Request for Tenders (rft) for the Provision to the Department of Defence of

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Request for Tenders (RFT)

for the Provision to the Department of Defence of

Light Tactical Armoured Vehicles

Reference: Con/008/2008

Issued by the Department of Defence, Ireland
8 MAY 2008
Table of Contents
Section Item Page No.
Section 1 Background/ Summary of Requirements 2
Section 2 Conditions of Tender 3
Section 3 Statement of Requirement 8
Section 4 Award Criteria / Evaluation Process 10
Section 5 Format of Response 12
Appendix 1 Declaration of Compliance with RFT 13
Appendix 2 Freedom of Information Declaration 14
Appendix 3 Declaration of Compliance with Article 45 of E.U. Council Directive 2004/18/EC 15
Annex A Essential/ Desirable Characteristics of LTAV 16

Annex B Maintenance & Logistics 29

Annex C Training Requirements 32
Information Note: Equipment/ Weapons Irish Defence Forces 33
Compliance Matrix – Separate document Pages1 - 28
Section 1. Background and Summary of Requirements

Contracting authority

The contracting authority is the Minister for Defence, Ireland.


A requirement has arisen for the provision of Light Tactical Armoured Vehicles (LTAVs) to the Department of Defence for operational use by the Irish Defence Forces.

The vehicles will be required to enhance the capability of the Defence Forces to carry out a range of tasks including light reconnaissance, target acquisition, command, control and communications and to act as a weapon platform in current and future peace support operations.
Further details of the requirement are included later in this document, in particular, the required characteristics of the LTAVs are set out in Annex A.
The tender competition for the supply of the LTAVs consists of a single Request for Tenders stage.

Section 2: Conditions of Tender

Tender Submission

Tenderers are required to provide three (3) hard copies of the Tender in a sealed envelope marked “Tender for Light Tactical Armoured Vehicles - Con/008/2008”, and addressed to:
Contracts Manager,

Department of Defence,

Colaiste Caoimhin,

Mobhi Road,


Dublin 9,


Closing Date

Tenders should be delivered to the above address not later than 12 noon (local time) on Wednesday, 9 July 2008. Tenders delivered late, tenders not in the specified format and incomplete tenders will not be considered. Emailed tenders will not be accepted. Tenderers hand delivering tenders (which will only be accepted at the above address) should obtain a receipt detailing time and date of delivery.

Opening of Tenders

Tenders will be opened at the Department’s Contracts Branch on 9 July 2008 at 12:00 hours (local time) in the presence of authorised officers from the Department of Defence.

Query Handling

All queries regarding this document should be addressed by email to and copied to
The deadline for the submission of queries is Wednesday 2 July 2008 at 12:00 hrs local time. No queries will be accepted after this date/ time. The queries and associated responses will be addressed expeditiously. Where the Department considers it appropriate, a copy of any relevant substantive enquiry and its answer will be published on In such cases, the identity and source of the query will be protected.

Freedom of Information / Confidentiality

The Department and the Defence Forces undertake to use their best endeavours to hold confidential any information provided by Tenderers in response to this Tender, subject to obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act, 1997 and the Freedom of Information Amendment Act 2003.
Tenderers wishing that any of the information supplied in their tender should not be disclosed should identify this sensitive information clearly and specify the reason for its sensitivity. (See Appendix 2). The Department will consult such candidates before making a decision on disclosure of the information concerned on foot of any relevant Freedom of Information (FOI) request, which may be received. However, the Department can give no guarantee on the final outcome of any FOI request in any instance. The Department of Defence may release all other information supplied by the candidate (without prior consultation with the candidate), in response to an FOI request.
The Department requires that all information made available to tenderers in the course of this competition be treated in strict confidence, unless indicated otherwise by the Department in writing.

Delivery of Service

The contractor shall be responsible for the delivery of all goods and services provided for within any agreed Contract emanating from this tender competition on the basis of the agreed costs. The Department retains the right to withhold payment where the contractor has failed to meet its contractual obligations in relation to the delivery of goods and services to an acceptable level or quality and to terminate the contract if necessary.

Single Contract

Although the Department of Defence reserves the right to have any information provided to the Department of Defence in a tender clarified or confirmed, the information supplied in tenders will be treated as the potential basis for a contract between the Department of Defence and the selected company. The Department of Defence will not enter into negotiations with any third party. If it is the case that a tender is being made by more than one company they must nominate one company, with which the Department of Defence may enter into a contract on behalf of the other companies and which will accept overall responsibility for the work. All contact/correspondence with the Department of Defence will be made through this party. In the case that the tendering company has an authorized agent / representative acting on it’s behalf in Ireland, contact details for the agent/ representative should be outlined in the tender response (See Appendix 1).

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