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DATE & TIME: March 12-14, 2012; 8:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. Mon & Tue,. and 8-5 Wed

LOCATION: –– Merkel and Associates, Inc. in San Diego (619) 609-3940
REQUIRED MATERIALS: Each student MUST bring to class:

  • A dissecting microscope with objectives ranging from 0.7X to 4X. (or as close as possible) best with sub stage lighting capability included.

  • One or more high quality light source(s). High intensity desk lamp $10 work well.

Furnished Materials: Reprint of Book (Eriksen & Belk (1999) Fairy Shrimps of California’s Puddles, Pools, and Playas) handout sheets and reprints of pertinent papers, and one pair of forceps (Featherweight forceps (4748) from BioQuip Products, Inc).
COURSE OUTLINE: DAY 1: LECTURE: We begin class by viewing an award winning video on large Branchiopod crustaceans – fairy shrimps, clam shrimps, and tadpole shrimps. Mary Belk will discuss Branchiopod general biology, ecology, zoogeography, and conservation. Followed by a discussion of morphology of fairy shrimp and tadpole shrimp. Questions are welcome at any point both during and after these presentations. LABORATORY: Mary Belk will discuss techniques useful in studying fairy shrimps under the microscope and using the key in Eriksen and Belk (1999) and update sheets provided in class. This will include PowerPoint presentations of the California species illustrating key characters. The key and update sheets will be used to identify study specimens of the California fairy shrimp and tadpole shrimp species. Mary Belk will work individually with each student during this exercise helping each person learn how to see key characters.
DAY 2: Mary will begin the class by stepping through the key couplet by couplet with the use of a PowerPoint presentation. Students will resume individual study aided by Mary. Approximately 2:30 pm Mary will show the PowerPoint presentation of California fairy shrimp again for review. Students will continue their individual study.
DAY 3: Students may spend some time studying. Students will take a practical examination during which they will identify a set of test specimens using the key and their notes (Open book test).
FOLLOW UP: A letter of participation in the course citing the results of the practical examination will be sent to each student by Mary Belk after class completion. The letter plus the test sheet will be faxed to the Carlsbad office of the service.
The cost of the course is $850 per person (payment required in advance). Checks should be made payable to Mary Schug Belk and mailed to the address below. You may use a card and pay via to
Mary Schug Belk 1320 Winding Way, New Braunfels, TX 78132

Cell phone: 210-842-9152

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