Rss feeds What are rss feeds?

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RSS Feeds

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are used to publish frequently updated works in a standardised format.

RSS feeds from include the latest classification decisions and upcoming releases added to the National Classification Database (NCD). This means you can subscribe and automatically get updated with the latest classification decisions added to the NCD as soon as they are available.

Which RSS Feeds can I subscribe to?

  • Latest decisions - all new decisions that are published each night on

  • Latest film decisions - all new film decisions (including cinema, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) that are published each night on

  • Latest computer games decisions - all new computer game decisions that are published each night on

  • Latest literature decisions - all new literature decisions (including magazines, calendars, etc.) that are published each night on

  • Upcoming releases - all new cinema decisions that have a future release date and are published on

How can I subscribe?

Our RSS feeds are compatible with the major browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

RSS feeds for each browser are accessed by the same link – the RSS feed icon (the orange box) on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If you click on the RSS Feed icon, you will get the default feed – all classification decisions.

If you hover over the RSS feed icon with your mouse, you will get more options:

Each browser has slightly different ways of subscribing to an RSS feed – please follow any instructions provided by the browser for the most up to date method, including any additional software you may need to install to view the feed.

Can I filter the feed information?

Yes, filtering is easy with the RSS feed – once you view the feed, you will see various parameters you can filter by, including:

  • all items or only the newest entries;

  • by ‘category’ – by the type of decision (film/computer game/publication) and classification decision (you can only select a filter where results are available)

You can also sort information by date, title or author.

To use the filter and sort options, simply click on the item you want to filter/sort by and the details will be displayed.

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