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Shaun Nichols

Professor of Philosophy.

University of Arizona
Department of Philosophy
Tucson, AZ 85721-0027

(520) 621-????

FAX: (520)-621-9559

Current research areas: experimental philosophy, cultural evolution, and imagination.

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Recent Publications:


Nichols, S. (ed.) forthcoming. The Architecture of the Imagination: New Essays on Pretense, Possibility, and Fiction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Nichols, S. 2004. Sentimental Rules: On the Natural Foundations of Moral Judgment. New York: Oxford University Press.

Nichols, S. and Stich, S. 2003. Mindreading: An Integrated Account of Pretense, Self-awareness and Understanding Other Minds. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Imagination and Immortality: Thinking of Me.” Synthese.

Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Imaginative Blocks and Impossibility: An Essay in Modal Psychology.” In S. Nichols (ed.) The Architecture of the Imagination. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Moral Rationalism and Empirical Immunity.” In W. Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.) The Psychology and Biology of Morality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Just the Imagination: Why Imagining Doesn’t Behave Like Believing.” Mind & Language.

Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Sentiment, Intention, and Disagreement: Replies to Blair & D’Arms.” In W. Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.) The Psychology and Biology of Morality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Nichols, S. forthcoming. “Sentimentalism Naturalized.” In W. Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.) The Psychology and Biology of Morality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Nichols, S. and Knobe, J. forthcoming. “Moral Responsibility and Determinism: The Cognitive Science of Folk Intuitions.” Noûs.

Nichols, S. and Mallon, R. forthcoming. “Moral Dilemmas and Moral Rules.” Cognition.

Nichols, S. 2006. “Folk Intuitions about Free Will.” Journal of Cognition and Culture, 6.

Nichols, S. 2006. “Free Will and the Folk: Responses to Commentators.” Journal of Cognition and Culture, 6.

Nichols, S. 2005. “Innateness and Moral Psychology.” In The Innate Mind: Structure and Content, eds. P. Carruthers, S. Laurence, and S. Stich. New York: Oxford University Press, 353-369.

Machery, E., Mallon, R., Nichols, S., and Stich, S. 2004. “Semantics, Cross-Cultural Style.” Cognition, 92, B1-B12.

Nichols, S. 2004. “After Objectivity: An Empirical Study of Moral Judgment.” Philosophical Psychology, 17, 5-28.

Nichols, S. 2004. “Folk Concepts and Intuitions: From Philosophy to Cognitive Science.” Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 8, 514-518.

Nichols, S. 2004. “The Folk Psychology of Free Will: Fits and Starts.” Mind & Language, 19, 473-502.

Nichols, S. 2004. “Imagining and Believing: The Promise of a Single Code.” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Special issue on Art, Mind, and Cognitive Science, 62, 129-139.

Nichols, S. 2004. “Is Religion What We Want? Motivation and the Cultural Transmission of Religious Representations.” Journal of Cognition and Culture, 4, 347-371.

Nichols, S. and Stich, S. 2004. “Reading One’s Own Mind: Self-Awareness and Developmental Psychology.” In New Essays in Philosophy of Language and Mind, a supplemental volume of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, eds. M. Ezcurdia, R. Stainton &  C. Viger.

German, T. and Nichols, S. 2003. “Children’s Counterfactual Inferences about Long and Short Causal Chains.” Developmental Science, 6, 514-523.

Nichols, S. 2003. “Imagination and the Puzzles of Iteration.” Analysis, 63, 182-7.

Nichols, S. and Folds-Bennett, T. 2003. “Are Children Moral Objectivists? Children’s Judgments about Moral and Response-Dependent Properties.” Cognition, 90, B23-B32.

Nichols, S. and Stich, S. 2003. “How to Read Your Own Mind: A Cognitive Theory of Self-Consciousness.” In Consciousness: New Philosophical Essays, eds. Q. Smith and A. Jokic. Oxford University Press, 157-200.

Nichols, S., Stich, S., and Weinberg, J. 2003. “Metaskepticism: Meditations in Ethno-Epistemology.” In The Skeptics, ed. S. Luper. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 227-247.

Nichols, S. 2002. “Folk Psychology.” In Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. London: Nature Publishing Group, 134-140.

Nichols, S. 2002. “How Psychopaths Threaten Moral Rationalism: Is It Irrational to Be Amoral?” The Monist, 85, 285-304.

Nichols, S. 2002. “Norms with Feeling: Towards a Psychological Account of Moral Judgment.” Cognition, 84, 221-236.

Nichols, S. 2002. “On the Genealogy of Norms: A Case for the Role of Emotion in Cultural Evolution.” Philosophy of Science, 69, 234-255.

Nichols, S. 2001. “Mindreading and the Cognitive Architecture underlying Altruistic Motivation.” Mind & Language, 16, 425-455.

Weinberg, J., Nichols, S. and Stich, S. 2001. “Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions.” Philosophical Topics, 29, 429-460.

Nichols, S. 2000. “The Mind’s “I” and the Theory of Mind’s “I”: Introspection and Two Concepts of Self.” Philosophical Topics, 28, 171-199.

Nichols, S. and Grantham, T. 2000. “Adaptive Complexity and Phenomenal Consciousness.” Philosophy of Science, 67, 648-670.

Nichols, S. and Stich, S. 2000. “A Cognitive Theory of Pretense.” Cognition, 74, 115-147.

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