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The core business of designing, manufacturing, distributing, processing and destroying Australian banknotes. Includes the provision of banknote and secure document related services for domestic and overseas customers on a commercial basis.

The core activities include:

  • purchasing Australian banknotes from Note Printing Australia Ltd;

  • managing the design, production and quality assurance of banknotes;

  • providing and receiving advice;

  • establishing and managing intellectual property rights;

  • distributing banknotes;

  • detecting and handling counterfeit banknotes;

  • assessing damaged banknotes and arrangement for reimbursement for genuine verified notes;

  • ensuring quality management of banknotes in circulation;

  • currency accounting;

  • monitoring, reviewing and forecasting banknote stocks and movements;

  • managing the security of banknote stocks;

  • destroying banknotes;

  • managing numismatic banknote sales;

  • providing commercial banknote and secure document services to domestic and overseas customers;

  • conducting research;

  • providing public education and promoting awareness in relation to banknote issues and matters; and

  • carrying out audits of approved cash centre operations.

The performance of the core business is supported by general activities such as:

  • negotiating, establishing and implementing contracts and agreements;

  • managing and participating in committees and working groups;

  • preparing and delivering speeches, presentations and briefings;

  • developing, implementing and reviewing policies, plans and procedures;

  • handling enquiries relating to banknotes; and

  • reviewing.

Cross references to other areas of this records authority

For involvement in international initiatives to combat counterfeiting, use INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS.

Cross references to AFDA Express records authority

For financial transactions associated with numismatic sales, use FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.

For managing the acquisition of goods and services, including external consultants and service providers, use PROCUREMENT.

For advice, briefs and submissions to the portfolio Minister, cabinet submissions and the organisation’s participation in formal inquiries, use GOVERNMENT RELATIONS.

For media releases, press cuttings and extracts, use COMMUNITY RELATIONS or GOVERNMENT RELATIONS.

For the security of land and buildings, use PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

For visits by the Minister and/or members of parliament, use GOVERNMENT RELATIONS.

For internal and external audits across the Bank, use STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT.

Cross references to other records authorities

For the development and management of historical collections of Australian banknotes and associated machines and equipment, including developing and managing exhibitions and public programs, use SMALL COLLECTION MANAGEMENT.

For records of the Reserve Bank Board and Note Printing Australia Board, use GOVERNING BODIES.

For reviews of the governance arrangements with subsidiaries (eg Note Printing Australia), use ESTABLISHING & WINDING UP ENTITIES.

Class no

Description of records

Disposal action


The following significant records documenting:

  • developing, implementing and reviewing policies and plans relating to the design, production and management of Australian banknotes. Includes final version, milestone drafts, results of stakeholder consultations and feedback, and supporting research;

  • Australian banknotes of every denomination whenever a new banknote series is introduced (eg paper and polymer series);

  • 4 of each Australian banknote where a significant production change has been made (eg layout, design, colour, size, banknote signatures and security features) or the change offers an interesting historical perspective (eg change of Head of State or withdrawal of a banknote denomination);

  • 4 of each commemorative Australian banknote produced to signify a nationally significant event or achievement (eg Australia’s bicentenary);

  • 3 sheets (Master Standards) from each production phase, which reflect the original artwork and quality requirements signed off by the Bank when an Australian banknote is first developed, and when substantial changes to banknotes occur over time, such as changes to the layout, design, colour, or size of banknotes, or changes to banknote signatures and security features;

  • at least 2 example counterfeit Australian banknotes (of each denomination) from each counterfeit group or classification which: belong to notable groups of counterfeits that led to changes to the design and production of banknotes; demonstrate counterfeiting techniques of interest; illustrate a range of counterfeiting techniques over time; and/or illustrate a range of counterfeit qualities. Includes summary information regarding counterfeit samples captured in systems and databases;

  • an example of a master production tooling (eg intaglio plates and other production plates) from the first design of each denomination of each series of banknotes issued into circulation;

  • an example of a master production tooling for only one of the affected denominations where substantial generic design change occurs affecting multiple denominations to the existing series (eg signature changes);

  • an example of a master production tooling for each of the affected denominations where a substantial, denomination-specific design change occurs to the existing series;

  • an example of a master production tooling from only one denomination where a substantial technological change occurs to the production of the banknotes;

  • design, production and review of Australian banknotes, including design proposals, briefs, technical specifications, approved and rejected designs, drawings, research, and advice from historians and specialist groups;

  • biographical information about designers of Australian banknotes;

  • final version of materials used to educate and/or promote awareness of Australian banknotes and banknote issues;

  • copyright and other intellectual property rights to final approved designs for Australian banknotes;

  • high-level advice provided to or received from major stakeholders. Includes final version of formal advice, submissions and supporting research and briefs;

  • identifying and examining counterfeit Australian banknotes which are subject to media scrutiny, result in significant targeted police investigations and operations, or which lead to changes to the design and production of banknotes. Includes liaison and correspondence with law enforcement agencies, banks and banknote equipment manufacturers; information received from members of the public (including associated reward claims); results of laboratory tests; forensic reports; witness statements and court testimonies;

  • major research outcomes, including, final reports, papers, findings and related joint venture agreements, which have been controversial; led to changes to the design and/or production of Australian banknotes; involved extensive debate and/or aroused widespread interest; involved eminent researchers; or made a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge relating to the design, production and management of Australia’s banknotes;

  • commercial banknote and secure document related services to domestic or overseas customers which have been controversial, subject to intense media scrutiny and aroused widespread public interest, and/or resulted in significant changes to the operations, policies or processes of the Bank and/or its subsidiary companies. Includes bids, tenders, records relating to the negotiation, establishment and variation of contracts, project management records, and records relating to the development and delivery of client final deliverables;

  • high-level internal and external committees and working groups where the Bank is the lead organisation, is the Commonwealth’s main representative, provides the chair or secretariat or plays a leading role;

  • final versions of speeches, presentations and/or briefings made by the Governor, Deputy Governor, Assistant Governors or Department Heads;

  • high-level reviews of the core business. Includes final review reports, milestone drafts, recommendations, stakeholder consultations, submissions and supporting research; and

  • master version of agency external publications.

Retain as national archives


Records documenting:

  • financial accounting and reconciliation records relating to the management of un-presented/written off banknotes;

  • identification and examination of counterfeit foreign banknotes, including details of the counterfeit banknotes, liaison with and formal reports to international and overseas security and enforcement agencies; and

  • final reports, papers and findings from research not covered in class 61603.

Destroy 100 years after action completed


Records documenting:

  • security arrangements for Australian banknotes and banknote stocks, including security and alarm monitoring reports, and security access authorisations and arrangements; and

  • final version of procedures.

Destroy 20 years after action completed


Records documenting:

  • routine requests from Approved Cash Centre Operators and commercial banks for supplies of header cards, note cartons and note containers;

  • drafting procedures, speeches and presentations and promotional and educational materials, including working papers, background documents and stakeholder feedback; and

  • administrative arrangements for committees, meetings, speeches, presentations, conferences, education and awareness sessions and other events including: timetables and schedules; venue and facility bookings; announcements and notifications; invitations; catering arrangements; and routine liaison with venue organisers.

Destroy 1 year after action completed


Surveillance tapes documenting banknote and secure document production, distribution and processing activities.

Destroy 6 months after action completed


Records documenting:

  • routine operational administrative tasks supporting the core business; and

  • banknotes & secure documents activities, other than those covered in classes 61603 to 61607.

Destroy 7 years after action completed
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