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Resources in Massachusetts for hearing aids

Massachusetts has an insurance mandate for hearing aids for children under the age of 21. Learn about the law and what it covers. Discuss your individual benefits with your employer. In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has a hearing aid program for infants and children that is based on financial need. More information can be found at: or by calling 800-882-1435. In addition, some individual audiological centers offer loaner hearing aids for their patients and access manufacturers’ programs as well.

Audiological Centers in Massachusetts with Loaner Banks

Baystate Medical Center, Audiology contact: Jeanne Coburn

Berkshire Medical Center, Audiology contact: Alice Bassen

Boston Children’s Hospital, Audiology contact: Heather Saczynski

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Tufts Medical Center, Audiology contact: Lauren Seafert

UMass Memorial Medical Center, Audiology contact: Kristen O’Conner

If your familys audiology center is not on this list, you should still ask about financial assistance or other resources for hearing aids.

Updated 9/15

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