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RSS and Feed Readers


RSS stands for really simple syndication and is a standard for using XML for web syndication. Websites publish updates—called "feeds"—that indicate when new content has been posted. Users can subscribe to sites that offer web feeds (usually sites that are updated frequently – like news or blogs). Atom is the newer standard.

All these buttons mean the same thing, -- the site you're viewing has a feed available:
Feed Readers

Software programs called "feed readers" or "feed aggregators" reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates.

Create a Bloglines account

Bloglines is an aggregator that is server-based (no software to install on your computer). It’s free and fairly easy to use.


  1. Go to Bloglines

  2. Click on the link for “Sign up now. It’s free” and create a Bloglines account. You will need to enter your email address and choose a password.

  3. You will then need to log-in to your email account to complete your Bloglines subscription. Bloglines will send you an email message that contains a hyperlink you must click to verify.

  4. Start exploring Bloglines! Subscribe to some feeds. Set-up folders and organize your feeds.

There are many other RSS readers. For example, Google Reader: Some readers are server-based (like Bloglines), but others involve installing a desktop application at a computer.

Subscribing to Feeds

Once you've got a tool to read feeds, you'll want to find some feeds worth reading. As you visit sites on the web, you can keep your eyes open for links that say XML or RSS or Syndication, or for that orange button, and add the feeds you find interesting.

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