Reloaded Interactive Delivers In-Game Advertising Campaign for Virgin emi records, Promoting Debut Album true by Avicii Virgin emi records uses Reloaded's ad network to deliver real-time advertising inside of video games,

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Reloaded Interactive Delivers In-Game Advertising Campaign for Virgin EMI Records, Promoting Debut Album TRUE by Avicii
Virgin EMI Records uses Reloaded's ad network to deliver real-time advertising inside of video games, targeting the United Kingdom

September 19, 2013: Reloaded Interactive, a World leading in-game advertising company, announced today the launch of a dynamic in-game advertising campaign for Virgin EMI Records, promoting Avicii’s debut album ‘TRUE’.
The campaign, which was planned by British media agency the7stars, is set to run from September 16th through to September 22nd, 2013 and will be delivered into the PC video game Striker Superstars, which is one of many games participating in the Reloaded network. Striker Superstars is a free-to-play online soccer game, boasting over 10m registered users and more than 15 thousand matches played every single day. The ads will be located on pitch-side hoardings, and on billboards situated throughout the virtual stadiums.
Using proprietary ad servers and technology, Reloaded is able to deliver in-game advertisements in real-time to gamers playing with an active internet connection. The ad servers also provide the ability to geo-target the Virgin Records campaign to United Kingdom IP addresses only.
“It was clear from our research that Avicii fans crossed over into the gaming community”, says Kate Wyn-Jones, Media Planner at the7stars. “Reloaded Interactive offered the ideal platform through innovative and impactful formats. The iconic Avicii branding has achieved maximum stand out in game and has built awareness between gamers and the album.”
“The Virgin brand is synonymous with innovation and forward thinking, so it comes to no surprise that they’ve successfully and creatively utilized video games as an advertising channel”, says Jordan L. Howard, the 23 year old Founder and CEO. “What makes these types of campaigns so effective, is that gamers are actually expecting to see billboards and ads in their virtual professional sports environment, otherwise the video game wouldn’t look and feel authentic”.
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Reloaded Interactive is the World's leading in-game advertising company, founded in the fall of 2011. The company previously operated as an in-game ad agency and media sales firm, until launching its own in-game advertising network in July 2013. Reloaded is privately held, and proud to be 100% self-financed. Reloaded is an active member of IAB Canada and IAB UK.

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