Safety Orientation for New usgs employees

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Safety Orientation for New USGS Employees

USGS employees are exposed to a variety of potential safety and health hazards in the workplace. Because of this risk, it is important that employees develop safety awareness. General safety orientation is a part of that awareness.

All new employees must receive general safety orientation from their supervisor during the "New Employee Orientation" process. This orientation should occur before an employee begins any potentially hazardous activity.
The following general areas of safety should be covered:

Job related hazards

Accident Reporting

Building Evacuation Procedures

Applicable safety regulations
To assist you in understanding the USGS Safety Program, we encourage you to visit our web site at Provided below is a list of important safety and health information:

. Department of the Interior Safety Home Page

. USGS Safety Home Page

. Director Safety Message

. DOI Safety Manual

. USGS Safety Manual

. USGS Safety Directory

. National Center OEP

If you have any questions, please call the Bureau Safety Office, 703-648-7556.
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