Regional Open Day on Sunday, May 16

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Jacob Sheep Society Northern Region
March 2010 Newsletter. (Regional Council Member Howard Walsh)
Welcome to Spring – cold, no grass and back comes the rain !

But we have the summer to look forward to and it begins with the Regional Open Day on Sunday, May 16 at Ron and Florence Verity’s Crambe flock at 10, Crambe, Whitwell on the Hill, York.

Start time – 11.00 a.m. with coffee on arrival and judges’ seminar under the direction of field officer Jean Blacknell. The open day will then follow on, with a chance to look at the Crambe flock (and maybe some sheep from other breeders); various competitions including guess the weight of the sheep; a gardening identification competition (the Veritys’ garden is well worth a look whether you are a keen gardener or not. Beryl Thompson will be demonstrating the spinner’s art, and we are expecting a talk and demonstration on effective worming of sheep. A stick maker will also be there with some of his wares.

It is also planned to have an auction of members’ surplus sheep equipment and related items (if you remember Betty Palmer’s Nettlebed open day you will remember Gavin Haworth’s excellent and entertaining stint as an auctioneer). So please, dig out anything you no longer use and bring it along whether it is worth pennies or pounds and turn it into cash.

Directions: Crambe is about 12 miles on the eastern side of York. Follow the A64 Scarborough and Malton. As the road begins to climb at Whitwell Hill move into the outside lane (look for JSS signs) and prepare to turn right for Kirkham Abbey and Crambe. At cross-roads right again to Crambe. Less than three quarters of a mile to ‘T’ junction and turn right into the village and look for JSS signs.

From the Malton side, follow JSS signs.

Any problems - the Veritys are on 01653 618317.

At the bottom of this newsletter is a cut-off strip. Hopefully you will be able to come and if so – please fill this in and send to Ron and Florence by May 3. Although you could of course turn up and pay one the day, it would be appreciated if you can pre-pay, it is only fair with all the work involved in staging the open day, they know in advance how many to cater for as a nice lunch is included.

2010 Flock assessment / competition – particularly useful for new members to obtain a few hints and tips

This will be held over the three days from Friday October 22- and the judges will be David Tuffney and Richard Chapman. The competition is being co-ordinated by John Fozzard and entry forms and further details will be sent out nearer the time.

Northern Region show and sale Skipton – Saturday September 4 – Judge John Shemwell. Make a note.


Regional Open Day – May 16

Name and flock number :…………

Number of people attending @ £7 per person :…………Total £……..
Please make cheques payable to Jacob Sheep Society but send them to R. Verity, 10, Crambe, Whitwell on the Hill, York, YO6 7JR by Monday May 3
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