Request for Quotation (rfq) to Provision of Professional Manpower Services for Nursing Home at Pearl’s Hill Road for a period of one (1) Year

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Project Title:

Request for Quotation (RFQ) to Provision of Professional Manpower Services for Nursing Home at Pearl’s Hill Road for a period of one (1) Year

RFQ Reference No:


RFQ Roll-Out Date:

22nd September 2015

RFQ Closing Date:

12th October 2015, 17:00 hrs (SG Time)

Background of Project

Vanguard Healthcare Pte Ltd (“Vanguard”) is a related company of MOH Holdings Pte Ltd, the holding company of Singapore’s public healthcare institutions. The public healthcare institutions within MOHH are divided into six broad clusters. They are Alexandra Health System Pte. Ltd, Eastern Health Alliance Pte. Ltd., Jurong Health Services Pte. Ltd., National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd, National University Health System Pte Ltd and Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd.
To align with the Ministry of Health’s roadmap in building nursing homes/ assisted living facilities within the community to meet the ageing population needs and to free up acute hospital beds, Vanguard has identified an existing one-storey building and two three-storey buildings at No. 5 Pearl’s Hill Road, Singapore168996 to convert to a nursing home.
Vanguard will also be the operator of the Nursing Home.

Objective of Project

The objective of the Project is to put in place a suite of professional manpower services (ranging from specialist medical, to dietary, speech therapy and podiatry services) to serve the residents of the Nursing Home accordingly based on the safety standards required in the Enhanced Nursing Home Standards (2014).

Participating Procedures

The Request for Quotation (RFQ) process shall be as follows:

  1. Interested participant shall first read the Confidentiality Undertakings Letter (“Letter”) and Annexure 1 attached in Annex A to this Notice. If the vendor is agreeable to be bound by the terms of this Letter and Annexure 1, interested vendor may proceed to request for the RFQ documents by sending an email to to request for the electronic RFQ documents. In the email, please state the following:

  • company name;

  • company registration number;

  • business address and

  • the name, designation, contact number and email address of your company representative who will be the primary contact for all communications with MOHH pertaining to the RFQ (“Representative”), with the Subject line as “Response to VANHRDRFQ15013 RFQ for the Provision of Professional Manpower Services for the Nursing Home at Pearl’s Hill Road for a period of one (1) year.”

  1. Instructions relating to your submission of Proposal will be stipulated in the RFQ documentation. Only Proposals submitted in compliance with such instructions will be considered.

  1. The RFQ closing date is on 12th October 2015, 17:00 hrs (SG Time).

Annex A


1 Maritime Square ♦ #11-25 HarbourFront Centre ♦ Singapore 099253

Reg No: 199500437N
Request for Quotation Page of Vanguard Ref No. VANHRDRFQ15013

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