Robert McCartney

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Robert McCartney

1541 Douglas Ave., Nashville, TN 37206


I perform application development with C# and Visual Basic .NET (including ASP.NET and ADO.NET), Visual Basic (including VBScript, VBA and ASP), ADO, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, COM/COM+, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, C, C++ (including Managed C++, Win32, MFC, CORBA, MPI), Java (including Servlets and J2ME), HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript (including AJAX and JQuery), Perl, and can read and understand a wide variety of programming code.
I provide administration and maintenance of systems including Microsoft Windows, AIX UNIX, various Linux distributions, Mac OS, WebSphere, Apache, Microsoft IIS, SharePoint, Tivoli, Lotus Notes, Hyland OnBase and am a quick study with a variety of systems and protocols.
My healthcare-related experience includes a passing knowledge of HL7, ICD9 and ICD10, the basics of hospital revenue cycle, and software from Epic, MedAptus, McKesson, Allscripts, Landacorp and others.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Health Systems Analyst Programmer, Capacity Management – 2014 to Present

I perform reporting tasks and analysis for clinic leadership regarding patient access and provider capacity.

  • Perform data visualizations using HTML, ASP, .NET framework, JavaScript, and Tableau Server.

  • Earned Epic Cadence certification.

  • Provide extensive analysis on Epic appointment data using Oracle, SQL Server, and other technologies.

  • Developed utilities to visualize Epic schedule data using .NET framework and Microsoft Excel.

  • Implemented processes to monitor and audit Epic department data to standardize department creation and reporting across several divisions.

  • Assist with ad-hoc reporting and develop in-house documentation as needed.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Health Systems Analyst Programmer, Revenue Cycle Specialty Applications – 2009 to 2014

My responsibilities included supporting off-the-shelf applications as well as developing solutions to allow data to flow between systems.

  • Developed a web service using .NET framework to securely deliver financial data to an external vendor. Recognized for providing a high level of flexibility and service.

  • Developed a desktop application using .NET framework to synchronize and store patient data for use when online systems are unavailable. Provided a high level of security for data both in transit and at rest.

  • Developed a scanning process to reduce paper and paper storage costs for financial documentation using a minimal budget; deployed on existing infrastructure and automated metadata extraction to minimize staff effort. Utilized Powershell, SQL Server, SharePoint, and software from Kofax for OCR and indexing. Processed thousands of documents monthly.

  • Implemented a charge capture application including detailed technical requirements from multiple ancillary systems, worked closely with both vendor and local staff to develop HL7 and flat-file interfaces.

  • Served as a certified OnBase administrator: developed documentation of existing processes and developed new processes including workflow. Earned certification as an OnBase admin (OCSA), workflow admin (OCWA), and with the OnBase API.

  • Delivered reports using Microsoft SharePoint and a variety of web-based technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (including JQuery) to provide well-formatted and visualized data.

  • Spent time understanding and troubleshooting issues with HL7 data moving between systems.

  • Coordinated upgrades to systems; worked closely with QA, infrastructure groups and end users.

  • Provided ad-hoc documentation and instruction for technology professionals and hospital staff.

Noregon Systems, Winston Salem, NC

Software Engineer – 2004 to 2009

I served as a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) assisting with requirements, design, estimates, implementation, and maintenance of large software projects for the transportation industry.

  • Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6 and Visual C++, SQL Server/MSDE programming.

  • Assisted in design, estimation, and development of an HTTP client system using VB.Net for managing engine calibration information. This included SQL database design, interfacing with an existing server application, extensive business logic, and data tracking for reports. The application was completed under budget. The engine manufacturer has increased the scope of their deployment as a result of the positive response of the application.

  • Assisted in design, estimation, and development of a diagnostic service tool using Visual C# for a major engine manufacturer including the use of SAE standards such as J1939 and J1587 and TMC standards such as RP1210A. Primary responsibility was implementing a tool for using pre-designed diagnostic instrument layouts to view live or recorded vehicle data. The tool ran both via web browser and as a standalone application.

  • Performed change requests, updates to requirements and other lifecycle development tasks on a wide variety of vehicle diagnostic applications.

  • Technical lead for all projects relating to one of our largest customers, including maintenance of source control, installations and performing code reviews.

Live Cargo, Inc. Greensboro, NC

Contract Developer – 2003 to 2004

My responsibilities included assisting with design, estimates, and implementation of a web-based (HTTP) file sharing application. The application included complex topics such as data encryption, socket encryption (using SSL), a high level of error correction and file synchronization, and was implemented using Java J2SE.

Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC

Software Engineer – 2001 to 2004

My responsibilities included assisting with requirements, design, estimates, and implementation of software for classroom use, and evaluation of 3rd party products for campus use.

  • Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ and Visual Basic 6 programming for Windows 98, 2000, XP and Windows Mobile / Windows CE.

  • Ported a commercial classroom management software package from PalmOS to PocketPC/Windows Mobile using Visual C++ for an external vendor. The software provided test-taking capabilities, messaging, and other services to students with connected PDAs.

  • Designed and developed software using Visual C++ to provide automated configuration of over 3000 laptop computers annually. The software preconfigured network services including file and printer sharing, electronic mail, and security settings for the campus network.

  • Generated work estimates and status reports of ongoing projects for my team.

  • Performed research on current and upcoming technologies and reported findings and recommendations to members of the staff, faculty, and the head of Information Systems.

  • Acted as an advanced support resource for Information Systems’ student programs department.

  • Managed 1-3 student programmers per semester.

Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC

Systems Administrator – 1997 to 2001

My responsibilities included assisting with management of a large academic computing network including electronic mail, file, and printing services.

  • Managed a portion of the campus-wide Windows network (approximately 6000 users).

  • Managed two Lotus Notes networks on AIX and Windows.

  • Deployed an admissions application using IBM WebSphere. Provided support between IBM Global Services and local staff. Performed server load testing, and devised backup and restore schemes.

  • Deployed university budget applications using Lotus Notes 4. Worked closely with an outside contractor and provided support to both the developers and accounting staff.

  • Deployed a learning content management application using the first Linux servers in the Enterprise. Provided systems support and technical evaluations to a committee charged with choosing between multiple vendors. Maintained a high level of uptime and assisted users in moving materials from an older system. Developed a maintenance plan and developed software to support password synchronization between existing systems and the new product.

  • Developed a web-based voting system using Perl on AIX/UNIX for student elections that enforced voting rules and provided a great deal of transparency for student government staff while maintaining an appropriate level of privacy for users. Designed, implemented and deployed the system in under 5 days.

  • Managed 1-3 student programmers per semester.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC

Master of Science, Computer Science

UPE International Honor Society for the Computing Sciences

Furman University, Greenville, SC

Bachelor of Arts, Drama

Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA

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