifts.

One of the great things about CUTCO is our interest free, monthly investment options. So if you get something today, you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

CUTCO rocks so if you decide to get something today you’ll thank yourself for years to come! Thank you so much for taking the time to see my presentation—it really means a lot.”



Turn to the company page in your blue book.
“While I set up, we’re going to need your favorite serrated edge knife, favorite straight edge knife, and a steak knife. Also, any fruits or vegetables we can cut up and snack on!
Thanks again for seeing me today. Just for helping me out, the company has an appreciation drawing. Go ahead and fill this out and you’ll have a chance to win $1,000.
Just so you know what to expect, I’m going to explain the company and the disadvantages of common knives. Then I’ll show off the features that make CUTCO the top selling high quality Cutlery brand in North America.
After that we’ll review the pieces in our basic set and cut up some food. We’ll wrap up by reviewing the set options and prices and I’ll show you some awesome deals!”


“So let me tell you a little bit about the company...

We have been in business since 1949.

We sell over $200 million worth of CUTCO annually and have over 15 million referred customers. People are buying CUTCO now more than ever before!

In my office in _______, our goal is to sell _______ this year/summer!
The most common way to buy CUTCO is through a representative, like me. But you may have seen CUTCO on TV programs like;; The Food Network, Modern Marvels, Made in America,

How It’s Made, and Dr.Phil.

All CUTCO knives are hand-crafted in the United States in our factory located in Olean,


Charitable Work

“In Canada we are proud to offer our customers an opportunity to donate to the Children’s Wish Foundation by a portion of certain set sales being automatically donated or an opportunity to round up your order.

Placing an order isn’t the only way you can donate to a good cause today my division also works with a Charity called the Front Row Foundation- They are similar to Children’s Wish but instead of just children they work with anyone braving a life threatening illness and instead of any wish they go to an event of their dreams in the front row! So far our division has been responsible for 4 different events from Broadway musicals to the Rugby World cup in New Zealand (Show Prospectus Insert).


There’s 3 different ways we raise money for Front Row;

  1. Manager Donations- My manager also has goals for our team and contributes a certain amount to this cause every week based on how well myself and the other representatives on my team do.

  1. Customer Slips (put slip in front of them)- Cutco is amazing so you’re probably going to want to get something today which will really help with me personally donating as well as my Manager donating. Like I’ve said though, you definitely don’t have to, so most of my customers just donate a dollar or two right away. Then your name goes on this slip and we decorate our office with them- Would you like to donate a little something?

  1. Personal Donations (Optional) I’m so excited about helping ___________ go to ____________ I am going to personally donate to the cause when I reach my goal. When I sell ______ this _______(fast start/ push week/ campaign) I will donate ________ (amount, percentage of sales, percentage of income) That’s another reason I want to work really hard and do lots of appointments. (Tie them into recommendations)


Now that I’ve told you a bit about the company, my personal goals and why I’m excited to work with a company focused on giving back I want to share the product that makes all of this possible.

I’m going to show you two products that demonstrate the quality of CUTCO:

Super Shears: CUT PENNY then take apart, then hand shears to customer

“Everyone loves our SUPER SHEARS. They are made of high-carbon stainless steel for strength and they have thermo-resin handles for comfort. They are for both right and left hands, they are dishwasher safe, they won’t rust or melt, and they come apart for easy cleaning. You’ll use them for cutting through chicken and broccoli, opening food packaging, cutting cardboard, hard plastics, and other tough materials.


We have incredible forever guaranteed and dishwasher safe gadgets and accessories. This unbelievable peeler goes both directions and the blade pops out for cleaning!

A lot of customers end up getting the sheers and peeler for free. I’ll show you how later!
Let me show you where we got the idea for CUTCO...

**Turn to page 4 & 5 in blue book**
Turn to disadvantages of common knives page in blue book


Disadvantages of Common Knives
Disadvantages of Common Knives
Mrs. __________, most people have a drawer that looks like this. They are the world’s most expensive set of knives!

  • They are designed to break down over time. The average knife lasts 2 years, so most households waste a ton of money replacing cheap knives over and over.

Mrs. __________, most people have wooden or plastic handled knives let me tell you a little bit about them.

  • Wooden Handles are attractive when new but tend to crack, break and splinter.

  • They are extremely unsanitary; they absorb liquids, bacteria and germs, and retain odours.

