Release Form for Media Visits

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Release Form for Media Visits

ESO welcomes visits from media representatives at its sites.

For the purpose of this document, the sites of the La Silla Paranal Observatory (LPO) comprise the Paranal Observatory, the La Silla Observatory and the APEX telescope with the station in Sequitor.
Safety and Applicable Rules
While safety of ESO members of personnel, visitors and equipment is a top priority, you may encounter potentially hazardous conditions or dangerous situations due to regular operations of the observatories, construction activities and environmental factors. ESO’s observatories are in continuous operation 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.
All visitors while on any of the LPO sites shall be under the authority of the ESO Director General. They shall comply with all rules applicable to the site, in particular regarding Safety and the use of ESO’s IT facilities and services, and follow the instructions of the LPO Director or his/her delegate.
It is mandatory that the visitor reads and understands the information contained in the pages below, before arriving LPO:

  1. Media visits:;

  2. The Travel Information for the relevant site:

  3. Safety Rules:; the relevant sections for the visitor are:

    1. Section 1-4: Objective, Safety at ESO, Organisational Structure and Responsibilities – pages 1,2

    2. Sections 4.2.9: High Altitude — page 12

    3. Section 4.3: General Hazards Electricity, Fire, Sun Radiation, Traffic, Sports– page 15/16

    4. Section 8: Accident/Incident Reporting — page 21

    5. Section 10/11: Emergencies/First Aid — pages 21, 22

    6. Section 12.4: Safety awareness

  4. Driving procedure:

All visitors who stay overnight will be requested to complete a Safety Induction prior to entering a LPO site.

Liabilities and Insurances

  1. All visitors enter, stay at or travel to and from an LPO site at their own risk. Except in cases of gross negligence or misconduct, ESO and its members of personnel accept no liability for any personal damage or loss of or damage to property of the visitor, including consequential or punitive damages, loss of profit or business or indirect losses of any kind.

  2. All visitors shall agree to hold ESO and its members of personnel harmless from and to indemnify them against any and all liability, loss, claim for injury or damages, and expenses, including court costs and reasonable legal fees, resulting from or caused by the visit or any breach or infringement of the rules applicable to the site by the visitor.

  3. All the visitors’ material, equipment and other property is under their own responsibility. ESO does not accept any liability in this respect. In particular, ESO is not responsible for providing safety and security to prevent any loss or theft of any personal belongings of the visitors’ material, equipment or property.

  4. Visitors shall make sure to have appropriate insurance coverage in place, in particular health insurance coverage, covering their visit and the travel to and from the LPO site.


I have read, understood and agree to the above and further agree to abide by the ESO Safety Rules and all other ESO regulations.

I understand the potential hazards and the possible harmful effects of the altitude. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge I do not suffer from any illness which would render my stay in the specific conditions of the Observatory (altitude, atmospheric conditions) hazardous. I accept that ESO shall not be held responsible for any adverse effects to me resulting from my visit to the ESO Observatory.
In the case of an accident or sudden illness, and if I am not able to make a decision myself, I authorise the Director of the Observatory or the person to whom he has delegated this authority to take all required emergency measures as possible — after consultation with appropriate medical services.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Media outlet: _______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
ID / passport number: __________________________
Telephone: _____________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
In case of an accident/emergency, please notify:
Name: __________________________________________________________
Relationship: _________________________
Phone: _________________________
Email: ____________________________

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