SA3#50 Proposed Doc order for gaa 1 tr 33. 919 Gaa 2 ts 33. 220 Gba

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6.6.1 TR 33.919 GAA

6.6.2 TS 33.220 GBA

S3-080157 LS on Key Choice Clarification for GBA CT WG4

S3-080066 Key Choice Clarification Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks
S3-080065 CR to TR 33.920: Addition of 2G GBA related CRs Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks
S3-080153 Directly using IMSI in GBA bootstrapping procedure without converting it into IMPI in networks that only HLR is deployed China Mobile
S3-080073 Simultaneous handling of Zh' and Zh in a BSF (Rel-7) Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks

S3-080074 Simultaneous handling of Zh' and Zh in a BSF (Rel-8) Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks

S3-080069 GBA DIAMETER based Zn reference point to support TLS China Mobile
S3-080072 move manual certificate handling Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks
S3-080172 GBA: BSF discovery in a large network. Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks
S3-080128 UE split E-mail discussion in SA3 HUAWEI

6.6.3 TS 33.221 Subscriber certificates

      1. TS 33.222 HTTPS-based services


      1. TS on GBA push

GBA push

S3-080070 Generic push layer specification work Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson

S3-080189 Draft WID: Generic Bootstrapping Architecture Push Function (GBAPush) Ericsson, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei
S3-080052 pCR to TS 33.223: GBA_U PUSH UICC-ME interface Gemalto

S3-080061 GBA_U PUSH procedures Gemalto

S3-080198 Comments to S3-080061 on GBA_U PUSH procedures Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks
S3-080117 Incorporation of the Ks model to draft TS 33.223 Ericsson
S3-080133 GBA-Push processing Ericsson
S3-080064 pCR to TS 33.223: GPI modification Gemalto

S3-080051 pCR to TS 33.923: ME replaced with UE Gemalto

Generic push layer.

S3-080156 Structure of Generic Push Layer pCR Ericsson

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