  • PLASTIC Handles are more sanitary then wood but melt easily, chip, crack and break.

  • They’re usually glued together and fall apart easily, especially in the dishwasher.

  • They are slippery when wet, which is extremely dangerous while you’re cutting.

  • The TANG is how far the steel goes back into the handle. Most knives have a PARTIAL TANG, which is weak and unbalanced, so they break easily.

  • Most RIVETS are made of BRASS which will expand, contract and loosen, creating gaps for food particles – making it unsanitary.

There are two types of steel…

  • CARBON STEEL is strong but it rusts and corrodes which is unattractive and unsanitary.

  • STAINLESS STEEL looks good but it’s a soft metal so it won’t stay sharp and is difficult to sharpen.

There are two types of edges…

  • SERRATED EDGES rip and tear your food and cannot be re-sharpened.

  • STRAIGHT EDGES make a smooth cut, but they dull quickly.

  • Other high quality brands like Henckels and Wusthof use straight edges however they have to be sharpened constantly to remain effective.

  • The hard cutting surface is what dulls the knife, not the food you are cutting. Both of these edges come in direct contact with the cutting board, dulling them quickly.

  • A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one because you have to push harder.

Let me show you how CUTCO has solved these problems…
**Turn to page 6 & 7 in the blue book**


Features and Benefits of CUTCO

“There are five features that make CUTCO the World’s Finest Set of Cutlery!”

Take out Petite Carver and hand it to the customer

“How does that feel in your hand?”

The UNIVERSAL WEDGELOCK HANDLE fits any sized hand—left, right, big, or small. Your thumb and forefinger lock into place for better control and safety.

And, it’s an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue and slipping.

This makes CUTCO more expensive, but it’s worth it because it’s comfortable and safe.

(Point to feature and hand to customer)
We use THERMO-RESIN for our HANDLE MATERIAL, which will not chip, crack or break. It’s an expensive material to use, but it’s worth it because it is dishwasher safe and sanitary.

Most companies use a partial tang to save money. Using the extra steel is more expensive but it’s worth it because it creates strength and balance.

Our knives have THREE NICKEL-SILVER RIVETS, which are flush with the handle. This eliminates gaps and spaces, keeping it strong and sanitary.
We use a very high-grade STEEL. ( 440 Grade A, 55-57 Rockwell Hardness Scale ) This steel is expensive to use, but it’s worth it because it has “the best of both worlds”

It has High-Carbon for edge-retention and the stain-resistance for beauty. It is both sanitary and sharp.

CUTCO is FAMOUS for our exclusive “Stay-Sharp” DOUBLE-D EDGE
ROPE CUTTING DEMO: Get out cutting board, rope, and customer’s favorite knives
Let’s compare how the different types of edges work...

We cut rope because it’s tough like vegetables and meats, but it will not hurt your knife’s edge... ...And remember, CUTCO is sharp, so be careful!”

Cut with customer’s serrated edge / Cut with customer’s straight edge / Cut with CUTCO Petite Carver Hold rope with both hands. Start with back of blade. Pull one, long stroke then go back and forth.

The reason this edge works so well is because it’s not serrated...

CUTCO’s Double-D edge has three straight edges that are protected by the points. Cuts forward, backward, and straight down. (show customer picture of edge)

It doesn’t rip or tear like a serrated edge, it cuts like a straight edge.

The points protect the recessed edges from dulling on cutting boards and hard surfaces. This unique edge uses expensive technology but it’s well worth it.

If used properly, the DD edge will remain sharp for up to 10 years!

Not all CUTCO knives have the DD edge. The Double-D edge is used for cutting back and forth while straight edges are only used for chopping, dicing, and precision cutting.


Forever Guarantee
“The best thing about CUTCO isn’t how long it stays sharp, it’s how the company stands behind all of our products with a Forever Guarantee.
We are the only product that you can buy once, use every day, and never have to replace. You don’t need a sales receipt and the product is your proof of purchase.

And you can pass it down generation to generation. There are 4 parts to the guarantee…”

Forever Performance

Forever Sharpness
Misuse or Abuse

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

“If anything ever goes wrong with your CUTCO, just send it back to the factory and the company will fix or replace it for free. You’ll never have to replace your knives.

If at any time your CUTCO needs sharpening, just send it back and it will be sharpened and polished for free. All you pay for is the shipping.

