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Blog and WordPress Minisite Policy

Requirements to qualify:

  • Organizational status

    • POCs and WH Initiatives and other similar units (e.g., OET, International Affairs) can have WordPress sites and/or blogs for their organization as a whole

      • The current infrastructure won’t support a high-volume of traffic, so we may hold requests from larger POCs until the infrastructure is strengthened. Please note POCs will also still need to use TeamSite for their document collections.

    • Subunits of a POC may be able to have their own WordPress sites if the Assistant Secretary of that POC signs off on the request.

  • Staffing

    • You must be able to assign at least one career staff to the project. This person will be the site admin.

    • POC staff will be responsible for posting, ongoing site maintenance, and comment moderation.

      • Small initiatives can make arrangements with other staff to cover this work, but it is their responsibility to do so.

      • Accepting comments is optional. If you choose to accept comments, you will need to moderate them. You must link to the ED blog comment policy.

  • Responsibility

    • Someone at the management level in the POC or Initiative must agree to be responsible for the site. This includes making policy or strategic decisions related to the site, and making sure the site has needed support (i.e., staffing).

Information to provide:

  • Basic information

    • Name of the POC or organization

    • Name of career staff to be site admin

    • Name of manager responsible for the site

    • General purpose of the site

    • Hosting solution ( or other, please specify planned/requested URL)

  • Content plan: At a minimum, must include

    • Type of site (only static pages, or blog posts)

    • General information about content (types, sources…)

    • General information about intended audience

    • How content will be developed, reviewed, maintained

      • Under maintenance, also include your plan for archiving or deleting outdated content

    • Who is responsible for maintaining the content on the site

      • The managing office is ultimately responsible for keeping copies, backups, and records related to the content. Neither OCO nor OCIO can retrieve content that has been overwritten or deleted.

    • Who is responsible for editorial review and approval of the content on the site

      • For routine postings

      • For priority or sensitive postings

      • You must assign POC staff to perform editorial oversight, because OCO doesn’t review POC WordPress sites. The two primary responsibilities of the reviewers are:

        • Don’t make news (that is, coordinate anything newsworthy with OCO—no surprises)

        • Don’t embarrass the Department (if in any doubt, check)

  • Communications plan:

    • How will you promote the site launch?

    • What communication channels will you use to connect to your audience and promote your content on an ongoing basis?

Approval process:

  • Management sponsor or someone they delegate the task to should email the request to and cc: Jill James (Director of Web Services)

  • Jill will review the request, and then discuss with Cameron Brenchley (Director of Digital Services) and Jonathan Schorr (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications Development).

  • Jill will send the requester information on the approval or rejection of the request.

Site setup:

  • The OCO Web Team provides, as a service, setup for WordPress minisites and blogs that are part of the WordPress multisite instance. (A list of current minisites and blogs is available at If your POC, initiative or other organizational unit has approval to start a blog on another website, your office or contractors will need to provide support like they do for the rest of your website.

  • The designated site admin should email the initial content to be used for setup to

    • It’s up to the site owners to decide how much of the initial setup work they want the Web Team to do.

  • The site admin should also provide information on any other users who need to be added.

  • After the site is set up, the Web Team will contact the site admin to arrange for training.

  • Once the new blog is live, it blog should be listed on the ED Social Media page. Please contact the Web Team at and CC Jill James (Director of Web Services) if your blog is not listed.

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