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Abbott J (1971) Student Life in a Class Society

Abbott J (1994) Learning makes sense; recreating education for a changing future.

Abbot, P. and Lankshear, G. (1992) Care Needs of Older People in Devon, Plymouth: University of Plymouth.

Abercrombie N (1988) Contemporary British society, Cambridge.

Abercrombie N. (1980) Class, Structure and Knowledge

Abercrombie, N., Hill, S. and Turner, B. (1980) The Dominant Ideology Thesis

Adams J M, Gabrini P J and Kurtz, B. (1988) An introduction to computer science with Modula-2, Massachusetts.

Agger, B. (1992) Cultural Studies as Critical Theory

Anderson, R., Hughes, J. and Sharrock, W. (eds) (1987) Classic Disputes in Sociology

Anderson T L & Zelditch M (1975) A basic course in statistics with sociological applications, London. [x2].

Andrews F M (1973) Multiple classification analysis; A report on a computer program for multiple regression using categorical predictors, Michigan.

Andrews F M (1974) A guide for selecting statistical techniques for analyzing social science data, Michigan.

Annandale, E. (1998) The Sociology of Health and Medicine

Anton, H. (1991) Elementary Linear Algebra

Arber S (1978) Medical sociology in Britain, Guildford, University of Surrey.

Arber, S. and Gilbert, N. (1992) Women and Working Lives. Divisions and change

Arber, S. et al. (?) Gender and Inequality in Britain. A guide to using data from the GHS, Students’ Book, Guildford: University of Surrey.

Archer, M (1972) Students, University and Society

Arksey, H. (1998) RSI and the Experts. The construction of medical knowledge

Asakura S (1980) Cooperation between general practitioners and community nurses in the UK, Tokyo, Osaka University Medical School.

Atkinson J M & Heritage J (1984) Structures of social action; studies in conversation analysis, Cambridge.

Babbie E R (1973) Survey research methods.

Babbie, E. (1989) The Practice of Social Research

Barnes, C. (2001) Disability and the Sociological Imagination (VIDEO)

Badcock, C. (1988) Essential Freud

Barbalet, J. (1988) Citizenship

Barker, E. (1989) New Religious Movements. A practical introduction

Bartholomew D J & Bassett E E (1971) Let's look at figures; the quantitative approach to human affairs, London.

Barnes, B. (1995) The Elements of Social Theory

Bart, P. and Frankel, L. (1981) The Student Sociologist’s Handbook

Bauman, Z. (1992) Intimations of Postmodernity

Beck, U. (1992) Risk Society. Towards a new modernity

Beckford, J. (1985) Cult Controversies. The social response to the new religious movements

Bell, D. (1976) The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism

Bellah, R. and Hammond, P. (1980) Varieties of Civil Religion

Belson W a T & Thompson B-A (1973) Bibliography on methods of social and business

Benzeval M, Judge K & Solomon M (1992) The Health Status of Londoners. London, Kings Fund Institute.

Beresford P, Kemmis J & Tunstill J (1984) In Care in North Battersea.

Berger B & Berger P (1983) The War Over the Family: Capturing the Middle Ground, Reading, Pelican Books Ltd.

Berger P (1963) Invitation to sociology; a humanistic perspective, Middlesex.

Berger, P. (1977) Facing up to Modernity

Bergman M M & Eberle T S (Eds.) (2004) Qualitative Inquiry: Research, Archiving and Re-use, Bern, Swiss Academy of Humanities.

Berman, M. (1982) All That is Solid Melts into Air. The experience of modernity

Bird C (1989) The New Register of Policing Research, Stamford, JEC Potter & Son Ltd.

Bird, E. (1980) Information Technology in the Office: the impact on women’s jobs

Blaikie, N. (1993) Approaches to Social Inquiry

Blalock H M (1960) 'Social Statistics; International Student Edition' London.

Blalock H M (1961) Causal inferences in nonexperimental research.

Blalock H M (1969) Theory construction: from verbal to mathematical formulations, New

Blane, D, Brunner, E. and Wilkinson, R. (1996) Health and Social Organisation. Towards a health policy for the 21st century

Blau, P. and Duncan, O. (1967) The American Occupational Structure

Blauner, R. (1964) Alienation and Freedom. The factory worker and his industry

Blythe, R. (1969) Akenfield. Portrait of an English village

Boggs, C. (1984) The Two Revolutions. Gramsci and the dilemmas of western Marxism

Bone, M. et al. (1995) Healthy Life Expectancy, London: ONS.

Boswell, G. and Poland, F. (eds) (2003) Women’s Minds, Women’s Bodies, Basingstoke: Palgrave/Macmillan.

Bott F, Coleman A, Eaton J & Rowland D (1995) Professional issues in software engineering, London, UCL Press.

Bowen, R. (1992) Graph It! How to make, read and interpret graphs

Briggs, A. (1982) Marx in London

Brown G, Cherrington D H & Cohen L (1975) Experiments in the social sciences, London.