If you (or your spouse!) ever happen to destroy your CUTCO through abuse, then you can send it back to the company and it will be replaced for half the current retail value.

We have a 15-Day risk free, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, you can get a full refund. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy a

product, like a car, try it out for two weeks and return it if you don’t love it? Well, that’s CUTCO’s Guarantee.

(If spouse is not present): Mrs. ______, this means you and your family can try out CUTCO together for a few weeks and make sure you love it before you decide to keep it!
The reason this is such a great investment is you’ll never have to spend another dime on knives ever again.”

To send back CUTCO to the factory for sharpening or repair:

Go to

Click on “Sharpening” at top of page

Fill out online form, pack up knives securely (wrap in cardboard), and send to Oakville Include check for return shipping: $6 for 1-3 items / $9 for more than 4 items Approximately 2-4 week turn-around

Ship your whole set or just a few pieces at a time!
Alternative Option

We have several local professional service call representatives who can stop by and touch up your knives for free whenever you need. Just call customer service for the local office phone number!

Names & Uses


Mrs. _____, I’m going to explain the pieces in our basic set. CUTCO has several set options. Of course you can

buy just individual pieces, but most customers agree that it’s important to have the right tool for the right situation because of safety and efficiency. Also, the company offers a discount on sets.
We have two large set options for customers who love to cook, called the Ultimate and Signature sets.
Our BASIC set is our most popular and it’s called the Homemaker+8. It has the minimum number of tools to do 100% of the jobs in your kitchen as efficiently as possible. It’s the best value for the average family and it starts with your

Paring Knife Air Knife” (Hand knife to customer, peel apple or potato, then explain) Everyone needs a good paring knife. CUTCO’s long handle makes peeling and paring comfortable. You‘ll use this for small jobs in the air like pitting peaches, tops of strawberries, bananas on cereal but never on the cutting board, that’s why you have your
Trimmer “Small Utility Knife (Hand knife to customer, cut tomato/orange, explain) Do you have a tomato or soft fruit we can cut?

This is your utility knife for small fruits and veggies—you’ll never smash a tomato ever again! Mine has a pearl handle. Which color do you like better?

Everyone loves it because it’s so versatile for small vegetables like cucumber, sectioning grapefruit, and trimming fats off meats but it’s never used for spreading or serving, that’s why you have your
Spatula Spreader 60 second Sandwich Maker” (Point to picture in blue book, then explain) It’s very flexible and it has the DD edge.

You’ll spread and cut sandwiches and you’ll slice and serve casseroles and cakes.

But you’ll never use it on meat or medium sized vegetables, that’s why you have your
Petite Carver Large Utility Knife” (Hand knife to customer, cut food, explain) This customer favorite “in-between” knife has two important jobs. First, it’s for large summer fruits like cantaloupe, honey dew, pineapples and large vegetables like eggplant or zucchini. Do you have a large fruit we can cut? (Cut large fruitlike a pineapple)

Second, it’s your everyday meat knife for chicken and small roasts/pork tenderloins basically meats 5lbs or less and it’s used with your

Turning Fork “Stove Fork” (Point to picture in blue book, then explain) Besides everyday carving your turning fork gets a lot of use. The three sharp tines will turn meats and vegetables like chicken in the frying pan. The tines are pointed upwards like fish hooks so you can even use it for French Toast, Sausage or Bacon with out scratching your pan. Getting things like pickles or cherries out of jars could never be easier. None of the pieces so far are used for larger foods, that’s why you have your
Butcher KnifeSet Protector” (Point to picture in blue book, then explain)

This is your heavy duty knife that protects your other knives. It’s for separating frozen foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, disjointing chicken, ribs and cutting all types of squash. But it’s not a chopping knife, that’s why you have your

(Save money by buying whole chickens)


Petite Chef Knife “Big Sissy (Point to picture in blue book, then explain) Every kitchen needs a good chef knife. The high knuckle clearance makes it comfortable and safe. You’ll use it for dicing, mincing, and chopping. It’s great for the 6 S’s—soup, salad, stir fry, stew, stuffing, and salsa! Chef knives are for chopping, not slicing; that’s why you have your
Slicer (Point to picture in blue book, then explain) Our slicer is the best bread knife in the world—you’ll never smash or tear fresh bread again!

