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Friday 26 June


Theatre Foyer, Gilmorehill Centre



Sir Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre

Chair: Karen Lury

  • Michael Lawrence

Herds and biopower: on the stampede spectacle

  • Anat Pick

Why not look at animals?



Hunterian Museum
Saturday 27 June

217a Simian performance

Chair: Brian Hoyle

  • Becky Bartlett

Gorilla filmmaking: acting the ape in Hollywood

  • James Fenwick

Producing the ape in 2001: A Space Odyssey: questions of authorship

  • Owen Weetch

Koba’s lie: capturing and performing animality in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
217b Television animals

Chair: David McGowan

  • Frances Bonner

Live animals: the role and place of BBC2’s Springwatch and related programming

  • Brett Mills

‘If this was a human…’: pets and vets on television

  • Sharon Sharp

Domesticating the wild: fictional animal US television programming in the 1960s
Cin. Looking at/as animal

Chair: Rachel Moore

  • Corey Schultz

The simian gaze: examining the human and non-human gazes in Visitors

  • Thomas Stubblefield

Animality and machinic vision: drones in film and media

  • Winifred Wood

Emus in France: Chris Marker’s bestiaries
408 Animated animality

Chair: Jackie Stacey

  • Christopher Holliday

Animation, animism, animality: new modes of anthropomorphic subjectivity in digital animation

  • Gilad Padva

Animated queerdom: animalistic performativity as transgressive allegory in Queer Duck:

The Movie
409 Animal affect/animal agency

Chair: Laura McMahon

  • Rebecca Gordon

Affect, affluence, and the inhuman

  • Alice Leroy

The animal turn of contemporary documentary film (Sweetgrass, Leviathan, Grizzly Man)

  • Belinda Smaill

Marmot Licks GoPro: the posthumanities and reflections on agency, the digital and documentary



217a Civilised animals

Chair: Michael Lawrence

  • Andrew Burke

Blood and beauty in Jack Chambers’ The Hart of London

  • Suvadip Sinha

Animality and conjugality in Bombay cinema of the 1970s

  • Gwenda Young

‘I Shot Bambi’: death and the animal in The Yearling
217b Dog discourse

Chair: Susan McHugh

  • Olivia Heaney

The contemporary (regional) Canadian dog movie

  • Claire Henry

Frankenweenie and Disney’s dog discourses

  • Pao-chen Tang

Of dogs and hot dogs: dialectics of image and language in early short films
Cin. Media ethology: theoretical approaches to media behaviour and vitality

Chair: Irene Gustafson

  • Matthew Ellis

I was walking with a ghost: Reddit’s nosleep, Marble Hornets, and performed inhumanism in web-based horror

  • Thomas Pringle

Of grids and parasites: govermentality, energy infrastructure and the mediation of habit

  • Lindsay Zackeroff

Biomimetic jellyfish: animating the micro through scientific imaging
408 Other monsters: inhuman and the everyday

Chair: Nessa Johnston

  • Karin Beeler

Beyond zombies: resurrected youth in telefantasy

  • Katie Moylan

Uncanny moments in Les Revenants

  • Cecilia Sayad

Monsters and everyday life
409 Interspecies, synthesis, ecology

Chair: Tim Bergfelder

  • Alison Loader

Silk screens, caterpillars and animating an interspecies collaboration

  • Adam O'Brien

Fishwater: The Bay and its hyperobject

  • Amy Rust

Media, ecology, and the long take



217a Plant life

Chair: Karen Lury

  • Eu Jin Chua

Inhuman rustling: film theory’s fear of nonhuman nature

  • Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

The vegetal life in the films of Naomi Kawase

  • Pansy Duncan

Shrubs and the city: the plant life of cinematic New York
217b Scar-Jo gets ‘under your skin’

Chair: Isabelle Freda

  • Misha Kavka

It’s Her: Scarlett and the inhuman

Hear her roar: gender, transhumanism and becoming/transcending the animal

  • Robert Morace

What’s Under the Skin?
Cin. Humanising children and young people: uses of the animal

Chair: Katie Moylan

  • Stan Beeler

The werewolf as a symbol in young adult television

  • Tiago de Luca

‘Cows! Dogs! Donkeys!’: animals, children and the inhuman in Carlos Reygadas’s Post Tenebras Lux

  • Maria San Filippo

Captive viewers: learning in/humanity through film in Dogtooth and The Wolfpack
408 Animal celebrities

Chair: Brett Mills

  • Rayna Denison

From cute to ugly-cute: Japanese cinema and the cute animal industry

  • Moya Luckett

Animal celebrity and social media: performativity, upwards mobility and transcendence

  • David McGowan

This is Your Life, Donald Duck: cartoon stars and the live aesthetic of early television

