Rochester ba-wba 17th Mixed Doubles Championship Tournament Park View Bowl

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17th Mixed Doubles Championship Tournament

Park View Bowl

4306 Culver Road

Rochester, New York 14622

(585) 323-1070
Circle the desired squad time.
November 7th – 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm

November 8th – 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm

November 13th – 7:00 pm or 9:00 pm

November 14th – 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm

November 15th – 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm
Two Separate Prize Divisions

(Prize Ratio: At least 1:6)
Division A – 386 and Over

Division B – 385 and Under
Entry Fee Breakdown

Prize Fee $25.00

Bowling Fee $22.00

Expenses $3.00

Total Fee $50.00
Handicap – 100% of 220 (No Minus Pins)

Bowler’s Name


City and ZIP

2014-2015 Avg.

Send Completed Entry Forms and Fees to:

Rochester USBC BA

745 Titus AVE Annex

Rochester, NY, 14617

BA: (585) 323-1710 WBA: (585) 342-2228
Mixed Doubles Tournament Rules

  1. Eligibility: Participants must be certified members of the Rochester Men’s or Women’s USBC Bowling Association and bowling in a current certified league. Teams consist of one man and one woman.

  1. Entering average: Highest certified average for 21 games or more for the 2014-15 season. USBC rules 319a.2 and 319e.2 (10- and 15-pin increase provisions) are waived.

  1. Format: The tournament consists of three (3) games bowled on one pair of lanes. Tournament management assigns lanes as entries are received. Entrants wishing to bowl together must submit entries together.

  1. Prizes and Awards: All prize fees will be returned (100%). Cash prizes are awarded on a handicap basis in both divisions. You may cash more than once by changing partners. First place team winners each receive a plaque and an invitation to the BA Awards Banquet. Additional “out of money” individual scores are paid.

  1. Prize Ratio: Based on at least one award for every six entries.

  1. Award Criteria: Total pins plus handicap for three games determines prize winners.

  1. Exceptions: If no prior average is established, participant must enter tournament with their highest

  1. 2015-2016 average as of start of tournament (minimum of 12 games). Bowler must provide Tournament Management with their league standing sheet before bowling. Sport and modified sport averages will be adjusted according to USBC rules. Bowlers with no average bowl scratch.

  1. Check-In Procedure: Entrants are requested to report one-half hour prior to the scheduled squad time. Bowlers are required to present their current USBC membership card.

  1. Unscheduled Walk-Ins: Call the bowling center or be there one hour prior to the scheduled squad time.

  1. Refunds: No entry fee is refunded. Substitutions permitted subject to prior arrangement with Tournament Management. There will be a $30.00 charge for returned checks.

Squad Leaders with (12) Teams or more will

Receive (2) free individual entries.
Special Squads are Available. Please contact either Park View Bowl or the Rochester USBC BA Office.

Re-Entry Discount
Any bowler wishing to bowl additional squads will receive $5.00 off their individual entry fee.

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