Brown, D. and Harrison, M. (1978) A Sociology of Industrialisation

Bruckner, H. (1995) Surveys Don’t Lie, People Do? An analysis of data quality in a retrospective life course study

Bulmer M, Sykes W & Moorhouse J (1998) Directory of Social Research Organisations in the United Kingdom, Guildford, Mansell.

Burgess, R. (ed) 1986) Key Variables in Social Investigation

Burgess R (1983) Experiencing comprehensive education; a study of Bishop McGregor School, London.

Burgess, R. (1979) Teaching Research Methods to Postgraduates

Burney E (1980) A chance to change; day care and day training for offenders, London.

*Bynner J S & Strybley K (1978) Social research; principles and procedures, London.

Bytheway, B., Keil, T., Allatt, P. and Bryman, A. (1989) Becoming and Being Old.

Calhoun, C. (1982) The Question of Class Struggle. Social foundations of popular radicalism during the industrial revolution

Campbell, C. (1987) The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism

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Cannell C F, Lawson S A & Hausser D L (1975b) A Technique for Evaluating Interviewer Performance, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Survey Research Centre, University of Michigan.

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Cassell, P (ed) (1993) The Giddens Reader

Cattell R and Warburton F.(1967) Objective personality & motivation tests, London.

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Chambers (1990) English Dictionary

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Clark R (1972) A Biography of the Nuffield Foundation, London, William Clowes & Sons Ltd.

Cobalt (1999) Researching in the community: a positive partnership. Liverpool, The Television Service.(VIDEO)

Cockburn, C. and Dilic, R. (1994) Bringing Technology Home. Gender and Technology in a changing Europe

Cohen, S and Scull, A. (eds) (1983) Social Control and the State

Cohen, S. and Young, J. (1984) The Manufacture of News. Deviance, Social problems

Collins, R. (1986) Max Weber. A skeleton key

Collins, R. 1986) Weberian Sociological Theory

Connolly, W. (ed)(1984) Legitimacy and the State

Conroy, S., Fielding, N. and Tunstill, J. (1990) Investigating Child Sexual Abuse.

*Converse J M & Schuman H (1974) Conversations at random: survey research as interviewers see it, London.

Converse, J. and Presser, S. (1986?) Survey Questions. Handcrafting the standardized questionnaire

Cooper, H., Arber, S., Fee, L. and Ginn, J. (1999) The Influence of Social Support and Social Capital on Health

Cooper, H. Arber, S. Ginn, J. And Smaje, C. (2000) Ethnic Inequalities in Health and Smoking Behaviour

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Coxon, A. and Jones, C. (1978) The Images of Occupational Prestige. A study in social cognition

Coxon a P M (1982) The user's guide to multidimensional scaling, London.

Coxon, A. (1974?) Multidimensional Scaling. ESRC Summer School Notes.

Coxon, A. and Davies, E. (eds)(1979) Working Papers in Multidimensional Scaling

Coxon, A. (1977) Variables, Network and Meaning. Inaugural lecture, Cardiff

Cragg, A.and Dawson, T. (1981) Qualitative Research Among Homeworkers

Cramer, D. (2003) Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis, Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Crompton, R. (1993) Class and Stratification. An introduction to current debates

Crook, S. Pakulski, J. and Waters, M. (1992) Postmodernisation. Change in advanced society

Crosland, A. (1985) The Future of Socialism

Cross M & Marks A (1979) Peasants, Plantations and Rural Communities in the Caribbean.

Cuff, E. and Payne, G. (eds) (1979) Perspectives in sociology,

*Cullingworth J B (1970) Council Housing Purposes, Procedures and Priorities. London, HMSO.

Cullingworth J B (1979) Essays on Housing Policy: The British Scene, George Allen & Unwin.

Culpit, I. (1992) Welfare and Citizenship. Beyond the crisis of the welfare state

Czaja, R. and Blair, J. (1996) Designing Surveys. A guide to decisions and procedures

Cutts, M. and Maher, C. (1980) Writing Plain English, London: Plain English Campaign.

Dahl, R. (1982) Dilemmas of Pluralist Democracy. Autonomy versus control, London: Yale University Press.

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Dale, A. and Glover, J. (1990) An Analysis of Women’s Employment Patterns in the UK, France and the USA, London: Employment Department Group.

Dale B (1999) Managing Quality, Oxford:Blackwell.

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Dept of Health (1998) Our Healthier Nation. A contract for health, Cm 3854, London: TSO.

*Dodgson K, Goodwin P, Howard P, Llewellyn-Thomas, et al. (2001) Electronic monitoring of released prisoners: an evaluation of the Home Detention Curfew scheme. London.

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European Commission (1994?) EC Research Funding. A Guide for applicants, Brussels:EC.

European Commission (1994) EC-Funded Research and Technological Development, Luxembourg: CEC.

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