Religion Materials in the wku libraries and the Bowling Green Public Library

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Religion Materials in the WKU Libraries

and the Bowling Green Public Library


  • Kentucky / by I.J. Schwartz; translated by Gertrude W. Dubrovsky. (Kentucky Library PJ5129 .S298 K413 1990) English translation of a Yiddish epic poem about Jewish people settling in Kentucky in the 19th Century.

  • Adath Louisville : the story of a Jewish community / by Herman Landau. (WKU Kentucky Library F459 .L89 J54)

  • The synagogues of Kentucky : architecture and history / Lee Shai Weissbach. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library NA5230 .K4 W45 1995)

  • Haven and home : a history of the Jews in America / by Abraham J. Karp. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library E184 .J5 K168 1985)

  • Spanish and Portuguese Jewry before and after 1492 / by David Fintz Altabé. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library DS135 .S7 A574 1993)

  • Way of Torah : an introduction to Judaism / Jacob Neusner. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BM580 .N53 1979bx)

  • Encyclopedia Judaica. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference REF DS 102.8 .E496)

  • Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library DS 135 .E8 E45 2001)

  • Jews on the Frontier / I. Harold Sharfman. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 973.04 Sh23j)

  • Jewish Book of Why / Alfred J. Kolatch (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BM700 .K59 1995x)

  • Jewish Cooking in America / Joan Nathan. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 641.5676 Nath)

  • Jewish Encyclopedia (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference DS 102.8 .J6)

  • Website: Judaism 101  Frequently Asked Questions

  • Website: Am Shalom–The Jewish Congregation of Bowling Green


  • Muslims of America / edited by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BP67 .U6 M87 1991)

  • American Islam : growing up Muslim in America / Richard Wormser. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BP67 .U6 W67 1994)

  • Oxford history of Islam. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BP50 .O95 1999)

  • Introduction to Islam / David Waines. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BP161.2 .W29 1995)

  • Being Muslim the Bosnian way : identity and community in a central Bosnian village / Tone Bringa. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library DR1674 .M87 B75 1995)

  • The Muslims of Bosnia Herzegovina : their historic development from the Middle Ages to the dissolution of Yugoslavia / edited by Mark Pinson. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library DR1674 .M87 M87 1996x)

  • Encyclopedia of Islam. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference DS 37 .E523)

  • Islam in America / Jane I. Smith. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 297.0973 Smit)

  • Website: Al-Islam

  • Website: Islamic Center of Bowling Green


  • How the Swans Came to the Lake: A Narrative History of Buddhism in America / Rick Fields. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BQ732 .F52)

  • The Faces of Buddhism in America / Charles S. Prebish and Kenneth K. Tanaka. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BQ736 .F33 1998)

  • Buddhism / Patricia D. Netzley (Bowling Green Public Library Main and Sugar Maple 294.3 Netz)

  • What Book!? Buddha Poems from Beat to Hip-Hop / Edited by Gary Gach. (Bowling Green Public Library Sugar Maple 811.54 What)

  • Buddhism: The Illustrated Guide / Edited by Trevor Ling.

  • Website: BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network

  • Website: Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library Buddhism.html


  • A Brief Introduction to Hinduism: Religion, Philosophy, and Ways of Liberation / A.L. Herman. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BL1212.72 .H47 1991)

  • Ganapati: Song of the Self / John A. Grimes. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BL1225 .G34 G75 1995)

  • Banaras: City of Light / Diana L. Eck. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BL1150 .E25 1983x)

  • The Camphor Flame: Popular Hinduism and Society in India / C.J. Fuller. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BL1150 .F85 1992)

  • Hinduism / V.P. (Hermant) Kanitkar and W. Owen Cole. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 294.5 Kani)

  • Hinduism and Buddhism / Ananda K. Coomaraswarny. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 294 C78h

  • Website: Hindnet

  • Website: The Hymalayan Academy: How to become a Hindu


  • The Anchor Bible Dictionary (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BS 440 .A54 1992)

  • The Orthodox Church / Thomas E. FitzGerald. (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BX735 .F57 1995bx)

  • Encyclopedia of Mormonism. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BX 8605.5 .E62 1992)

  • Mennonite Encyclopedia. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BX 8106 .M37)

  • Shaker Experience in America: A History of the United Society of Believers. (WKU Kentucky Library BX 9766 .S74 1992)

  • Christianity: A Global History / David Chidester.

  • The Next Christendom: the Coming of Global Christianity / Philip Jenkins

  • New Catholic Encyclopedia. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BX 891 .N44 1967)

  • Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience. (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BL2525 .E53 1987)

  • Among the Amish / Keith Bowen. (Bowling Green Public Library Main 974.815 Bowe)

  • Website: The Catholic Encyclopedia (Original Edition, 1917)

Holy Books and General Resources

  • King James Bible (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BS185 1945 .P5x; Bowling Green Public Library--All Branches 220.52 Bibl)

  • Interpreter's Bible (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BS 491.2 .I55)

  • Holy Qur'an: Text, Translation and Commentary (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BP100 1946bx)

  • The Koran / Translated with notes by N.J. Dawood. (Bowling Green Public Library Main and Sugar Maple 297.122521 Kora)

  • Book of Mormon (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BX8623 1976x; Bowling Green Public Library--All Branches 289.3 Book)

  • Pearl of Great Price (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BX8629 .P52 1951x; Bowling Green Public Library--All Branches 289.3 Book)

  • Hindu scriptures; selected, translated and introduced by R. C. Zaehner (WKU Helm-Cravens Library BL1107 .Z313)

  • Dictionary of the History of Ideas (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference CB 5 .D52)

  • Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BJ 63 .E45 1992)

  • Encyclopedia of Religion (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BL 31 .E46 1997)

  • Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BL 31 .E5 1955x)

  • New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference BR 95 .S43)

  • Website: Internet Sacred Text Archive / http://www.sacred

  • Website: Religious Tolerance Website /

  • Website: Adherents Website

Indexing, Abstracting, and Full Text Services

for finding journal and magazine articles

  • Academic Search Premier and MasterFILE Premier (Online Database—EBSCOhost)

  • Religion & Philosophy Collection (Online Database—EBSCOhost).

  • Philosopher's Index (Online Database—SilverPlatter and WKU Helm-Cravens Reference PER/IND B1 .A1 p47x)

  • Humanities Index; Social Sciences and Humanities Index; International Index (WKU Helm-Cravens Reference PER/IND ai 3 .h85)

  • Religion Index One (REF PER/IND BL 1 .R4x)

  • Religious and Theological Abstracts (REF PER/IND BR 1 .R286)

  • Index Islamicus (REF Z 7835 .M6 L65x)

  • America: History and Life (Online Database and REF PER/IND E 11 .A35x)

  • Historical Abstracts (Online Database and REF PER/IND D 299 .H5)

  • Index to Legal Periodicals (WKU Law Library Periodicals Room, Helm Basement)

  • Sociological Abstracts (Online Database—CSA and REF PER/IND HM 1 .S67)

  • Sociological Collection (Online Database—EBSCOhost)

  • International Political Science Abstracts (REF PER/IND JA 36 .I5)

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