Rome called Acta Diurna (Daily Events)

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first daily sheet published in Rome called Acta Diurna (Daily Events), which Julius Caesar ordered posted throughout the city.

earliest known printed newspaper in Beijing 

Johannes Gütenberg uses a press to print an old German poem, and two years later prints a 42-line Bible 

postal system can be seen in France and the first paper mill can be found in England

Zeitung (newspaper) is a news report published inGermany

Trewe Encountre becomes the earliest known English-language news sheet

Germany's Avisa Relation oder Zeitungis the first regularly published newspaper in Europe.

the first newspaper in England, the Oxford Gazette is published, utilising double columns for the first time; the Oxford/London Gazette is considered the first true newspaper.

The first North American newspaperPublick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick, was published in Boston.

The first daily newspaper wasThe Daily Courant in London

The Daily Advertiser in London uses the first four-column format

France's first daily newspaper appears, Journal de Paris

first United States daily was the Pennsylvania Packet

The rise of the middle class transformed newspapers.

penny (US$0.01) buys a New York newspaper, opening up the firstmass market for newspapers.

The telegraph is used as a business tool, transforming far-away stories.

an illustrated daily newspaper can be seen in New York

the first full-page newspaper advertisements appear

the first photographs are seen in newspapers, using halftones.

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