Request for Bids for Prescription Grazing to

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The Nez Perce Tribe Department of Fisheries Resource Management-Watershed Division

Request for Bids for Prescription Grazing to

Control Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea maculosa)

On the Upper Lochsa
Schedule of Items
Item 1: First prescribed grazing during the rosette to bud stage for knapweed.
Quantity of Goats Unit Price Total Price

120 acre unit ______________ ________ ________

Item 2: Second prescribed grazing during second bolting of knapweed.

Quantity of Goats Unit Price Total Price

Re-grazing the same ______________ ________ _________

120 acre unit

Total Bid: $______________________
Project Manager: The Nez Perce Tribe will supply a project administrator for the project. This person has authority for all aspects of contract administration for this project.
Unit Price: All costs should be reflected in the price per mile. Incidental costs include, but are not limited to: mapping, data dictionary definition, database or spreadsheet development for data entry, crew training, equipment and vehicle costs, data compilation, and report writing. No additional
The Schedule
The Contractor will be notified about the receipt of contract by July 11, 2003. All field work will be completed by October 24, 2003.
Deliverables are due by the following dates.
Data Summaries: November 7, 2003
The Contractor will invoice the Nez Perce Tribe in increments as each watershed group is completed.

Contract Inspection

  1. The Contractor shall maintain an adequate inspection system and perform such inspections as will ensure that the work performed under the contract conforms to contract requirements. The Contractor shall maintain complete inspection records and make them available to the Nez Perce Tribe. All work shall be conducted under the general direction of the Nez Perce Tribe Project Manager or their designated inspector and will be subject to inspection at all places and at all times reasonable to ensure compliance with contract. The Project Manager and/or designated inspector reserve the right to participate in any or all daily activities related to data collection or analysis.

  2. Contract inspections are for the sole benefit of the Nez Perce Tribe and do not

    1. Relieve the Contractor of responsibility for providing adequate quality control measures;

    2. Relieve the Contractor of responsibility for damage to or loss of the material before acceptance;

    3. Constitute or imply acceptance.

  3. The Contractor shall without charge, replace or correct the work found by the Nez Perce Tribe not to conform to contract requirements. If the Contractor does not promptly correct or replace rejected work, the Nez Perce Tribe may—

    1. By contract or otherwise, replace the work and charge the cost to the Contractor.

    2. Terminate for default the Contractor’s right to proceed.

  4. Unless otherwise specified, the Nez Perce Tribe shall accept, as promptly as practicable after completion and inspection, all work required by the contract or that portion of the work the Project Manager determines can be accepted separately.

Selection and Award Information
a) Items 2 and 3 may or may not be awarded, at the option of the Nez Perce Tribe, depending on funding availability at the time of contract award. Only one contract will be awarded.
b) Selection of a Contractor will be based on the following criteria. A proposal responsive to these criteria must be submitted with your quotation.

  1. Technical Proposal. The technical proposals will be evaluated and ranked on the basis of the following criteria.

    1. Name, specification of qualifications and credentials of the persons who will be assigned to supervise and perform the project. Include a percentage of the time these individuals will be directly on the project site. Include experience in the project area, or similar geographic areas; knowledge of field conditions which will be encountered such as access, terrain, ground cover, etc.; specialized experience in road and culvert environmental risk assessment, and ability to collect data using GPS units and compile and report data in database or spreadsheet format. Include stability of your company and staff over the last three years in this type of work.

    2. Provide a description of your conceptual approach to this project, including project coordination, project management and logistics, data collection, data analysis, and project reporting.

    3. Past Performance. Include your history of having produced a final report similar to the one required by the solicitation. Cite contracts for similar work with the Forest Service or other agencies (include names and telephone numbers).

    4. Outline your firm’s ability to undertake and complete this project on time, crew composition, expected production rates, driving records of crew; and access to additional qualified personnel. Include a list of tasks to be undertaken in order to complete the project and the amount of time associated with each task.

  1. Business Proposal

    1. An itemized breakdown of project price (see Schedule of Items). All costs should be reflected in the price per mile. Incidental costs include, but are not limited to: mapping, data dictionary definition, database or spreadsheet development and data entry, crew training, equipment and vehicle costs, data compilation, and report writing. Itemize costs detailing the time to be spent on each incidental item. No additional compensation will be granted for such items.

c) Award Statement

Award will be made to the offeror whose proposal is technically acceptable and whose technical proposal/cost relationship is the most advantageous to the Nez Perce Tribe. The critical factor in making the decision is not the spread between technical ratings, but rather the significance of it. The Nez Perce Tribe reserves the right to make cost/technical trade-offs that are in the best interest and to the advantage of the Nez Perce Tribe. The Nez Perce Tribe evaluation team composed of contracting officers and technical experts will prepare a selection report with at least firms that are considered to be the most qualified to perform the required services. The report will include descriptions of the discussions and evaluation that lead to the selection of the 3 most qualified firms. The Nez Perce Tribe Project Manager will list the offerors in order of preference.
Award may be made to the preferred firm without further negotiations. Proposals should be submitted initially on the most favorable terms, from a price and technical standpoint, which the offeror can submit to the Nez Perce Tribe. However, the Project Manger may, after evaluation of the proposals, conduct further oral or written negotiations as appropriate, with all offerors selected as most qualified.
Negotiations will begin with the most preferred firm and include all items in the contract. If a mutually satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated, the Project Manager shall notify the offeror that negotiations have been terminated. The Project Manager shall then initiate negotiations with the next offeror on the list.

Road and Culvert Environmental Risk Assessment

Upper Lochsa Drainage Basin: Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

Introduction and Background

The Nez Perce Tribe and the Clearwater National Forest maintain an ongoing watershed restoration partnership in the Upper Lochsa River Drainage located in North Central Idaho. Past road work focused on road removal of extensive abandoned logging road networks and culvert replacement for fish passage. Other than culvert replacement for fish passage, the remaining System roads identified as important for forest management purposes have received little attention for restoration opportunities. The Road and Culvert Environmental Risk Assessment represents the first step towards the next phase of restoration by identifying opportunities for restoration projects that may serve to reduce road associated risks to watershed condition, specifically aquatic and riparian habitats.

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