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The recommended sectioning is shown below; feel free to change section headings as necessary, but this is the suggested minimal information that should be included in the proposal

1 Introduction

Summarize the problem being addressed and give an overview of how your observations will help.

2 Scientific Justification

Discuss the scientific need for NuSTAR observations here.

3 Observing Plan

Discuss how the observations will be made and how the data will be reduced and analyzed.

4 Need for Joint NuSTAR-XMM Observations

optional... include only if you’re requesting joint observations with XMM.

5 Feasibility

Enter text and figures showing that the proposed NuSTAR observations are feasible; consider observing windows, time constraints, stray light contamination, necessary signal-to-noise, etc.

6 Conclusion

Summarize the science plan and the expected science return of this observing proposal.

7 References

List references.

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