The long DD edge also makes it great for cutting cakes (ice cream or angel food) and shredding lettuce for salads. (Save money by buying head of lettuce vs. bag)

It’s perfect for slicing boneless meats (some hams or pot roasts) but it’s not for anything with a bone; that’s why you have your

Master Carving Set “Company Set (Point to picture in blue book, then explain) Do you ever BBQ or host family dinners? You won’t use it every day, but you’ll be glad you have it!

You’ll need it for BBQ (long enough to check things), big roasts (the s-shape in the blade makes large even slices) at all of your family occasions. It’s important to have both forks because the turning fork is used to pick food up while the carving fork holds meats down.

TABLE KNIVES “Everyday Knives” (Hand knife to customer) To complete your set, your Table Knives are used for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a rounded tip and wide blade like a butter knife, making it a safer knife;; but with the Double-D edge, it cuts like a steak knife. This means no more earthquake effect at the table!
Because they are the most used knives in your set, we recommend two Table Knives per person in your family so you don’t have to wash them after every meal.

(Family of 4 using twice a day: 8 uses a day/ 56 a week/ 2,912 a year/ 87,360 uses in 30 years!) LEATHER CUTTING DEMO

Let’s compare the CUTCO Table Knife to your steak knife by cutting a piece of tough leatherHave customer use their steak knife, then CUTCO Table Knife.

Great idea: Stack up leather in strips and press straight down.
STORAGE OPTIONS (Turn to next page in blue book, show picture of woodblocks) Mrs. _____, it would be dangerous to have really sharp high-quality knives floating in a drawer.

Our solid oak WOODBLOCKS wont slide on your counter and the horizontal slots protect your knife edges.

For customers with limited countertop space, we have safe STORAGE TRAYS for storage in a drawer or on the wall. The trays are 16’ x 6’ 1/4


Our sets come with a free cutting board. It’s important to use a soft plastic cutting board. Glass, granite, and marble cutting boards are too hard and will dull your knives. We also have a sharpener for touching up the Straight Edge knives in your set. It comes free in sets with many straight edges.

KITCHEN TOOLS (Turn to next page in blue book, show picture of kitchen tools)

To complement your Homemaker set, we have incredibly durable KITCHEN TOOLS. The thermo-resin handles wont melt or burn your hand and the basting spoons rest on the side of the pot.

It comes with the 5 necessary tools. Basting Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Spatula, Whisk, and Ladle. And it comes in a block, which matches your Homemaker block. These 5 tools will replace two draw-ers full of old kitchen tools!


Let me review why so many people choose to invest in CUTCO:

You’ll always have a sharp knife. It’s comfortable, safe, and sanitary. And You’ll enjoy cooking more! CUTCO lasts forever, so it would be the last set of knives you’d ever buy!

And you won’t waste another dollar on dull, dangerous knives that don’t work
CUTCO also saves a lot of money and pays for itself:

Most customers would agree that if they owned a set of CUTCO they would eat out at least one less time per month. If that saves $60 a month, it’s $720 saved this year——Over 25 years you’ll save $18,000!

Mrs. _______, there are several reasons why so many customers choose sets:

CUTCO sets have a built-in DISCOUNT so it’s cheaper Sets are much SAFER because they come in a block or tray

Sets come with a FREE CUTTING BOARD to protect your knives Sets come with FREE STUFF

And we have interest free monthly investment options so you don’t have to pay for it all at once!


“Most people haven’t had the opportunity to price fine cutlery. It’s like anything else; there’s a wide variety of quality and prices available. CUTCO is rated #1 so we only compare to the highest quality brands…

Present price comparison sheet
I have a price comparison for a set that is similar to CUTCO. It’s called Henckels, and it’s found in most department stores and specialty shops. Have you heard of it before?
Henckels is a very high quality set made in Germany. It has almost everything you look for in a set of cutlery. They use high quality materials and they are known for their craftsmanship. They are a top selling brand in stores. There are different types of Henckels sets which range in price.
The price for this Henckels set is $_________. You might find it on sale for less.
There are, however, some major differences between Henckels and CUTCO:
Henckels knives have mostly straight edges so they need to be sharpened constantly— and professional sharpening costs a lot of money. They are not recommended for the dishwasher and the warranty is on manufacturing defects only.
In comparison, CUTCO has our exclusive Double-D “stay-sharp” edge and we have our 4
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