  • Kevin Sandler

‘Scooby-Doo, Where Aren’t You?’: Time Warner, Cartoon Network, and synergizing a Great Dane
409 Spectacle, squids and surfing: digital imaging and the inhuman

Chair: Alison Butler

  • William Brown

The digital female body: ScarJo as inhuman

  • Clifton Evers

Becoming-wave-media: ‘posthuman performativity’, the GoPro™ camera, and researching lifestyle sports

Scarlett: the inhuman starlet, or the vamp becoming-Vampyroteuthis? Regarding squids, insects, and digital becomings in contemporary science-fiction



217a Imagined animals/inhuman beings

Chair: Alastair Phillips

  • Jonathan Driskell

Stardom and the inhuman in Malay cinema: P. Ramlee’s portrayal of the ‘oily man’ in Sumpuh Orang Minyak

  • Nicola Runciman

The (un)natural habitats of Alicia Scherson's animals

  • Andrew Utterson

Water buffalo, catfish and monkey ghosts: the materiality of reincarnation in Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
217b Animal advocacy

Chair: Sarah Street

  • Tatiana Heise

From shock tactics to green sensibility: the environmental turn in animal-advocacy films

  • Fiona Law

Pet-animals in the concrete jungle: tales of abandonment and sentimentality on Chinese-language screens

  • Katy Peplin

Studio magic, animal secrets: archival perspectives on the AHA’s Hollywood office
Cin. Facing the subject

Chair: Annette Kuhn

  • Irene Gustafson

Facing the subject

Ideas in the flesh

  • Yiman Wang

Regarding the agential nonhuman life
408 Animal theory, animal death

Chair: David Fleming

  • Colin Gardner

Louis Malle’s Kleistian war machine: becoming-animal, becoming-woman, becoming-imperceptible in Black Moon

  • David Sorfa

Dead metaphors: killing animals in art house cinema

  • Kirsten Strom

Human entomology: the influence of Darwin in the films of Buñuel



The Sisters, Kelvingrove

Doors open 8pm; please be seated by 8.30pm latest
Sunday 28 June

217a Maternal instinct: meat matters

Chair: Becky Bartlett

  • Elena Caoduro

Animal motherhood: Rossellini’s Mammas and the maternal instinct

  • Rosemary Deller

‘Everything is made out of meat’: visceral vitality and carnal equivalence in Beasts of the Southern Wild

  • Isabelle Freda

Womanliness as animal masquerade
217b Human/animal bonds

Chair: Misha Kavka

  • Zoë Shacklock

Kinaesthetic empathy and the creaturely gaze in NBC’s Hannibal

  • Meredith Slifkin

Towards a queer posthumanism: blurred boundaries of animal melodrama in Wendy and Lucy
Cin. Inhuman sounds

Chair: Karen Lury

  • Lisa Åkervall

Can’t Hug Every Cat: modulated sounds in digital media ecologies

  • Nessa Johnston

The voiceless acousmêtre: Paranormal Activity’s digital surround sound demon

  • Chris Pullen

Queering the mother board: artificial intelligence and the singularity in science fiction film
409 Animals, space and place

Chair: Anat Pick

  • Georgina Evans

Framing aquatic life

  • Ariel Rogers

Special effects, synthetic space, and the inhuman in King Kong and Bringing Up Baby

  • Chi-Yun Shin

Pigeons, rooftops and heterotopia in On the Waterfront and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai



217a Animal deaths: ethnography, allegory, politics

Chair: Andrew Burke

  • Katherine Groo

Ethnocinematic animals, following Derrida

  • Laura McMahon

Leviathan’s resource politics

  • John David Rhodes

Human flesh, porcine love: Pasolini’s animals and the limits of allegory
217b Equine encounters or horseplay

Chair: Claire Henry

  • Stella Hockenhull

Horseplay: personal expression and idiosyncrasy in The Turin Horse

  • Matilda Mroz

Reflections in and on the animal eye: Of Horses and Men and its equine encounters

  • Maria Pramaggiore

The taming of the Bronys: animals, autism and fandom as therapeutic performance
Cin. Scripting animals

Chair: Sharon Sharp

  • Jodi-Anne George

‘And your little dog too’: Toto, Terry, and animal performance in The Wizard of Oz

  • Brian Hoyle

‘Exit Pursued by Bear’: scripting animal performers

  • Simon Welch [filmed presentation]

The dog who knew too much: animal representation and performance in the films of Alfred Hitchcock
409 From animals to the electric Adam:

being human in revolutionary avant-garde Soviet cinema

Chair: David Sorfa

  • Anke Hennig

Frogs, birds and dogs: locating the human in technologically charged times

  • Anthony Iles

Viktor Shklovsky in the film factory

  • Rachel Moore

Kalatozov’s animal eye




Sir Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre

Chair: Jackie Stacey

  • Susan McHugh

One or several dogs? Filming multispecies multitudes

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