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1. Personal details:


Prasad. Kakara . Ph. +966 504 918424. E-Mail:


FAHSS/TUV. PB No 3998, Dammam-31481, KSA

Date of birth




2. Professional Qualifications & Registrations:

Name of exam /registration

Name of board/ university



QMS Lead Auditor15

IRCA, UK. ( Reg. No. 015885)


Lead Auditor

QMS Lead Auditor19

TUV, Germany. (Reg No. 0403080)


Lead Auditor

MIQA12 (No 05030128)

Charted Quality Institute, UK



Quality Systems Manager14

( Reg. No. UK01SM-29)

European Organization for Quality.



Post Diploma1

Applied Electronics & Microwave Technology.

Pusa Institute,

Board of Technical Education

New Delhi.


First division with



Electronics, Radio and Comm. Engineering.

Electronic Training Institute.

AF Bangalore. India


First division

2.1 Training Attended

Name of Training

Name of Institution



Information Security Management Systems11



One Day

Occupational Health and Safety -1800113

Nigel Bauer & Associates


3 days

Environmental Management Systems 14001:2004

TUV-Saudi Arabia


1 day

Advanced Health & Safety (NEBOSH Program)

TUV Middle East


5 days

  1. Details of Experience:

3.1 FAHASS/TUV. Dammam, KSA. Period: 20-03-02 to Date. Desig: Auditor & Consultant

(Ref. Mr. Dennis P. Abraham. RWTUV Certification Manager. Mobile:+966 505 906942)

Consultant: Responsible for developing and implementing quality & Environmental management systems.

Auditor: Responsible for assessing the quality management systems in accordance with ISO-9001/19011.

Trainer: Public and In-house training on ISO-9000-2000 awareness and internal quality auditors, EMS 14001:2004, SPC/SQC (Statistical Process/Quality Control) Techniques.

(Customer satisfaction achieved by the undersigned can be verified from any or all the references and clients

3.2 SAUDI INTELTEC, Khobar, KSA. Period: 23-11-00 to 20-02-02 Designation: Q A Manager

(Ref: Mr. Rida Ghanem. General Manager. Mobile: +966 504 431277)

Responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of quality management system. Awareness training to personnel, managing internal audits, preparation of quality plans, technical work instructions etc.

3.3 NGC. Riyadh, KSA. Period: 5 yrs (21-6-95 to 20-6-00) Designation: Telecom Engineer

(Ref: Mr. Rashad M. Abed. Director-General. Mobile: +966 505 460666)

National Group for Computers and communications was one of the largest telecom companies in the Middle East which introduced, DRMASS rural communications, ERMES Radio paging system, Centralized Alarms Monitoring & control systems and pay phone networks in Saudi Arabia.

Role in NGC:

Project Engineer, Radio paging: Responsible for preparation of bids, expansion of radio coverage & network activities and support for operation & maintenance for the ERMES radio paging network consisting three paging network controllers with nearly a hundred base stations in KSA.

Telecom Engineer, Shared Radio Systems: Responsible for installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the 2-GHz Digital Radio Multiple Access Subscriber System (DRMASS) of NEC, installed all over Saudi Arabia.

ISO Activities: Development and implementation of ISO 9000 quality management system. Independent pre-assessments for external consultants.
3.4. MACE (India) ltd. India. Period: ~4yrs (from 2-11-91 to 16-6-95) Designation: Technical Officer

Marine And Communication Electronics: A government undertaking company in India that had military approved design, development, production, testing, installation and servicing of sophisticated electronic Communication/Navigation/Emergency Position Indication Equipment.

Role in MACE: technical officer (QA, Training & Documentation and Product Support)

Quality Assurance: Incoming Goods Inspection, inspection of PCB artworks, films & proto-type PCBs. Maintenance of QC in machine shop, assembly, process & final inspection. Environmental testing of finished goods, technical reviews on deviations and defect reports of assembly, process, inspection and product support. Vetting of sub-contractors, maintenance of QC inspection in sub-contractor premises.

Training & Documentation

Training: In-house training to production floor personnel on excellence of soldering techniques, assembly procedures and quality circles with effective motivating and presentation skills. Training on installation, commissioning and maintenance of various products of the company to customer support engineers, men & officers of defense on mil-supplied equipment.

Documentation: Development of Mil-Grade technical documentation as per Joint Specification Standards (JSS 0251) with good command and journalistic presentation skills in English for the entire product range of the company in close liaison with the R&D engineers. Development of technical brochures and training material for various products of the company.

Product Support: Responsible for installation testing, servicing and maintenance of shared radio systems uninterrupted solar powered power supplies. Dealing with stubborn infant mortalities. Warranty and maintenance contracts of base and subscriber equipment of Shared Radio Systems’ installed all over rural India.
3.5. INDIAN AIR FORCE: period: 15 yrs (12-11-76 to 1-11-91) Desig: Sr. Noncommissioned Officer

Responsible for installation, commissioning, servicing and major overhaul of Microwave Missile Guidance Radar system. Specialist in coherent Moving Target Indicator (MTI). Experience on operation, maintenance and major overhaul of Ground (and Airborne) Early Warning, search, surveillance, tracking and navigational Radar Systems. Aircraft on hand general duties, operation and maintenance of primary and secondary power sources, specialist vehicles and 2 & 4 stroke petrol and diesel sets. Live & accord simulated air defense tactical exercises. Team player and leadership in quick deployment and activation of Missile Guidance Radar complex.

Significant personal achievement: recipient of prestigious BEST PROFESSIONAL AWARD of Indian Air Force for the year 1987, when the nation was on red alert.


(Prasad KSR)

Dt: 12-02-2005

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